Friday, December 31, 2021

The Last Lucy Park Walk Of 2021 With Rain

It was back to Lucy Park this morning on the last day of 2021. Above we are at a fork in the trail, making a sort of trail version of a roundabout, with trails surrounding that round bit of landscaping you see at the center of the photo.

As you can see, the sky at my location is no longer blue. Clouds arrived overnight, ahead of the Arctic Blast which is scheduled to begin arriving in a few hours. Snow is in the forecast for the first day of the new year.

A week ago we were in the upper 80s, low 90s, and now we have Winter arriving.

Lucy Park today was looking like a desolate Winter landscape. Monochromatic.

I got off the paved trail to do some leaf walking. The pile of leaves is thick. Walking on the leaves makes a crunching noise which is quite satisfying, like walking on potato chips.

Rain began dripping for the last mile of today's Lucy Park walk. Post-walk, by the time I made it to ALDI, I had had my windshield wipers wiping for the first time in a long time. This made my driving outlook on the world much brighter.

And now I am off to Walmart to secure goods for tonight's New Year's Eve Party...

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Lake Wichita Park Remembering Vietnam War Veterans Struggling Through The Brush

It was to Lake Wichita Park I ventured for today communing with nature and the natural acquisition of relaxing endorphins gained from aerobic stimulation.

That and to check out the new Vietnam War Veteran's memorial which has risen between Mount Wichita (also known as Murphy's Hill) and Lake Wichita.

I believe, total acreage-wise, Lake Wichita Park is larger than Lucy Park. But sees fewer visitors. Like Lucy Park, the Circle Trail runs through Lake Wichita Park. And there is a gravel trail which sort of goes around the perimeter of the park. But, there is no maze of trails, such as what one finds at Lucy Park.

Today, I ventured off the paved Circle Trail and made my way cross country to get in my walking miles. Now, in Summer I would not do this due to my fear of snakes. But, even though we are still being unseasonably warm, I think it is chilly enough to slow up the slithering of those cold blooded reptiles.

Above we are north of Mount Wichita, with that memorial statue on the side opposite of what you are looking at here. As you see via this photo, there is a lot of open space in Lake Wichita Park. There are also several ballfields of the football, soccer and baseball sort. There is a dog park. A rocket launching pad. An airstrip for model airplanes. Various children's playground items, like slides and swings and such. Oh, and a disc golf course.

Here I am out of the open area and trying to make my way through brush trying to get to Little Lake Wichita, the pond which the Circle Trail goes by, with Lake Wichita on one side, and Little Lake Wichita on the other side.

I was not successful in my effort to get through the brush to Little Lake Wichita. Can you see Mount Wichita in the distance in the middle of the above photo? That sort of gives you an idea of the size of this park.

Now, that has been my excitement for this next to last day of the year. That and making broccoli salad from a recipe in a cookbook I was Xmas gifted with

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Cemetery Hiking With Woolley Snow & McNutty Boy Band

Riverside Cemetery, adjacent to Lucy Park, is becoming my favorite location to get in some walking exercise to acquire the relaxing endorpins which come from aerobic stimulation.

There really are few places as peaceful as a cemetery.

Today I realized hiking Riverside Cemetery is the closest thing I have in Wichita Falls to hiking the Tandy Hills in Fort Worth.

I miss hiking the Tandy Hills. Like the Tandy Hills, Riverside Cemetery has miles of a maze of trails, in the form of narrow roads, most paved, some not. Though not as hilly as the Tandy Hills, Riverside Cemetery does have some up and down zones.

Riverside Cemetery is huge. Walking the perimeter takes about half an hour, at a fast walking pace. The only other hilly hiking location in this town is the Wichita Bluff Nature Area of the Circle Trail. Trouble is that is just a straight hike, as in, walk as long as you want, then turn around and walk the same route back. Like the Tandy Hills, at Riverside Cemetery there is basically a maze of routes one can hike, with no backtracking needed.

As you can see, blue sky prevails at my location. And the winter heat wave continues. Today in the upper 70s. But, this comes to an end on the first day of the new year, with the high that day now predicted to be 39, with the low chilling to 16.

Meanwhile, back in my old home zone of the Skagit Valley, most people I hear from are currently snowbound, unable to go anywhere via motorized means.

Miss Beth, on Facebook shared the below photo of what the outside of her Sedro Woolley abode currently looks like.

And then, from the opposite side of the country, as in the state of Virginia, I was sent that which you see below.

I believe what we are seeing here is Madame McNutty being helped do yoga poses by her boy band, called the McNutters, which Madame McNutty is coaching and teaching elaborately choreographed dance moves.

Here we see Madame McNutty demonstrating one of those aforementioned dance moves. So graceful. One can almost see the fluidity of motion even though this is just a still photograph.

I am looking forward to seeing the McNutters first video production. It should be epic...

Sending Cheer From Over Here To Tacoma


The Christmas card you see above showed up in my mailbox this morning. Four days after Christmas.

This Christmas card was a one piece two-side postcard type card. For demonstration purposes I took a photo of each side and turned the result into the one-sided version you see above.

I do not know the name of both poodles in the kayak. But I think one of them is known as Raven.

At the top, with Santa, that would be Theo, Ruby and David.

Floating in kayaks, with Mount Rainier behind them, it looks to be David, Kristin, Ruby and Theo, left to right.

I do not know the reason behind the Churchillian V with the fingers behavior in the photo on the lower right. But, I do know that is little sister, Michele, Ruby, Theo and David.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Gigglemugging Lucy Park Walk With McNutty Hello Dolly Showgirl Evidence

With the winter heat wave continuing, it was back to Lucy Park again today to enjoy the summer like temperature.

As you can see via the photo my phone took of me, this pleasant endorphin inducing weather has me being a happy gigglemugger.

Gigglemugger is British slang for someone who is constantly in smile, giggle and laugh mode.

Currently the heat wave is scheduled to end on the first day of the new year, as in next Saturday. The temperature on that day is currently predicted to hit a low of 18.

So, basically, winter finally arrives at my location when the new year arrives.

I like getting in my daily five miles at Lucy Park because there are so many trails meandering through the park, some paved, some not.

The paving quality of the paved trails varies from a solid cement type trail, such as above. Or crumbly asphalt, such as below.

And some trails are paved with gravel.

I think I have made mention previously of this lady who lives in Virginia who calls herself McNutty. She lives in Appomattox in an antebellum era house. 

McNutty seems to constantly try to make me believe some silly thing. I believe the cliche for such is known as pulling one's leg. Why pulling one's leg means trying to get someone to believe some silly thing, I do not know.

McNutty's latest is telling me she has the lead in the Appomattox Playhouse production of Hello Dolly. A production of Hello Dolly where McNutty claims she gets to wear a variety of what look to me like Vegas Showgirl costumes.

When I acted doubtful as to the veracity of McNutty's Hello Dolly claim and asked for some sort of photo documentation, McNutty emailed the below, supposed proof.

Okay, that does look like McNutty in some sort of possible Hello Dolly Showgirl costume. But, that proves nothing. This could have been McNutty's Halloween costume this year.

I need to see something like a Hello Dolly starring Madame McNutty Playbill plastered on the Appomattox Playhouse entry, or some such thing...

Monday, December 27, 2021

Nephew Jason Finds Wichita Falls Hottest Town In America

Incoming email from FNJ (Favorite Nephew Jason) last night, comparing temperatures in key cities at the same time yesterday, as in Sunday, the day after the latest version of Christmas. With my location being the swelteringly HOTTEST by far.

Lynden is always coldest when an Arctic Blast blasts into Western Washington. There is a range of mountains between Whatcom County (where Lynden is) and Skagit County (where Mount Vernon is).

So, a cold blast coming down the Fraser River Valley, in Canada, will chill Lynden way colder than further south. And also deliver epic amounts of snow.

When we were kids one of the great thrills of Winter was to head north from the Banana Belt Skagit Valley, to Lynden, where there'd be deep snow, with snowdrifts so high cows would walk up the drifts to the roofs of barns.

Below is Jason's amusing email about the Texas heat wave...

I can't believe how hot my uncle is today.  Is this because ya'll use so much fossil fuel?  Have you yet to purchase a Tesla?   Spencer is encouraging me to do so.  However I'm leaning toward Chevy's new 2022 all electric truck.  Although it may be a little out of my price range.

I'm currently snowed in.  I measured nearly 8 inches of snow--that plus the temperatures in the teens have pretty much shut down the entire PNW.  I've succumbed to watching football.  Currently the Seahawks are playing at home in an almost unrecognizable snow covered field.  I'm sure you have the game on.

I think I may be stuck here for quite a few days.  We are not projected to be above freezing until Thursday or Friday.   I think I have enough food until then.  Though I have run out of all the good stuff -- and working on frozen goods, canned soup, and Christmas candy.   I do have some apples, which I have recently learned are better for me than potato chips or cheese and crackers.   I suppose I could walk to the store to get some milk, eggs and something green.  But that sounds like a lot of work.  Driving is currently not an option, as my truck does not fair well in the snow.  I'm planning on reassessing the food situation tomorrow.  

Did Santa bring you anything useful?  Spencer and I are sporting new AZ sweatshirts sent north by your youngest brother.  Thankfully the package arrived at the correct address, unlike a package mailed by your brother to FNJoey this past November for his birthday.  That package arrived at the wrong son's home.  Your brother has inherited the 'mail the package to the wrong relative' gene.  I'm hoping I don't get that gene.  But it will be years before I'm able to be tested for such, as I currently don't mail packages to any relative.  Maybe that will someday change when I move away to a warmer climate for the winter months.   Hawaii does sound pleasant right now.

The Seahawks are currently tied in their ball game.   If I understand this correctly, the odds of you cheering for them at your upcoming Superbowl party are very slim, if not impossible.

I'm looking forward to Spring.   The Roozens have planted a huge field full of tulip bulbs right in front of the Jones Beaver Marsh Property.  They should be gorgeous.  Are you planning on coming up this Spring to see the tulips?   I should have my house fully furnished by then, and open for select relative company.

Go green, stay cool, FNJ.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Balmy Sunday 80 Degree Lucy Park Hike While Washington Blizzards

It was back to Lucy Park this final Sunday of the 2021 version of December to go on a long hike with the throngs of other post-Christmas holiday revelers.

Due to the main trails being crowded with way too many of those aforementioned post-Christmas holiday revelers, I opted to leave the main trails and head to the Lucy Park undeveloped Back 40 to get in my many miles of hiking.

Temperature in the 80s again for the third day in a row. I think that may be one of the reasons there were so many of those aforementioned post-Christmas holiday revelers in the park today.

We are heading north, towards a line of Lucy Park trees, in the above photo documentation.

Earlier today I saw a couple Facebook postings with photos showing the current weather state of my old home state. Western Washington is in blizzard mode today. Strong wind, heavy snow.

Towards the end of today's five mile hike Linda Lou called from Mount Vernon, where she is currently snowbound by a foot of snow and that blowing blizzard. A respite from the snow is expected later today, followed by a temperature drop, followed by another round of heavy snow.

This storm, up in my old home zone, has record breaking potential.

Meanwhile, in my current home zone I hike in shorts and t-shirt trying to stay cool in the balmy 80 plus degrees...

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Hank Frank's Merry Christmas Tree

That which you see above arrived on my phone around noon, whilst I was walking around Lucy Park with throngs of other merriment seekers, disc golfers and pecan pickers. The photo was sent by Hank Frank's proud papa, my Favorite Nephew Joey.

Along with text saying "Happy Holidays to you. Currently 35 and raining. Snow predicted later this evening."

I Merry Christmas-ed back along with saying "Near 90, clear sky, no snow this evening."

Joey then inquired whether I still had access to a swimming pool, to which I said I did, but it is Winter, so pools are not poolable.

To which Joey opined that Texas is such an odd state.

I assume Joey was referring to the odd weather, but it could be any number of things to which Joey was referring.

I should have explained to Joey that in Texas one day in Winter the outer world might get heated to 90, with two days later an Arctic Blast dropping the temperature to below freezing...

Hoping Your Day Is As Nice As Your Butt


About an hour ago, this 2021 Christmas morning, I got around to remembering to unwrap the assortment of packages which have spent days sitting under the Christmas tree. 

Of the things unwrapped I think that which you see above was the most surprising. It came from some sort of gift store in Portland, Oregon called Heart You Gifts.

I expected the box to contain some sort of candy product, was not expecting a coffee mug talking about my butt. After cutting the box open there were several layers of protecting fluff to get through before I reached the Butt Mug. It was a big box for a little mug.

Now, I know you are wondering who would send a thing such as this to me.

Well, I will just say that this person's last name rhymes with one of the words on the mug. And that this person has seen my butt, and thus, I guess is qualified to think it to be nice.

I am looking forward to the classic Christmas dinner I'm making today. Beef Stroganoff and Cauliflower Soup...

Wichita Falls Merry Christmas Eve Fantasy Of Lights

Last night, Christmas Eve, I walked the Midwestern State University (MSU) Fantasy of Lights, with my phone in video mode. That resulted in two videos, covering the entire Fantasy zone. I walked fast, because I did not want the videos to be long. Walking fast resulted in a lot of artful dodging around a lot of people. 

The two videos are below, at the end of a series of photos. 

After walking the Fantasy of Lights, I got back in my vehicle to drive through the Wichita Falls Beverly Hills Fantasy of Lights, where dozens upon dozens of homes are lit up with over the top Christmas lights and displays.

The Polar Express trams, there are three of them, leave the MSU Fantasy of Lights parking lot every few minutes to tour the Beverly Hills Fantasy of Lights zone.

When I saw the above photo, my first thought was how did my phone camera mess up this picture. Then I realized the lights were reflecting off my vehicle's hood, with the road I was on above the reflection.

The above entire house was draped in lights. I'd never seen this type of Christmas lighting before.

My favorite house in what I call Beverly Hills is a flat roofed modern style that looks like my Mount Vernon house would have looked like if way more money was spent on it. This house's lights consisted of stringing so many lights in the trees that it looked sort of like illuminated spider webs.

That is one of the aforementioned trams you see behind the tree in the middle.

Again with the reflection off the hood.

The giant snowman you see here was the most unique thing seen last night. It is HUGE. And it glows with a sort of pulsating light.

The phone's camera really does not do justice to these displays. It does not help the quality when shooting through the windshield.

The above trees had the biggest tree ornaments seen last night.

All these photos were taken on routes I regularly roll by on my bike. I do not know when all these lights are installed. I did not eye witness any installing going on whilst I biked by. Seems like it must take a lot of time to string up so many lights in so many locations.

And now the videos of the MSU Fantasy of Lights..

As I walked, phone in video mode, by the time I ended the above video I had no idea how long it'd taken. Ten minutes? Five? Turns out less than three. When I realized it was not all that long I decided to take video of the rest of the Fantasy of Lights. Hence Part Two of the Fantasy of Lights...

Friday, December 24, 2021

New Look At Deception Pass Bridge Built Over Actual Water


I seem to regularly see things on Facebook's You Know You Are From Anacortes When page which trigger that dreaded homesick feeling that has become sort of epidemic during the pandemic.

I have never seen a photo of the Deception Pass bridge from this perspective before. The photo was taken by Oak Harbor's Gary Skiff. Oak Harbor is the biggest town on Whidbey Island. Whidbey Island is what the bridge connects to from Fidalgo Island. We are on Fidalgo Island in the photo, looking across the bridge at Deception Pass State Park.

The part of the bridge we are closest to is the Canoe Pass section. It connects to a small island, and then continues across Deception Pass to Whidbey Island. There is a parking lot on the small island, if one feels the urge to explore the rocky island.

I have blogged about the Deception Pass bridge a number of times on my Washington blog, and a time or two on the blog you are reading right now, including Washington's Deception Pass Bridge Took A Deceptively Short Time To Build.

A deceptively short time to build refers to the fact that the Deception Pass bridge was built in less than a year. Over water. Deep fast moving, at times, saltwater. 

In Texas I have eye witnessed the bizarre building of three bridges.

Over dry land.

Taking 7 years to build. Small freeway overpass looking bridges.

Over dry land.

Hoping one day to dig a cement lined ditch under the three bridges, then divert Trinity River water into that ditch, creating an imaginary island.

The Fort Worth grifters responsible for the slow motion construction of those pitiful little bridges touted repeatedly that they would be iconic signature bridges.

And people wonder why I have fun making fun of Fort Worth so frequently...

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Walking With Dead Calm Placid Sikes Lake Roosting Seagulls

It was to Lake Placid, I mean, Lake Sikes, I drove today for a walk around the lake. A warm walk, with tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, also known as Christmas, way warmer.

In that view above you are looking north, across Sikes Lake, with the Midwestern State University campus on the horizon.

This morning began with a thick fog. When that fog burned off dead calm was left in its wake.

I imagine this morning's thick fog made the Sikes Lake flock of seagulls think they were back near the ocean. The Sikes Lake flock of seagulls were roosting on their regular roosting location, the Sikes Lake coffer dam.

I have never figured out the purpose of this coffer dam.

The Sikes Lake geese flocks were enjoying the balmy calm by floating on the lake. The birds must be confused, thinking Winter is done and Spring has arrived. 

Video Of Me Singing About McNutty Bikini

Miss McNutty has been being extra nutty this morning, sending me videos purporting to be me singing a song, the words of which I can not make out.

That is a screen cap from the video of my supposedly singing.

For some reason McNutty thinks this bothers me, or embarrasses me, when it is widely known I am impervious to being embarrassed.

The reason McNutty is doing this is especially nutty.

For some reason, photos of McNutty in a bikini, or any sort of swimwear, embarrasses her due to a nutty belief that showing such is way too much skin exposure.

So, why put on a bikini then? Let alone put on the bikini and then politely pose for a photo in said bikini, whilst smiling.

Like I said, McNutty. And perplexing. Below is one of the McNutty bikini photos. Other than the granny glasses, do you see anything embarrassing here?

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Gigglemugging Lucy Park Pagoda Before Chasing Santa On A Motorcycle

It was back to Lucy Park today to do some fast Wednesday walking on the day after Winter began.

Today was a t-shirt and shorts warm outdoor day.

Currently Christmas Eve is scheduled to be heated into the 80s, with record breaking highs. Same prediction for Christmas.

Which makes it zero probability there will be a White Christmas at my location.

I think I have experienced more White Christmases in Texas than all my years in Washington.

I seem to have lost my ability to take a proper selfie photo, with the necessary sober serious look. Instead, being overcome with the holiday spirit has me uncontrollably gigglemugging.

Scraping the sky behind me is the Lucy Park Pagoda. I have yet to get an explanation for this Pagoda. Next time I attend a service at Bob's Buddhist Temple of the Golden Dome I will try and ask my fellow Buddhists if any know the answer to this serious question.

With the underbrush foliage mostly gone, til Spring, today I saw I could get off the Circle Trail and walk the bank of the Wichita River. When I saw this was doable I thought it might lead to being able to take a photo of the Lucy Park Suspension Bridge showing its entire span of the river.

The result did not turn out as I'd hoped.

So, I turned the phone around and took my favorite type of selfie photo. That line you see across the river is the shadow of the suspension bridge. If you look real close you can see the suspension bridge above its shadow.

After the walking was done for the day, as I fired up the engine of my motorized transport I saw something speed by I had never seen before.

Santa on a motorcycle.

I soon was in pursuit, eventually catching up to Santa at the exit from Lucy Park intersection with the Seymour Highway, where a red light had stopped the man in red, allowing me to catch up.

Above you are looking through my somewhat dirty windshield at the stopped Santa, waiting for the light to turn green. As cars passed they honked and Santa waved at them.

 And then the light turned green and Santa took off like a rocket. I followed Santa, turning right on Brook Avenue, then lost him when I got stopped by a red light.

Seeing Santa on a motorbike is the type thing that has me in a gigglemugging tidings of joy mood. It won't last. By the time the new year arrives I should be back my usual sour dour self...

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Holiday Selfie Spirit Of Joyful Tidings With Geezer Cemetery Tour & McNutty Elephant Cleavage

This morning I once again drove a senior citizen geezer to get some prescriptions filled.

The geezer calls ahead to make sure the prescriptions are ready for pickup, so I drop him off at the pharmacy entry door and then go park to wait for the geezer to return.

Today's wait went on for a half hour or more. Apparently, there was some sort of confusion with the prescription order.

Whilst sitting and waiting and bored I checked Facebook on the phone, and then when that turned boring I aimed the phone's camera at me to take a selfie photo of my sour dour mood. 

But, I am just so caught up with the holiday spirit and tidings of joy I had trouble mustering my usual level of dour sour selfie.

Eventually the senior citizen geezer and his walking cane showed up. In his feeble weak voice he asked if we could go on a walk somewhere. Where? I asked. Could we go to the cemetery so I could have a short visit with some of my long gone friends? asked the geezer.

And so I drove to Riverside Cemetery, adjacent to Lucy Park, which is where I took the below tree photo yesterday.

What brand of tree is this? On the west coast, well, maybe only on the Pacific Northwest part of the west coast, there is a tree called a Madrona.

Madrona trees have a thin skin like red bark which peels off. I have seen several of the above type tree in Lucy Park. Is is an Albino Madrona?

There are so many varieties of trees in Lucy Park. I think I have mentioned previously that I think it would be a good idea to have labeling signs stuck in the ground identifying the trees.

On a totally different, totally weird change of subject about something which happened this morning. The entity known as McNutty sent my phone a photo of McNutty with an elephant trunk. The text with the photo explained nothing, it just asked a weird McNutty question, as in "Do you think I am showing too much cleavage?"

How does one answer a question like that? Here's the photo in question. Feel feel to opine about the cleavage level if you feel so inclined...

Monday, December 20, 2021

Moon Over Homesick Mountain With Many Real Islands

I saw these two homesick provoking photos on Facebook this morning on the You Know You're From Anacortes When page.

The one above is a bit of a hyper realistic view of the full moon rising over the Mount Baker volcano.

The one below is more accurately depicting what the view looks like when viewed only through ones eyes.

Anacortes is the second largest town, population wise, in Skagit County. Anacortes is on Fidalgo Island.

Fidalgo Island is a real island, not an imaginary island such as what some in the island-free town of Fort Worth, Texas think is an island. There are two bridges which connect Fidalgo Island to the mainland. These are real bridges over real water, one of which, the Rainbow Bridge, in La Conner, is an actual iconic signature bridge, not an imaginary iconic signature bridge of the Fort Worth type.

One can take a ferry from Anacortes and Fidalgo Island to the San Juan Islands. One would think the San Juan Islands would be in Island County. But, instead the San Juan Islands are in San Juan County. There are no bridges to any of the San Juan Islands.

A blurb courtesy of Wikipedia about San Juan County...

San Juan County is a county located in the Salish Sea in the far northwestern corner of the U.S. state of Washington. As of the 2010 census, its population was 15,769. The county seat and only incorporated city is Friday Harbor, located on San Juan Island.

Fidalgo Island connects to Whidbey Island via the Deception Pass bridge. Two ferry routes also connect Whidbey Island to the mainland.

A blurb courtesy of Wikipedia about Island County...

Island County is a county located in the U.S. state of Washington. As of the 2010 census, its population was 78,506. Its county seat is Coupeville, while its largest city is Oak Harbor. The county's name reflects the fact that it is composed entirely of islands.

I do not know why Fidalgo Island is in Skagit County instead of in Island County. Or why the San Juan Islands are not in Island County.

It's very perplexing.

But not nearly as perplexing as that town in Texas which has built three little bridges over dry land, hoping one day to put a cement lined ditch under those bridges, and then divert Trinity River water into the ditch, creating an imaginary island, which is only going to further confuse the town's few tourists...

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Chilly Sunny Sunday Sikes Lake Walk With McNutty Yoga

The outer world at my planet location was chilled to 8 degrees below freezing last night.

An hour before noon, on this third Sunday of the 2021 version of December, I covered myself in a few layers of outerwear and ventured out in the cold to Sikes Lake for a walk with the geese. And a few ducks.

And a flock of seagulls.

I took a picture of the seagulls, but it turned out blurry. There were several dozens of the white birds roosting on the cement berm which crosses Sikes Lake for no reason apparent.

I do not know why seagulls would be flocking so far from any sea. But, they are seen frequently at this non saltwater location.

The temperature was 41 when I began the walk around the lake. I quickly found out I was overly layered in outerwear. Zero wind helped keep the chill level down.

About a month ago the entity who goes by the name McNutty claimed she had begun an intense yoga program. Yesterday McNutty proudly boasted she was now able to get into the Lotus position. I then said I would need photo documentation of this feat before I could believe it to be true.

That Lotus position photo documentation arrived this morning.

I don't have fancy yoga wear like McNutty has, so I can't photo document myself in the Lotus position.

I am sitting in the Lotus position right now, in my computer chair. The Lotus position is extremely salubrious...

Saturday, December 18, 2021

McNutty Photo Harassment Drives Me Back To Chilly Lucy Park

This morning the entity who goes by the name McNutty was working hard at trying to annoy me.

Why this McNutty person indulges in such behavior is perplexing.

This morning's harassment included multiple doctored photos where McNutty sloppily sticks my face on another body. Sometimes human, sometimes not. 

Most of the humans upon which McNutty sticks my face have a big swollen beer belly. For some reason McNutty thinks it is funny to make fun of my beer belly when I clearly have no beer belly.

I don't drink beer, so how could I have a beer belly?

By late morning McNutty had branched out from still photos to animations, including the one you see above. In this video McNutty has me singing Pharrell Williams Happy song. That is a screen cap of the video, clicking the arrow does nothing but open a bigger version of the screen cap.

McNutty has been on a long gaslighting campaign of trying to convince me I always look mad, never smile, and have the overall affect of a serial killer. I guess McNutty has known a lot of serial killers, which I guess makes sense, considering her line of work.

So, after way too much gaslighting and verbal abuse I needed to restore my balance with a salubrious communing with nature.

Even though the temperature was barely 40, with a wind blowing, I just had to get away from the computer and the McNutty harassment.

It was to Lucy Park I returned.

That is the Lucy Park suspension bridge you are looking at here, void of any surrounding green foliage. Lucy Park is on the other side of the bridge. I am standing in the RV Park side of the bridge.

That is the Circle Trail you see above, looking south, a short distance from the suspension bridge entry into the park.

A couple days ago I installed a new app on my phone called Google Fit. This app tracks how long you walk, how far you walk, how many calories you burn walking, how many steps you took, and other things. I have no idea how this works or how accurate it is. The only thing I can test for accuracy is how long Google Fit says I walked. So far, it has gotten the walking time correct.

If I take my phone on a bike ride is tracks that. I assume detecting no one runs are walks as fast as the speed is indicating, so it must be a bike.

Speaking of phone apps. Is there one that lets you mute the phone for a specific amount of time? As in hit mute and indicate when you want to the phone to no longer be mute. 

It seems to happen way too frequently that I mute the phone, and then forget to unmute it. Such happened this morning. Around 10 this morning I saw my phone light up, but make no noise. I could see it was Linda Lou calling. I turned the sound back on and answered. 

After talking to Linda Lou I looked at the call list and saw that prior to Linda calling this morning, nephew Jason had called, as had that aforementioned McNutty woman. 

Then I went to text messaging and saw multiple text messages I did not hear come in.

Maybe I should just not mute the phone anymore. But, it is nice not to have the thing make unwanted noise...

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Merry Christmas With Perfect Penmanship From Ancient Auntie Arlene

In the mail today were a couple large packages and a couple Christmas cards, including the one above from my dear Aunt Arlene, who signs off her cards "With Love, Ancient Auntie Arlene."

I made the composite image of the Ancient Auntie Arlene Christmas card which you see above for illustrative purposes. The front part of the card is what you see on the left. On top of that is the inside of the card. And on top of that is an amusing postcard Aunt Arlene included showing "A Texan's Map of the United States."

Now the reason I felt compelled to photo document this Christmas card is the issue of cursive handwriting.

Auntie Arlene refers to herself as Ancient.

When she is only 92.

I am a few years younger than Auntie Arlene and I can not read my own handwriting. Even if I make an effort I still can not write in a reliably legible way.

Not only does Aunt Arlene write cursively with perfectly formed letters, the letters all form perfectly straight lines of words, with nary a word crossed out for correction purposes.

I know if I manage to reach the age of 92 I will not be able to write in the legible way my Aunt Arlene writes, because I am unable to do so now, years prior to reaching 92...

Happy Birthday To You Linda Lou

What you are looking at above is Linda Lou on the left. Me on the right. From our high school senior annual. Linda Lou is one of the few with whom I went through almost all my school years, grade school, high school, Sunday school and the first two years of college.

I have not seen Linda Lou in person since October of 2018, when she flew to Arizona to spend a few days having fun in the Phoenix zone. 

What follows are a few photos from Linda Lou's 2018 visit to Arizona. I don't think Linda Lou has seen these before.

Oh. I forgot to mention. Today is Linda Lou's birthday.


That would be Linda Lou looking at you, sitting at the dinner table in the house we had rented in Sun Lakes, that being the town my mom lived in at the time.

Whilst Linda Lou was in Arizona the most adventurous adventures we had were driving to the summit of South Mountain, and to Tortilla Flats. Both locations reached via treacherous twisting turning roads with steep drop offs, which Linda Lou found unsettling at times.

 Above Linda Lou is pointing the way up South Mountain. Or at a saguaro cactus. I can't be sure.

Walking away from the saguaro cactus to continue the ride to the top of South Mountain.

Now at the summit of South Mountain, Linda Lou made friends with a random dog who was also site seeing.

I talked to Linda Lou last night. Her happy birthday plans for today include going to a restaurant in La Conner which apparently makes excellent clam chowder, and fish and chips. 

I can not remember when last I had excellent clam chowder. Maybe when I am in Washington next August we can go to La Conner for some clam chowder...