Friday, May 25, 2012

Walking Around Fosdkck Lake Thinking About Relative Issues & My Youngest Aunt

In the picture you are looking at Fosdick Lake in Oakland (Lake) Park, through a heavily vegetated area.

Speaking of heavily vegetated areas, the layer of slimy looking green vegetation that has covered a large area of Fosdick Lake in recent weeks, appears to have shrunk.

It was not very hot when I went on a walk. Somewhere in the 80s.

Prior to going walking I was up in Hurst this morning. On the way back from Hurst I talked to my Arizona sister. We've have had a couple relative issues come up in the past 48 hours that has me feeling a bit melancholy.

I last saw my youngest aunt, she being my mom's little sister, back on August 11, 2001, one month before the infamous 9/11 date. My youngest aunt was at my sister's in Kent for my mom and dad's 50th Anniversary. August 11 is not my mom and dad's anniversary. The actual date is August 6. Hiroshima Day. August 11 is the birthday of my mom and dad's eldest son, which is how I remember what date it was I last saw my youngest aunt.

My youngest aunt was a marathon runner, but eventually stopped running when arthritis arrived. My youngest aunt was always a blond and always reminded me of Doris Day.

I was very surprised to get a call from my mom the night before last telling me that my youngest aunt is ailing bad, she'd had cancer and now Alzheimer's and is not expected to live much longer.

Then yesterday my youngest sister and I were exchanging emails in which the health of another relative was talked about. About 7 I was on Facebook and got a message from someone in Washington telling me that that relative had died the night before. I then called mom and dad to tell them.

I tell you, you have to live for today, not hold grudges and be sure to realize every time you see someone may be the last time you see them. Then act accordingly. I had a great time with my youngest aunt the last time I saw her. Our senses of humor are similar.

I remember my youngest aunt asking me why in the world I moved to Texas. I then asked my youngest aunt why in the world she moved to Alaska.

Buffer from relatives was her answer.

Which is where I learned that phrase.

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