Thursday, June 30, 2022

Spencer Jack & Jason Take Us Back To Spokane's Expo 74

FNJ and FNSJ (also known as Favorite Nephew Jason and Favorite Nephew Spencer Jack) ventured to Eastern Washington, again, this time to far east Washington, almost to west Idaho. 

Multiple photos arrived in my email inbox this morning documenting this roadtrip to the warmer side of Washington.

Explanatory text accompanying the photos...

FUD --

I'm pretty confident that you can guess the Washington State location that Spencer Jack and I drove to today.

Did you attend Expo '74? I'm thinking that you may have, given that you might have been living in Ellensburg at the time.

I did not, but I did travel out of the country to attend Expo '86.

Has Texas hosted a world exposition? Now that I think about it, Spencer Jack and I have 3 such sites within a half days driving distance from our home.

Hope you are staying cool, -FNJ & FNSJ

PS -- It was a perfect 80 degrees and sunshine today in Eastern Washington. I had Spencer take some photos of Snoqualmie Pass to share with you. I will send them to you.

Yes, I can tell Spencer Jack and Jason are in Spokane, at the site of Expo 74. That is the scenic Spokane River moving rapidly behind Spencer and Jason.

In the first photo, at the top, it appears Spencer and Jason are standing under the remains of the United States Pavilion. Or was it the Washington State Pavilion? I can't remember for sure. That pavilion was a fabric covered frame. After the Expo the fabric eventually disappeared, with the frame remaining.

I did go to Spokane's Expo 74. The theme of the Expo, if I remember right, was Energy. Or some such thing.

I remember my favorite pavilion was the Soviet Union one. It felt oppressive, just like the Soviet Union did, at that point in time. I remember sneaking in at the exit point, avoiding the long line. And a giant bust of Lenin being at the entry.

Yes, Texas has hosted a world exposition. Hemisfair 68, in San Antonio. A Space Needle like structure called Tower of the Americas remains.

I do not know if the site of the San Antonio World's Fair was turned into a lasting landmark, such as what happened in Seattle when the Century 21 site was turned into the Seattle Center, with many of the fair structures still standing, including the Space Needle, the Monorail, the Coliseum (now Climate Pledge Arena), the Pacific Science Center, and more.

I enjoyed Vancouver's Expo 86 much more than the Spokane World's Fair. I went to Expo 86 twice.

Above is one of Spencer Jack's I-90 Snoqualmie Pass photos, showing the wildlife overpass which has been added since last I was at this location.

Earlier in the year I was fairly certain I would be driving by this location this coming July or August. But, that is not going to happen...

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mystery Postcard From Birch Bay Washington

Above is the front and back of a postcard which arrived in my mailbox yesterday, sent by a mystery sender.

Spencer Jack and Hank Frank's grandpa, Jake, who is also my little brother, is currently escaping the HEAT of Arizona by visiting his old home zone of Washington.

But, the handwriting on this postcard does not look like brother Jake's.

There is some element of wanton cruelty in sending me a Birch Bay postcard.

Up til a month or two ago I was fairly sure I would be having a get together this summer with the majority of my siblings, at Birch Bay, a long planned event that was thwarted by COVID.

And now, this summer of 2002, other issues arose which back burnered going north to Washington to Birch Bay.

I don't think this postcard was sent by the Tacoma Trio and their parental units. It's not their style. That and they have been totally pre-occupied with issues in their Tacoma domicile, which makes it unlikely they have ventured as far north as Birch Bay.

I am sure I will eventually solve this mystery, perhaps via handwriting analysis...

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Professor Durango University Of North Texas History Lecturer

The above is part of an email which arrived in my email inbox yesterday.

Why would anyone think I might want to be a history lecturer at the University of North Texas?

I have not been to the University of North Texas in Denton since attending a high school graduation way back in the year 2000.

Would this be carte blanche to teach any history I felt like teaching?

Perhaps explaining Critical Race Theory...

Monday, June 27, 2022

Snake Free Chilly Hike Through Lucy Park Jungle

With the outer world chilled to being barely in the low 80s, it was to Lucy Park I ventured on this final Monday of the 2022 version of June.

What with the temperature being slightly chilly I figured it safe to hike the Lucy Park backwoods jungle, with the snakes in the grass rendered not quite so mobile, due to the chilly drop in temperature from day after day over 100.

I had zero snake encounters today.

I did have two reptile encounters of the mini-alligator sort, also known as lizards.

Lizards seem cute to me. They do not evoke the fear response in me which happens when a snake slithers towards me.

The Big Chill is predicted to continue for well over a week. It seems that just a day or two ago we were threatened with well over a week well over 100.

You have to admit, the Lucy Park jungle does not look even remotely threatening, just a mess of over overgrown foliage, with few critters, not even the flying insect sort.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Hot Lucy Park Walk With Linda Lou Protesting Supreme Court Supremely

Yesterday I did not feel like getting too HOT via any sort of outdoor aerobic endorphin inducing activity.

But, on this final Saturday of the 2022 version of June, even though the temperature was in the mid 90s, I opted to drive to Lucy Park for a shady walk under the cover of trees.

I thought I was going to be walking solo, but Linda Lou surprised me by showing up to walk with me.

Of course, what Linda Lou wanted to talk about is what most people, well, Americans, are talking about.

Yesterday, due to that subject everyone is talking about, thousands of protesters descended on downtown Seattle, and other downtowns, across America.

The above is a screen cap from this morning's online Seattle Times front page. How are that many people able to assemble in such a large number, so quickly? Getting into downtown Seattle is not all that easy, or so it would seem, for thousands to flood into downtown.

This happened in enlightened towns across America, including Austin, in Texas.

I have seen zero sign of protest in Wichita Falls. It is not like such a thing never happens here. The day Trump was inaugurated there was a large protest march here in Wichita Falls, of people protesting, carrying signs, rightfully worried about the incoming feared disaster. Turns out, those fears were valid, with the reality so much worse than anyone imagined it could be.

I did not overheat during my shady walk with Linda Lou.

The high today is predicted to hit 105.

With a cold front blowing in, starting tomorrow, with tomorrow's high to only be in the 90s, with highs in the 80s later in the week.

It may get so chilly I will need to switch my climate control to heat mode...

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Spencer Jack Rolls Us Through Washington Cascades John Wayne Trail Tunnel

Saw what you see here via incoming email, this morning, from FNJ, also known as my Favorite Nephew Jason. The first email had several photos with no explanatory text. The second email provided explanatory text. What follows is that explanatory email, followed by my explanatory espousing... 

Hi FUD --

I thought you'd enjoy seeing these photos. And I figured they might need some explanation.

Today, Spencer Jack drove me to the top of Snoqualmie Pass where we parked at the former Hyak railroad station.  Spencer motored his electric scooter back west through the defunct Snoqualmie Tunnel which is now part of the John Wayne Iron Horse Trail which traverses the state laterally.  

The trail was full of other tunnel enthusiasts who either walked, biked, or jogged the 2.3 miles from one side to the other.   FNSJ was the only one I saw using a scooter.  Spencer then phoned me once he found daylight by exiting at the west portal. He warmed up a bit and then returned into the dark tunnel and headed back to Eastern Washington to reunite with myself.

He really enjoyed this. 

We continued over a second mountain pass -- that being Blewett Pass -- before settling in Leavenworth for the evening.   

Leavenworth is currently constructing an Alpine Roller Coaster at the west end of town. This looks so cool and I'm sure it will be a big tourist draw.

Hope all is well in TX.   

-- FNJ

PS -- On your next road trip up to Washington, be sure to take I-90 over the Cascades. You will hardly recognize it. It's so much wider and smoother than it was years ago. And beautifully landscaped and designed.  It's worth the trip.

Leavenworth is my favorite of Washington's themed tourist towns. Leavenworth is Bavarian themed. I have had many a fine time in Leavenworth. During summer the town is packed with tourists. I imagine the town is enjoying somewhat of a post-COVID boom. 

The John Wayne Trail tunnel opened soon before I moved to Texas. I've never been through it.

I did not know I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass has had some sort of makeover. I last drove over that pass in July of 2001 on my way to my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary party. The I-90 pass over Snoqualmie Pass had been rebuilt back in the 1970s, with parts of the freeway elevated high above the tree-line, and thus impervious to avalanches. I remember that period of road construction being a major pain to drive through.

Seeing these photos of a former train tunnel through the Cascades, and Spencer Jack having fun motoring through the tunnel, and thinking about Leavenworth, has me thinking about how in Washington, no matter which direction you go from Spencer Jack and FNJ's home base of Mount Vernon, it is a scenic wonderland of varied attractions. I can not say the same about my current location.

Six months ago I thought I was likely going to be driving over Snoqualmie Pass on a roadtrip back to Washington. But, sadly, that is not going to be happening...

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Windless HOT Morning Fast Walk Around Sikes Lake

With this ongoing heat dome caused heat wave I have been going for my daily aerobically induced endorphins activity earlier than my norm, to try and escape the HEAT being too blistering.

This morning it was to Sikes Lake I ventured. As you can see, little wind was blowing, thus providing no wind chill from the 95 degrees.

I was able to satisfy my endorphin addiction, but at the cost of being an overheated sweaty mess. 

In this view you are looking north across Sikes Lake. You can see a few geese in the water, but most were shade seeking under trees.

Today has me wondering if I should maybe seek help from a drug addiction therapist to see if there is some salubrious alternative to these endorphins to which I am addicted.

Such really is an annoying monkey to have on ones back...

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

HOT First Day Of Sauna Summer In Texas

It was to Lucy Park I went this morning, an hour earlier than my norm, hoping to avoid extreme HEAT, with the earlier time providing more shade than what happens as the hours get closer to noon.

The extra shade part of the plan worked. But the avoiding the extreme HEAT, not so much.

Five degrees shy of 100.

It does feel sorta good getting the experience of what amounts to being in a high humidity sauna bath.

Or steam bath.

But, I think I need to lose at least 20 pounds before I venture to a tropical location...

Highs In The 100s, Clear Skies Expected This Weekend

 Saw that which you see here, this morning, on the front page of the online version of the Seattle Times.

I remember living in Washington where a day heated into the 80s was a rare hot day. 

Now in my current Texas location, a day chilled into the 80s is relief from day after day 100 degrees and HOTTER.

As I run my A/C day and night, friends up in Washington have been telling me they have had to keep the furnace on, well into June, due to it being so cold.

One side benefit of all that rain and chilly temperatures is photo documented in the above photo. All that deep green color, which is why Washington is known as the Evergreen State, and Seattle is known as the Emerald City....

Monday, June 20, 2022

HOT Sikes Lake Fishing On A Federal Juneteenth Holiday

Can you see the four fishermen fishing in Sikes Lake today on this special Juneteenth federal holiday?

I got my outer world exposure an hour earlier than I usually do, hoping to avoid getting overheated in the HOT heat.

It did not work. The heat dome hovering overhead is getting to be a bit oppressive, even though the temperature was nine degrees shy of 100, the humidity made that relatively cool temperature feel way too HOT.

I have often seen fishermen and women fishing in Sikes Lake. I have only seen a fish caught one time. And that was by a fisherwoman.

I did not know, til hearing so on the radio, whilst walking around Sikes Lake, that due to June 19 falling on a Sunday, the Juneteenth federal holiday is today, closing the post office, banks and federal offices.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Juneteenth Father's Day

I really do not like how it seems to be that time is flying by faster all the time.

Hard to believe it has been five years since I had a Father's Day McDonald's Buffet with my dear ol' dad.

At that point in time I blogged about that particular Father's Day in Dad's Father's Day McDonald's Buffet With Uncle Mooch & Tillie.

A screen cap of such is what you see above, with dad staring at the camera whilst holding one of his McDonald's favorites, likely an Egg McMuffin.

Today is the first time the new Juneteenth holiday and Father's Day are happening on the same day.

I had a nice HOT Father's Day hike in Lucy Park this morning, feeling a bit melancholy. So much has happened and changed since five years ago today. And before you know it, another five years will fly by...

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Saturday At The Wichita Falls Farmer's Market

I needed to get new reading material on this 3rd Saturday of the 2022 version of June. So, it was to downtown Wichita Falls I went this morning.

And, since it is only a couple blocks from the library parking lot, after checking out some books, I walked to the Wichita Falls Farmer's Market.

The Farmer's Market was busy. The first time since the COVID nightmare that the Farmer's Market seems back to normal. There seemed to be more arts and crafts type vendors than farmers selling produce.

The guy in the blue shirt, on the right, sitting down, is playing a piano. The sound of the piano playing was amplified, making for a festive sound track for the Farmer's Market.

The above is inside the Wichita Falls Farmer's Market building. As you can see, lots of arts and crafts, with no farmer's produce to be seen. Well, seen in the photo. To the right there was a farmer selling watermelon, onions, cabbage and tomatoes, among other stuff produced on a farm.

Next month the Watermelon  Festival happens at the Wichita Farmer's Market. I have gone to that event twice. It's a fun one. Particularly if you like watermelon, which I do. That and the watermelon seed spitting contest is highly entertaining.

Thunderstorming is on the agenda for this evening...

Not Taking Off Clothes Pickle Balling In Texas

I saw that which you see here, yesterday, on Facebook, and wondered why anyone would want to do this.

Or watch this.

The Pickle Ball fad has made its way to Texas. I doubt the clothing optional version has made it to Texas.

My Arizona sister and her first husband are avid Pickle Ballers. I am almost 100% certain my Arizona sister and her first husband have not participated in a clothing optional version of Pickle Ball.

Way back in January of 2018 I was in Arizona for 21 long days. Mom and I got her a transit chair to wheel mom around on. My sister and her first husband were playing in a Pickle Ball Tournament, in, if I remember right, Mesa. Mom and I were spectators, which was rendered doable due to that transit chair.

Watching Pickle Ball is entertaining, even with the Pickle Ballers properly clothed.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Roasting Day After Day Over 100 In Wichita Falls

Well, according to the latest 12 day forecast we Wichita Falls fellows get a two day break from being heated to 100 degrees, or HOTTER.

I do not remember this much HEAT during my previous HOT years in Texas.

Meanwhile my old home zone of the Pacific Northwest is being chilled about half as hot, with refreshing day after day of rain adding to the chill.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

I Went To School With Archie Bunker

I saw that which you see here on Facebook.

A YouTube video from All in the Family, where Archie Bunker makes an Editorial Rebuttal on a New York City local TV news show.

I watched this and something dawned on me that had not previously dawned on me. Some people who were school classmates of mine have become modern era equivalents of Archie Bunker.

With me reacting to the nonsense they spew the same way Archie's son-in-law, Michael, and daughter, Gloria, react to Archie's ignorant nonsense.

I have lost track of the number of times I have been appalled by idiotic ignorant nonsense I read on Facebook coming from people who went to the same school I did, but somehow ended up with a different education.

Anyway, you can watch this amusing Archie Bunker All in the Family YouTube clip below...

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Back To Lucy Park Crossing New Lucy Park Gulch Bridge

After overheating in the over 100 degree heat at Lake Wichita on Sunday, I opted to stay indoors on Monday, til the early evening when I ventured out to go to Walmart.

Today, that day being Tuesday, the temperature was only 91 degrees when I went walking around shady Lucy Park.

As you can see via the photo documentation, above, the new Circle Trail bridge across Lucy Park Gulch is now completed, with the trail no longer closed.

It only took a couple weeks to build this bridge over dry land. No special vision was involved.

Tomorrow we will be halfway through June. I really tire of time flying by way too fast.

I am currently about 100% certain I will not be venturing to the Pacific Northwest this coming Summer. 

A few months ago I thought it was a for certain deal that I would be heading to Washington in late July.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Sizzling 106 Sunday In Wichita Falls

We are over a week til the start of Summer.

Already we have had multiple days heated to over 100 degrees HOT. With this second Sunday of the 2022 version of June scheduled to hit 106.

I will not be going out today for some pre-noon salubrious aerobic activity seeking the relaxing acquisition of endorphins.

Yesterday's Circle Trail hike at Lake Wichita over heated me. I do not recollect previously having such a dire reaction to being too HOT.

Apparently the wind today will be making those 106 degrees really feel like 104.

UPDATE: The temperature forecast has had two degrees added to it. We are now heading to a high of 108 degrees HOT today...

Saturday, June 11, 2022

HOT Walk On Lake Wichita New Circle Trail Section

On this second Saturday of the 2022 version of June the outer world today is scheduled to be heated to 103 degrees. 

Yesterday I had a way too HOT walk with Linda Lou in Lucy Park.

Today I thought walking the Circle Trail in Lake Wichita Park might be cooler, hoping an air conditioning wind would be blowing across the lake.


My hoped for cooling wind only slightly appeared. After about 30 minutes I was beginning to over heat, but quickly cooled down once I was back in my vehicle's air conditioned space.

This new section of the Circle Trail is now completed, with railing and benches installed. There are now, I think, only two short sections to complete to finally make the Circle Trail a complete circle.

Property owners along this new section of Circle Trail raised multiple objections to having this trail in their backyards.

These trail protestors seemed oblivious to the fact that other new sections of the Circle Trail also had property owners complaining about it being such a bad potential problem, such as where the Circle Trail trails by my current abode.

And then when the Circle Trail gets installed, with the result being that it has created no problems, has enhanced property values, with real estate listings mentioning being near the Circle Trail as an asset adding value.

That photo at the top is right at the start of the new section of Circle Trail. I like how it sort of serpentines.

A short distance later Wichita Lake comes in to view, along with a bridge across an inlet from the lake.

Installing the railing you see here was the construction step that opened the trail resulting in the "TRAIL CLOSED" sign being removed. I previously walked this section of the Circle Trail whilst walking around the "CLOSED TRAIL". 

Several of those aforementioned property owners have stuck up "No Trespassing Private Property" signs.

And then we come to the current end of this section of the Circle Trail.

The sign above the barrier says "TRAIL CLOSED". And the property owner has parked multiple boats to block the way of the next phase of trail construction.

I look forward to the Circle Trail being completed. I will then be able to leave my abode and pedal my bike for 26 miles in a big circle...

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Hot Walking Sikes Lake With Obstinate Geese

It was back to Sikes Lake I went today to do some HOT hiking with the Sikes Lake geese. 

The geese were being exceptionally annoying today. Instead of getting out of my way they slowly waddled in front of me til I could take it no more and moved them out of my way by increasing my speed til I out waddled them.

I had not made note of the above patch of Sikes Lake wildflowers before. Not sure what brand these are. Indian Paintbrush, maybe?

Apparently we are heading into a record breaking heat wave, with day after day after day over 100, under something called a heat dome which will be heating up the Southwest, all the way from Texas to Nevada.

Linda Lou called last night and made mention of how fun it would be to take a cruise somewhere cool.

Like Alaska.

Linda Lou is currently house sitting for Miss Beth who is currently cruising to Alaska, having set sail from Seattle a couple days ago.

Linda Lou informed me it was Seattle from which Miss Beth set sail. A couple days ago I mentioned not knowing if it was from Seattle or Vancouver the cruising began.

I have only been to Alaska once, flying from Seattle to Juneau, and then a seaplane to Hoonah, then the Alaska ferry to Sitka, then flying back to Seattle.

What I saw of Alaska was similar to Washington scenery, on steroids. Things like the Mendenhall Glacier. And I remember the saltwater being the clearest I had ever seen, being able to look deep into the water.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Windy Wet Wichita Falls Wednesday With Thunder


Wie is das wetter heute?

Wet, extremely wet. And windy. With thunderstorming also on the menu, but not yet delivered.

I do not recollect rain and thunderstorms being part of the weather prediction for my location when I looked at the forecast yesterday.

You can not tell it via the photo documentation of the view from my kitchen window, but the wind is blowing strong. That bit of black you see to the right of the green tree is a woman chasing a wind blown run away garbage bin.

I was going to go on a bike ride today, at least that was my plan after reading yesterday's forecast which forecast that today was not going to be windy. Or raining. 

I do not know what I am going to do to get my required daily dose of aerobically induced endorphins...

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Humid Lucy Park Jungle Walk With Lukewarm Shower

It was back to Lucy Park I ventured this morning on this first Tuesday of the 2022 version of June. As you can see, clouds are blocking a blue sky, today.

It was only 86 degrees when I arrived at my destination, but felt way HOTTER due to the high humidity which has come to town due to the recent rain deluge.

Even though it was HOT enough for snakes in the grass to be slithering, I opted to hike the backwoods zone of Lucy Park.

As you can see, the prairie grass has grown quite tall. Who knows what hides inside that jungle of green.

I had not made note of the big tree you see here during previous jaunts through the Lucy Park backwoods jungle. I have no clue as to what type tree this is.

The current 15 day forecast is for day after day after day being HOT, with several days going over the 100 degree mark.

Every summer there comes a time where one does not need to mix in some hot water to take a shower.

We are weeks away from the arrival of summer, and my cold water already is lukewarm to a degree where it really is not accurate to call it cold water. 

Cold water and ice cubes coming out of the refrigerator render the lukewarm situation bearable...

Monday, June 6, 2022

Cruising To Alaska With Sedro Woolley's Beth C

I saw that which you see here, yesterday, on Facebook, in a posting by Miss Beth C of Sedro Woolley, taking a pre-boarding photo of the little boat she is cruising to Alaskan on.

I do not know if the Miss Beth cruise is cruising out of Seattle or Vancouver.

I suspect it is likely Seattle, but, the dock doesn't look right to me. Well, doesn't look right for either Seattle or Vancouver.

Then again, it has been years since I have seen either Seattle's or Vancouver's docks.

I don't know if it is back easy to cross the border in to Canada. COVID shut the border way back when that nightmare began.

Cruising to Alaska from Seattle is something which began happening after I moved to Texas.

I did not see the cruise ships with my own eyes til August of 2008 when I spent a Thursday in downtown Seattle. If I remember right there were two cruise ships in Elliott Bay on that Thursday in August. 

I don't know if it was the cruise ships causing it, or it was just a normal busy day during tourist season, but it was human gridlock everywhere I went that day in downtown Seattle. Pike Place Market was packed. The waterfront was thick with people. Westlake Center was also packed, as was Pioneer Square, where I spent most of the day.

I made a YouTube video of that August of 2008 visit to downtown Seattle. I shall see if I can find it.

Okay, I found it.

I did not remember that this video does not go to Pike Place, but instead walks through Westlake Center to the bus tunnel to ride back to Pioneer Square. A

s you will see in the video, Seattle buses have a lot of riders on a lot of buses. The buses no longer go through the Seattle bus tunnel.

Trains use it now.

Which seems so odd to me, because I remember when the bus tunnel was first announced its purpose was to get the buses off downtown Seattle streets.

And here is the video....

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Humid Goose Stepping With Feisty Sikes Lake Geese

Yesterday saw rain falling nonstop for hours. Eventually, after hours of being housebound, I made my way across the moat-like flooded zone surrounding my abode to my motorized motion device to drive to Walmart.

Today, the first Saturday of the 2022 version of June, a mostly clear sky has returned, along with extreme humidity making 77 degrees feel way hotter.

Before noon I decided to roll that aforementioned motorized motion device to Sikes Lake to join the throngs of humans and geese.

The group of goslings you see above, with their maternal parental unit guarding them, greeted me where I parked. Mother goose did not hiss too much at me when I walked around her babies.

A quarter mile later, on the south end of Sikes Lake, I stopped walking when I came to a large gang of geese who then started chasing me when they saw I was taking their picture.

Geese are so temperamental. I think they were being extra feisty today due to being happy it is not raining and not windy.

Most of the Sikes Lake geese belong to a flock. But you do see some loners, or pairs, and wonder if they had been banished for some reason. Or are they just anti-social geese?

I think if I were a goose I would choose not to be in a flock...

Friday, June 3, 2022

The First Friday Of June Dawns Wet & Loud In Wichita Falls

When I opened my bedroom window blinds this morning my eyes were struck by multiple lightning bolts in the distance. So distant I heard no thunder resulting from those multiple lightning bolts.

Two hours later what you see above is the view from my kitchen window. A downpour of rain is pouring down. You can see the downpour, but you can not see that the lightning bolts have moved closer, close enough now to have the thunder sound effect arrive soon after seeing a lightning bolt.

I looked out my abode's exit a few minutes ago and saw that rain has already arrived so copiously that I am now surrounded by a moat. I suspect I will not be leaving my abode until the moat drains enough to allow a semi-dry access to my motorized motion device, which is keeping dry under the carport.

This morning's storm was not on the menu when I checked the weather forecast yesterday. This morning the weather menu had changed to suggesting some rain with possible thunderstorming might be happening this morning.

All this water will be making for some extreme humidity when blue sky and the sun return...

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Walk Around Sikes Lake With Sister Jackie And Wild Horses

Yesterday my Arizona sister, Jackie, walked around Sikes Lake with me. During the course of walking I asked if she was still regularly going to Maricopa to the Ah-Chin Casino.

That lead to sister Jackie telling me the wild horse herd one sees on the drive to Maricopa has gotten huge. And has morphed into multiple herds. Sporting multiple wild horse colts, this spring time of year.

I have seen those wild horses a couple times, with the herd only being 5 or 6. 

Sister Jackie sent my phone the above photo of one of the wild horse herds one currently sees on the drive to and from Maricopa.

Apparently multiple cotton fields have been turned into alfalfa fields, which the wild horses greatly enjoy munching on.

Seeing that photo got me to realizing that next month, July, it will be three years since I have flown to Arizona.

I really tire of time seeing to fly by ever faster.

I have a high school class reunion happening in July. I do not believe I will be attending. My other Arizona sibling, Spencer Jack and Hank Frank's grandpa Jake, is currently driving north, to escape the Arizona heat and enjoy seeing Spencer Jack, Hank Frank, and their parental units.

A couple days ago I was talking to one of my old school classmates, old, as in going all the way back to first grade. We pondered the possibility of a different type class reunion. Such as possibly, with a select few, doing something like going to Hawaii, or some similar tropical location.

If Lake Powell were not currently in falling water levels, drought mode, I might suggest renting a big houseboat. That might be fun. 

In the meantime my exciting outdoor walking venue options for today are Lake Wichita Park, Sikes Lake, or Lucy Park.

Or, I could go on a bike ride, because it is not being windy today. A rare occurrence, of late...

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Texas Welcome To June With Big Bend National Park

I flipped my National Parks wall calendar to June this morning and saw that which you see here. I thought is this a Grand Canyon National Park photo from down at the Colorado River level of the canyon?

Then I got out my magnifying glass to read the caption at the bottom.

Big Bend National Park in Texas.

Big Texas has only two national parks. Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

I have not been to Big Bend. I have driven by the Guadalupe Mountains.

I would like to visit Big Bend National Park. I have seen photos of excellent hiking trails. It is around 500 miles from my current Texas location to Big Bend National Park.

People seem to be back traveling again. Elsie Hotpepper is currently beaching on the Florida panhandle. I am not quite ready yet to get on a plane. Or go on a long roadtrip....