Monday, September 30, 2019

Star-Telegram Discovers Fort Worth Needs Thousands Of Miles Of New Sidewalks

A few days ago an article appeared on the front page of the online iteration of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram asking Is your neighborhood walkable? Fort Worth needs more than 3,300 miles of new sidewalks.

If memory serves accurately I have mentioned a time or two the fact of Fort Worth's sidewalk shortage, and what effect that noticeable shortage might have when Fort Worth tries to woo a corporation to town.

Long ago Fort Worth Weekly made note of the Fort Worth sidewalk shortage. I had no memory of reading this, but the author of the Fort Worth Weekly article about the town's sidewalk shortage emailed me, years ago, after I had made mention of the sidewalk shortage. The author had long returned to the heavily sidewalked north, I think somewhere in Illinois, or maybe it was Indiana, when he read my blogging lament about the Fort Worth sidewalk problem.

Anyway, that Fort Worth Weekly writer who had also noticed all the streets without sidewalks, with pedestrians making do with muddy trails along roads, or just walking in the street, lamented that apparently nothing had yet been done about the obvious problem, in all the years since he had escaped.

And now, a couple decades later, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram finally makes note of this long obvious problem. A few paragraphs illustrating how the Star-Telegram describes the town's sidewalk shortage...

Ella Burton hopes when the new Como Community Center opens this fall, her neighbors will be able to walk there, preferably on sidewalks.

Folks in Como like to walk, but it can be a bit tricky, said Burton, who is the neighborhood president. There’s a hodgepodge network of paved walkways, like in many older Fort Worth districts where property owners may not have the money to maintain sidewalks. Horne Street, Como’s main street, lacks sidewalks on both sides south of Blackmore Avenue, while side streets like Littlepage and Humbert Avenue do not have any for several blocks.

“You can find folks walking around here pert-near any time of the day,” Burton said, adding that without sidewalks local drivers have grown accustomed to spotting walkers in the street. “It’s either step off into the road or walk through someone’s lot.”

Property owners have to maintain sidewalks? Why aren't sidewalks just part of having a city street? During recent visits to what I refer to as Modern America, such as Arizona, I have long noted how new areas are developed, such as in Chandler, Arizona, the infrastructure goes in before the building goes up, as in roads, sidewalks, pocket parks, street landscaping. That type stuff.

Now, one can see how upgrading streets which were born back in Wild West times, as dirt trails, well, unless a town makes an effort to modernize those dirt trails as progress progresses, you know, by paving and adding sidewalks, well, you end up with a mess like Fort Worth. A town where most of the town's streets have no sidewalks.

The article tells us the Fort Worth City Council's 2020 budget approved a whopping $750.000 for sidewalk work.


A town populated by over 800,000 potential walkers next year will invest a measly three quarters of a million bucks addressing the town's sidewalk shortage.

And that whopping figure is on top of the $12 million allocated for sidewalks in a 2018 bond election.

Did I mention this is a town with a population over 800,000?

A town in which some clueless town leaders wonder why the town can not attract corporations to locate a headquarters in town, or even a branch?

The following paragraph makes clear how ridiculously absurdly bad this Fort Worth sidewalk shortage is...

Fort Worth has around 2,500 miles of existing sidewalks, but 3,395 miles of gaps — areas where no sidewalk exists. Most of those gaps, more than 2,000 miles worth, are in majority-minority neighborhoods, according to a city analysis.

What in the world is a majority-minority neighborhood? Does the Star-Telegram no longer employ editors? When I lived in far east Fort Worth was that a majority-minority neighborhood? I have no idea. I saw Americans of all types in the neighborhood.

And few sidewalks...

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Happy Late Birthday To Hank Frank & Grandpa Jake (UPDATED)

I really have been a bit distracted of late. Somehow I forgot that September 26 was the Happy Birthdays of my little brother, also known as Grandpa Jake, and the youngest Jones boy, Henry Francis, also known as Hank Frank.

Happy Belated Birthday Grandpa Jake and Hank Frank!

UPDATE: After sending Hank Frank a belated happy birthday text message Henry instructed his dad, Joey, to send his great uncle photos of Hank Frank's first birthday party...

Saturday, September 28, 2019

In Archer City Thinking About Skinny Dipping With Cybill Shepherd

This last Saturday morning of the 2019 version of September I decided to get out of town and head southwest from Wichita Falls, on Texas Highway 79 to the sprawling metropolis of Archer City.

Earlier this century, when I was in the midst of building my formerly massive Eyes on Texas website, I was lured to Archer City to check out Larry McMurtry's Booked Up bookstores.

That and to see if I could see a movie in Archer City's Royal Theater, which way back in 1969 was made famous in a movie called The Last Picture Show.

Well, the Royal Theater was no where closer to showing a new movie than when I was last at that location and webpaged what I saw in Archer City way back then. I did not bother taking new photos of that which I had photographed the first time I was in Archer City.

I did take a couple photos of a couple new things I had not seen on that previous visit. Such as that mural you see above, which is located on the west side of Highway 79, at that highway's intersection with Highway 25, also known as Main Street.

Adjacent to that mural is that which you see below.

An historical information installation the likes of which I had not seen before. The text was cut through steel. What sort of complicated piece of machinery creates such a thing?

Above is the section of the informational signage which is about the filming of The Last Picture Show, telling those who where not aware of it that Archer City's native son, Larry McMurtry wrote the novel upon which the movie is based.

There is a scene in that movie where the Jacy Farrow character played by Cybill Shepherd is lured to a pool party at a home in Wichita Falls where one of the most famous skinny dipping scenes in movie history takes place. I think I roll by that house every time my bike takes me through the area I refer to as the Wichita Falls Beverly Hills.

That was a nice drive in the country today. I must do this more often.

I sort of have a back log of blogging fodder which I seem to avoid bothering with. The main instance of this is an expose in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about that town's shocking sidewalk shortage.

I'm sure I will get to those notorious Fort Worth sidewalks sometime soon...

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Throwback Thursday To Mom's Final McDonald's Cheeseburger

Since this is Thursday I guess this can qualify as one of those "Throwback Thursday" things.

I had not managed to talk to sister Jackie since mom joined dad, last Friday, until yesterday, when I called and asked if sister Jackie wanted to ride to ALDI with me.

This was the first conversation in years during which one of the primary subjects was not something worrisome to do with our parental units.

I mentioned to Jackie that I'm having a little trouble adjusting to the new family reality, that I had had myself thinking I was returning to Arizona in November, during the Thanksgiving time frame, to help take care of things, and to be there at the same time as my Tacoma relatives, Michele, Kristin, David, Theo and Ruby.

I told Jackie that my last time talking to mom was a bit poignant. Sister Michele had texted me, telling me mom was being lucid, thus a good time to call. I think this was the Sunday before mom's final Friday. I called and managed to talk to mom for a couple minutes.

Mom managed to ask her usual "When are you coming back for a visit?" question. I replied that I think I will be there in November, around Thanksgiving. Mom replied that this will be soon, or something like that.

After I told Jackie this she tried to think of what had been the last conversation she had with mom, before Jackie and Jack left for Nevada at the start of mom's final week.

And then Jackie remembered.

It was the Saturday visiting mom before heading west. Mom was not wanting to eat anything. Had basically shut down on the eating thing. Jackie asked mom is there was anything she wanted to eat that she would like, anything at all.

Mom replied "A cheeseburger and fries."

Jackie replied "I will be right back."

Jackie then scooted to the nearest McDonald's and soon returned with a bag of cheeseburgers and fries.

Mom took several burger bites, seemed to be enjoying it. Along with a few fries. And was sort of smiling as she was enjoying what was to be her last McDonald's cheeseburger.

Jackie quickly realized this needed to be photo documented, hence the photo at the top, mom holding her last McDonald's cheeseburger....

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Mr. Mike's $25 Million Fort Worth Heritage Park Restoration Debacle

I have been a little distracted the past week, so I forgot about that which see here, til this morning.

Mr. Mike pointing me to something he thought I might find interesting.

Mr. Mike was right.

For well over a decade, a park at the north end of Fort Worth's downtown, supposedly celebrating Fort Worth's storied heritage, thus named Heritage Park, has been a boarded up, closed, cyclone fence surrounded eyesore.

And sort of an embarrassing metaphor for what a poorly run town Fort Worth is.

When my eyes first saw downtown Fort Worth only two things struck me as being even remotely as unique. One was the Water Gardens at the south end of downtown. The other being Heritage Park at the north end of downtown.

Heritage Park featured multiple walkways and water features, sort of like a futuristic treehouse. The water features were simple and shallow.

And then, well over a decade ago, tragedy struck the Water Gardens, with four visitors to Fort Worth drowned in what is now known as the Death Pool. I remember when I first saw that part of the Water Gardens thinking that does not look safe, but it obviously must be, else wise why would access to the pool be so inviting?

Soon after the tragedy, and resulting lawsuits, a ridiculous reaction happened. Due to Heritage Park also having water features, that park was closed, pending determined that those shallow water features were safe.

As the Heritage Park closure dragged on, year after year, other excuses for its closure were added, such as (what I think are imaginary) structural issues.

Long ago I made a Heritage Park webpage about this travesty, including a message we received from one of the architects who designed the park, who was appalled to learn the city had basically destroyed that which he had helped build.

So, Mr. Mike pointed me to what seemed to me to be a bizarre article about restoring Heritage Park to its former glory. This article appears on the Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. website, and is titled Heritage Park Plaza.

Three paragraphs from this article...

Heritage Plaza sits on the natural bluff to the Trinity River. Located Northwest of the Tarrant County Courthouse, the park serves as a connection between Downtown and the Trinity River. At 112 acres, Heritage Park, which includes the plaza, is Downtown's largest open space and features some of the most scenic views in Fort Worth. 

The Fort Worth City Council has committed to reopen Heritage Park Plaza. As part of the larger renovation concept, the City of Fort Worth and DFWI have engaged partners to help restore the plaza while upgrading features, making better connections, and expanding the nearby green space, while preserving the original Plaza concept. 

 As part of the restoration efforts, the Design Team presented a Master Plan detailing how Heritage Park could better connect with Downtown and the Trinity River. 

Downtown's largest open space? Featuring the most scenic views in Fort Worth? And yet an unnecessarily boarded up eyesore for over a decade?  The city council is committed to reopen this park? As part of a larger concept? Restoration efforts restoring something that was just fine, in no need of restoration, before an inept city leadership stupidly deemed it a liability risk due to imaginary drowning dangers?

I recollect years ago reading the city thought it needed a couple million bucks to get Heritage Park re-opened. Years ago I recollect reading re-opening work had begun. I recollect being at the Heritage Park location and it appearing that a clean up operation was underway.

I recollect, also years ago, being in a booth at the Prairie Fest, with the booth adjacent being occupied by a group raising money to re-open Heritage Park Plaza.

Reading this article from Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. one reads that in May, 2014 the city initiated a bond issue which included $1.5 million for restoration. And then in August, 2016 something called the Downtown TIF approved an additional $1 million for the project.

And now, in 2019, Heritage Park, the park celebrating Fort Worth's storied heritage, remains a boarded up, closed eyesore.

With the 2019 park re-opening fund raising goal being a whopping $25 million!

Give it another decade of being a boarded up eyesore, which in Fort Worth is a likely project timeline, and the price tag should double, triple or quadruple. Or more.

And yet it remains a mystery to those who run Fort Worth in what is known as the Fort Worth Way why the town has trouble attracting tourists, corporate re-locations, or even department and grocery stores downtown.

Potential re-locators visit downtown Fort Worth, ride Molly the Trolley, see that boarded up Heritage Park eyesore, ask for an explanation, then shake their heads as they look down below at another head shaker, that being the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle debacle, one sees from the Heritage Park vantage point, that is, if that vantage point were still accessible...

Monday, September 23, 2019

Futile Right Wing Trumpist's Boot Kay Granger Attempt

 A few days ago I blogged in Republican Hopes To Boot Kay Granger In 2020 Primary about a cryptic text message I received regarding an unidentified Republican supposedly about to announce that she or he was going to challenge Kay Granger in the upcoming primary.

And that that challenger was going to make Kay Granger's involvement in the Trinity River Vision mess, which has become America's Dumbest Boondoggle, and her son's part in creating that mess, as being the central focus of this challenger's assertion that Kay Granger needs to be removed from Congress.

I made a couple attempts to get the text messenger to tell me who it was who thought they could un-seat Granger.

I also emailed another person about this, because that person had emailed me weeks ago about his possible Republican challenge to Granger. I emailed this person asking if it was he who I was being texted about.

The reply was that it was not he, and that his attempts to ask fellow Republicans if they knew who this might be came up with no answer. Since I have no known connections to Republicans, I knew no one to ask, other than this guy who emailed me saying he was considering a Republican challenge to Granger.

Then, a day or two ago, that aforementioned emailer who was thinking about challenging Granger emailed me that which you see above. Some sort of announcement by a guy I have never heard of, Chris Putnam, planning a primary challenge to Granger.

In that previous blogging about this I made mention of the fact that I did not know why I was being told about some guy possibly running. I was then told it was hoped I would be supportive. This perplexed me. How would anything I said or did be of any use to a Republican trying to un-seat Granger?

And when I read this Putnam guy's announcement it further perplexed me as to why anyone would think I would think this guy was a good Granger replacement.

I then text messaged the entity who originally texted me about some un-identified person who was thinking of challenging Granger, who supposedly wanted me to know such a challenge was in the works. I asked if it was this Putnam guy and why in the world would anyone think I would think this was a good guy to challenge Granger?

Just the following from the announcement is disturbing, saying Putnam is someone who "will stand with...Trump, protect our border, & defend the sanctity of innocent life. Kay Granger hasn't - I will".

Stand with Trump? Okay, anyone standing with Trump is someone the majority of Americans do not want to stand anywhere near.

"Protect our border"? This is what is known as a dog whistle, heard by the types who are unable to figure out our current president is a moron, with this protect our border dog whistle being shorthand for stopping that imaginary invading flood of illegals marching into America so they can vote and overthrow the government, whilst stealing government services, like food stamps and health care. If you have no awareness that this type nonsense is believed, just listen to right wing hate speech. WBAP radio, if you are in the DFW market.

And then there is this Putnam guy's other dog whistle, "defend the sanctity of innocent life". Right wing Republicans are big on worrying about protecting unborns from being aborted. But, after those unborns are born the right wing Republican concerns mostly disappear. Defending the sanctity of innocent life from automatic rifles is not a concern. Or making sure kids have adequate health care, or mom's get both pre-natal and post-natal care from places like Planned Parenthood.

The following meme, gleaned from Facebook is illustrative of this point...

If this Chris Putnam guy who wants to replace Kay Granger wants to defend innocent life, how many of these other pro-life issues is he supporting?

So, no, I will be of no support to this Chris Putnam guy's attempt to boot Kay Granger.

Quite the contrary...

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday MSU Scary Blonde Encounter With Stampeding Mustangs

On this next to last Sunday of September, the day before the Autumnal Equinox begins the season which goes by the name of Fall, ending the season known as Summer, I opted to stay off my muddy bike and instead opted to take a walk around the Midwestern State University campus.

Eventually, if you keep reading I may explain that blonde under a red cap and big sunglasses looking borderline Halloween scary, who startled me today whilst strolling at MSU.

But first let's take another look at MSU's newest building. The just opened for business Centennial Hall, now with its landscaping installed, along with all four mustangs.

The four mustangs represent the four classes attending MSU: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. That big mustang you see running into you is the senior mustang about to leap out of the pond into the real world. This is a very metaphoric art installation.

And above we see the freshman mustang about to gets its hoof wet in the college pool pond for the first time.

Let's see if my Official Wichita Falls Outdoor Adventure Guru Key can get us a closer look at the new building.

Well, no need to use the key, I found an unlocked door. This is an extremely futuristic interior of the sort I like a lot. The interior has lighting fixtures the likes of which I had not seen before.

The view above is looking out at those four mustangs through that tall glass wall you saw in the second photo.

I've been binge watching old James Bond movies on Pluto the past couple days. This interior seems like being in the lair of Dr. No, or some other Bond villain.

Turning around from the view out the window wall one looks up a white stairway to the next floor. There are four floors and elevators to reach them. Where we are above is on the ground floor, with a big atrium open to all the floors above. That brown stair looking structure to the left of the white stairs appeared to be some sort of series of benches, with USB/Power plug-ins, which are the square white dots you see on the vertical sides of the benches.

A closer look at the atrium's futuristic furnishings. Has me trying to remember the lyrics to the theme song for The Jetson's.

Oh, I almost forgot to explain that scary blonde wearing a red cap. I entered the building from the west side. I followed the glowing lighting around a couple corners. And then I came to a corner closed off by glass, with the blonde sitting behind the glass, making some point about getting ones vision checked. A right turn from the blonde took me right into the big open atrium and away from the scary blonde...

Saturday, September 21, 2019

From Jason & Joey: A Family Loving Mother, Grandmother And Great Grandmother

Above you are looking at me, mom and dad, my siblings and my four nephews, long ago, up near the Canadian border, at Uncle Mel and Aunt Judy's for the annual combo Christmas/Grandma Slotemaker birthday. On the upper left that would be my brother-in-law, Jack, next to Jack is his first wife, my sister Jackie, then sister Nancy, then my Favorite Ex-Sister-in Law, Cindy, next to Cindy is her Favorite ex-Husband, Jake, then me, holding my Favorite Nephew Jeremy (FNJ3). On the lower left that would be sister Michele, next to mom and dad with Favorite Nephew Jason (FNJ) standing in front of me. In front of mom and dad that is Favorite Nephew Christopher (FNC) next to Hank Frank's dad, my Favorite Nephew Joey (FNJ2).

Last night an incoming text message arrived from FNJ2, after I was horizontal for the evening. I got back vertical to read "She was a wonderful Grandma. Henry, Monique and I are thinking about you." This morning when I woke up my computer and checked email the first incoming was from Joey's big brother,  FNJ.

Jason's email included two photos, the one you see above, and another below the email message from Jason. I then found a few other photos, from mom and dad's 50th Anniversary, which are also below. First the message from Jason, then the other aforementioned photos...

FUD --

I received a text about an hour ago from my father informing me that grandma passed away.

Dug through some old photos, and thought I'd share them, although I'm pretty sure you have the same copies.

If I had to summarize anything about Grandma, it would be as simple as this:   Your mom loved her family.

From what I heard, she missed your dad a lot!  I'm looking forward to seeing her and Grandpa reunited in Lynden where it all began many years ago.  A small service at Lynden's Monumenta's Cemetery will hopefully take place.

Until then, I hope they are both sitting in their chairs tonight in heaven, side by side, eating lots of sweets and falling asleep while watching TV.   That would make me happy.

Hope all is well, FNJ.

In the above photo we are at the house I grew up in in Burlington, Washington, getting ready to caravan north to Lynden, for the funeral of Grandma Slotemaker, my dad's mom. Everyone who is in the first photo is also in this one, except for sister Michele, who, if I remember right, was heading north from Tacoma, or maybe Seattle, and going directly to Lynden. I do not remember if this was when Michele was in pre-law at UPS in Tacoma, or in law school at the University of Washington in Seattle. As you can see we are a little older in that second photo than the first.

And then we get even older in the following photos, from August 11, 2001. My birthday, one month before the infamous 9/11. I had driven solo from Texas back to Washington to surprise mom and dad at their 50th party at my sister's in Kent. Jason and Joey were the only ones who knew I was heading north. However, complications arose and neither went with me, as planned, to the anniversary party.

Mom and dad's anniversary is on August 6. But, just like it did on their 40th, the following Saturday turned out to be a better, more convenient day to schedule such a thing, hence it being on my birthday. I remember the 40th one took place on Samish Island.

I am not 100% sure, but I am fairly certain that that 50th Anniversary Party was the last time mom and dad had all their children together at the same time at the same location.

Oops, just remembered, July 27, 2002, the biggest family reunion in our family's history, took place in Lynden. We were all there, along with all the nephews. I shall now go see if I can find the photo taken of all of us on that day. Almost forgot to mention, that is grandma Vera, mom's mom, sitting next to mom, above.

Dad and mom opening cards and presents at their 50th party. I do not recollect myself bringing a card or present, other than myself. I do remember a quick makeshift birthday card given to me that day after my unexpected arrival.

Okay, found the photo which I think may document the last time mom and dad had all their children together at one time at one location. The Lynden Fairgrounds on July 27, 2002.

Behind mom and dad, from left to right, that would be Joey, Jason, Jill, Jake, Jackie, Jack, Nancy, me, Christopher, Michele and Jeremy. Of those in the photo, in addition to mom and dad, Jill is also no longer with us, removed from the family via the divorce method.

I remember on this day, at this reunion, my brother-in-law asked me if I could try and convince my sister that all would work out if she agreed to try something new and move to Arizona. I do remember talking to sister Jackie about the moving idea, but I have no memory of what I said. Apparently I did a good job of convincing, because soon thereafter the move to Arizona was made.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Mom & Dad Together Again

I reunited with my phone shortly after 9, Friday evening. I saw there were several text messages.

The first text message told me mom has passed, peacefully, minutes ago. A couple minutes later my brother called. He and my sisters were with mom when she joined dad. Jake, Nancy, Jackie and Michele had spent the day with mom.

Sister Jackie got back from Vegas, in time, whilst my two Washington sisters flew in to Phoenix today.

Which had me the only sibling not in Arizona with mom today.

I do not remember ever typing through tears before.

Shirley Louise Wilder Slotemaker
January 30, 1933 - September 20, 2019

Since I moved to Texas I have gone through various stages of calling mom and dad.

It used to be when I got gas I would call with the gas price and the temperature. Usually mom answered. If dad answered we'd talk for a minute, or so, before dad would say your mom wants to talk to you.

In the two plus years since dad has been gone if I was going to Walmart, or ALDI or the library, or driving to DFW,  or somewhere else I would call mom and ask if she'd like to ride with me to Walmart, or ALDI, or wherever.

The past month or so it has seemed like something is missing because I will have the impulse to call, and then remember mom no longer answers a phone. So, I would call sister Jackie and ask if she wants to ride to Walmart or the library or wherever with me.

Mom being gone is gonna take some getting used to. I will never get to drive Miss Daisy again. I'm so glad way back in February of 2018 I talked mom into getting a transport chair. That made the trips to Arizona way more adventurous.

One such adventure came to mind this evening whilst talking about mom. Last October, hard to believe that is almost a year ago, Big Ed and I took Miss Daisy to Piestewa Peak and rolled her on a long desert mountain trail. Mom had fun that day, memorably telling us she never thought she would ever get to do anything like that again.

When I was in Arizona in March, with the temperature comfortable, I rolled mom around Sun Lakes. Mom had been obsessing about wanting to talk to Bill, the neighbor across the street. So, I saw Bill had just gotten home, his garage door was open. I rolled mom over there, rang the doorbell. No response. Saw another button at the end of the garage, by the garage's door into the house, which I assumed was a doorbell. So, I rolled mom to that button, pushed it, and the garage door came down.

Mom did not get too panicky, what with her macular degeneration she didn't realize how dark it was, and that I had trouble seeing. But, I got the garage door back open and we escaped, without seeing Bill.

Suddenly the sky is crying. First rain in a long time, with thunder rolling...

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Panther Island Runs Out of Money With No Construction Completed

Of late the Fort Worth Star-Telegram articles about America's Dumbest Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, have been skewing to being more like actual news articles than blatant propaganda.

The latest example of this is an article titled Panther Island at risk of running out of money; project faces delay.

Now, this article is still a typical Star-Telegram article, in that it is not any sort of a piece of investigative journalism, seeking facts and truth, and is still pretty much a propaganda piece. But, still, these type articles are closer than the Star-Telegram has come in years previous to reporting in an honest way that which has become one GIANT mess of a Boondoggle.

This latest Star-Telegram article about the Boondoggle, at last look, has generated only one comment. It is an on point comment...

Pat Richardson: I am less than impressed with the most excuse ridden public works project to which I have ever been directly exposed. The partisan attitudes and influences on the multiple problems are obvious even though the local elected officials involved are "non-partisan." Any federal monies are subject to the whims of an incompetent POTUS who uses emergency powers to pay for his arrogance. The Republicans got who they voted for; the Democrats are stuck with them; those who could have but did not vote deserve this mess.

The Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy posted the Panther Island at risk of running out of money; project faces delay on Facebook, where multiple comments worth repeating were posted...

 Judy Alter: It's a no-win situation. Can't be finished, can't be abandoned because it's a huge scar on he city. Thanks to the Granger family for all they do for Fort Worth--not!

Pam Mosher Sorrells: Boondoggle...waste of time and money

Cathy Smith: The city needs to throw in the towel. The Honorable Kay Granger needs to stop using federal funds/projects for the gainful employment if her son. Isn't that a conflict if interest. The city of fort worth should shop out the entire project for private development. It will still cost the taxpayers billions and they will never reap the economic "rewards".

Tricia Fennell Gilbertson: Granger and Price are not good for Fort Worth. That money could have done so much more. Now it will be an abandoned project.

Marcelle LeBlanc: Tricia Fennell Gilbertson the mayor has nothing to do with that mess. It’s all the Grangers.


And then last night an incoming email pointed me to another article in another publication about America's Dumbest Boondoggle. The article is titled  Panther Island Review: No Construction Completed

Read the entire article, but before you do that, here are a couple good paragraphs worth repeating...

The review also says the project is not expected to be completed until 2028, a full 25 years after its inception. For comparison, it took the Walt Disney Corporation six years to build and open Walt Disney World, from 1965-1971.

The TRVA has yet to undergo either a financial or forensic audit of where $383 million in taxpayer funds has been spent. Texas Scorecard will continue to report on details of the programmatic review and how the Panther Island redevelopment boondoggle is affecting taxpayers.

I am really enjoying how it now seems to be the norm to refer to the Trinity River Vision as a Boondoggle. I recollect a decade or so ago seeing myself chastised for suggesting such. I think this chastising took place in a Fort Worth online forum of some sort, a forum dedicated to something oxymoronish, something like Fort Worth Scenic Wonders, or Fort Worth Architecture.

Continuing on, in the comments above we see the Grangers being the ones being chastised as being the culprits responsible, in large part, for Fort Worth being the host of America's Dumbest Boondoggle.

There are a lot of people who think the path to Fort Worth's salvation lies in booting Kay Granger from Congress, and firing her son from the job he has had for way too long with the Trinity River Vision Authority.

I have been getting emails regarding the Boot Kay Granger from Congress Project, and blogged about this a few days ago in Republican Hopes To Boot Kay Granger In 2020 Primary.

That blogging generated the following Anonymous comment about Booting Granger from Congress...

Anonymous said...There is zero chance a Democrat can win in CD12. It’s all of Parker County and a bunch of Wise in addition to downtown and western Fort Worth. The funny thing is Granger basically legislates like a Democrat these days anyway but her constituents have no idea how she votes because she flies so low under the radar.


I suppose the voters of Parker County, and Wise County, are not much annoyed by the mess the Trinity River Vision debacle has made in Fort Worth. And so they are not disgusted by Kay Granger's grifting role in the debacle, or her son's corrupt nepotistic hiring for a job for which he had zero qualifications, and which he has thoroughly botched, for which he is being paid over $200K a year, plus perks and benefits.

Eternal optimist that I be, I am hoping the incoming Blue Wave of 2020 is of Tsunami Proportions, washing the likes of Kay Granger and her cohorts from American politics, in one big flush...

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Dallas Bon Appetit 2019 Restaurant City Of The Year

A day or two ago, via the CBS Morning News, or maybe it was the NBC Today Show, I saw the news that Bon Appetit magazine, in its annual Top Ten America's Best New Restaurants 2019 issue had a Dallas restaurant as its #2 pick.

I was mentioning this to someone, who, like me, is a fan of Dallas, it being the town which is the bigger, more attractive, more dynamic, more sophisticated, more modern sibling in the Dallas/Fort Worth family.

It did not take long in Texas to make note of the fact that Fort Worth has a bit of an inferiority complex regarding its more successful, world known, sibling, with that civic inferiority complex often reflected in Fort Worth's rather bad excuse for a town's newspaper of record, the Star-Telegram.

Hence that fellow fan of Dallas, wondered, when I made mention of this Bon Appetit accolade, if this latest good news about Dallas made Fort Worth Green With Envy.

Making that Green With Envy remark was a reference to something I soon noted upon arrival in Texas, and eventually made into a Green With Envy webpage, due to myself being appalled and amused by the number of times I would read an article in the Star-Telegram about some perfectly ordinary thing, with the Star-Telegram claiming this perfectly ordinary thing would made towns far and wide Green With Envy, or give Fort Worth Bragging Rights, or other similar nonsense.

I remember years ago a lifelong Fort Worth native explaining to me about the Fort Worth jealous relationship with Dallas, and it being a long one-sided rivalry, where Fort Worth civic leaders, like Amon Carter, fanned the flames of what basically is an imaginary rivalry, in the sense that it is one-sided.

Dallas, as reflected in that town's media, and when talking to the town's people, has never thought itself to be in any sort of rivalry with Fort Worth.

In metaphoric terms, it's like how Brad Pitt has never felt any sort of rivalry with his younger brother, Peach Pitt, whilst Peach Pitt has always seethed with jealousy that big brother Brad got the good looks, talent, wealth, women and world wide fame.

And can get any corporation in the world to take an interest in him, whilst no corporation will pay any attention to poor Peach Pitt. And whilst Brad offers to help his unfortunate brother, Peach Pitt instead opts to try and support himself with federal welfare, while indulging in bizarre schemes, like trying to build bridges over dry land to connect to an imaginary island. The Pitt family worries it may have to commit Peach Pitt to an insane asylum.

Back to the Bon Appetit Top Ten America's Best New Restaurants 2019 article.

In addition to Dallas having a restaurant in the Top Ten, Bon Appetit tossed another accolade at Dallas which likely will make Fort Worth even Greener with Envy. The Top Ten Best New Restaurants Bon Appetit issue also details that Dallas, Texas, Is the 2019 Restaurant City of the Year.

A couple paragraphs about Dallas in that Restaurant City of the Year article which should also fuel even more Green with Envy in those Fort Worthians prone to this sad ridiculous syndrome...

There are two things in this package that are going to upset a lot of people in Texas. One: naming Dallas our restaurant city of the year, which I have a feeling a lot of people in Houston and Austin are, uh, not gonna like. Two: what I’m about to say about a breakfast-taco joint…that’s also a barbecue joint…that’s in the most un-Texas location imaginable—Portland, Oregon. Please don’t hate me.

“We’ve always been looking over our shoulders at Houston,” says the first guy I meet in Dallas, his tone dramatic. “But not anymore!” And it’s true. Though Dallas and its food scene have long been overlooked in favor of other Texas towns, today, the city's in the midst of a renaissance, with excellent new restaurants and bars opening so fast and so furious that it's hard to keep up. (Seriously—I was last there in mid-June and already feel like I'm behind.)


Oh my, no mention of Dallas looking over its shoulders to the west, at Fort Worth. No mention of Fort Worth at all.

Imagine if it had been Fort Worth Bon Appetit had named as the Restaurant City of the Year? The Star-Telegram would likely feel the need to resurrect its long dormant Green With Envy verbiage. At least I think it has been long dormant. It's been many years since I've seen an instance, while that Green With Envy embarrassment was chronic when I was first exposed to the Star-Telegram.

There was a slight flareup of Green With Envy type verbiage in the Star-Telegram last month when the Star-Telegram claimed "The Eyes Of The World Are On Fort Worth" due to ESPN broadcasting in downtown Fort Worth something to do with the start of college football. A big deal was made of this in Fort Worth, like it was some sort of noteworthy event.

I recollect wondering why no one seemed to wonder why it might be ESPN might opt to broadcast from downtown Fort Worth, when there are more, uh, logical venues in Arlington, near the stadium where the football game took place. I opined that likely the Fort Worth staple of offering incentives and bribes were involved. With neither Arlington or Dallas much caring where ESPN did its broadcast from. Sorta like how Dallas did not seem to care where the new Dallas Cowboy stadium was built, so it ended up in the same county Fort Worth is in, instead of in Dallas County, with the citizens of Arlington and Tarrant County paying for much of the stadium.

Yes, that Dallas is one city of slickers, always seeming to come out on top, in one way after another, over its city siblings in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex...

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

EXHIBIT A TRVA Board Financial Report Fraud Trial

I saw that which you see above, on Facebook, along with text below commenting on what you see above, with what you see above being EXHIBIT A: TRVA Board Financial Report.


An exhibit in a criminal fraud type trial? Well, it's about time. Who brought this to trial? The victims of eminent domain abuse who had their property stolen for this Boondoggle which by now obviously has had nothing to do with property being taken for the public good? Because clearly there was no eminent need to take property, what with little having come to fruition with this imaginary flood control scheme where there has been no flooding for well over half a century.

And now that aforementioned comment about that EXHIBIT A you see above...

More than $380 million in taxpayer money has been spent on Kay Granger’s Fort Worth development boondoggle.

According to the agency responsible for the project (TRVA), which is run by Granger's son J.D., only 1 aspect of the project is 100% complete; the design.

After 15 years, and $380 million, the only thing they've completed is the design? Are you serious?

The water district (TRWD) apparently loaned $200 million to the TRVA--and got voters to approve another $250 million in bond debt last year--to keep it going while Granger works to get $600 million more in federal pork.

The price tag started out at $435 million in 2006, and has since ballooned to $1.16 BILLION.

Does anyone believe this will be completed in 2028, or that the cost will not increase...again?

My guess is the price tag will be $2 billion when the dust settles in 10 years.

Ross Kecseg

I dunno who Ross Kecseg is, but the name sounds familiar. Mr. Kecseg certainly seems to have a firm grasp of the absurdity of what has become America's Dumbest Boondoggle, soon to enter its third decade.

That TRVA Financial Report does not answer questions I have asked many times. Questions like how much did the TRVA spend on its first failure, the harbinger of the Boondoggle to come, that being the Cowtown Wakepark.

How much has the TRVA spent on all its various propaganda websites?

How much has the TRVA spent on all its ridiculous propaganda signage?

How much has the TRVA spent on its year after year of absurd quarterly propaganda mailers?

How much has the TRVA spent on all its various junkets, including even relatively cheap junkets, such as the imaginary fact finding junket taken by J.D. and his now wife which required an overnight stay in a Dallas hotel, billed as an expense to the TRVA.

How much has the TRVA spent on things like its imaginary music venue with its imaginary pavilion, where the TRVA holds events, such as inner tube floats? How much have those events cost? Where is any of this accounted for in this TRVA Board Financial Report?

How much did the TRVA spend on J.D. Granger's beer hall, named the Shack, which is part of that sprawling imaginary Panther Island music venue?

Are all those expenses somehow accounted for somewhere in the items listed in EXHIBIT A? I can think of a few dozen inquiring minds who would like answers...

Monday, September 16, 2019

Day Late Happy Birthday To Jason, Joey, Christopher, Jeremy, Spencer Jack, David, Theo, Ruby and Hank Frank's Eldest Aunt

Yesterday Spencer Jack's dad text messaged me reminding me not to miss the Happy Birthday Party of Jason, Joey, Christopher, Jeremy, Spencer Jack, David, Theo, Ruby and Hank Frank's eldest aunt.

As so often happens my invitation to the birthday party must have gotten lost in the mail.

So, I text messaged d with my regrets that it was unlikely I would make it to the birthday party in a timely fashion, so Happy Birthday, in case I do not make it there in time.

Jason, Joey, Christopher, Jeremy, Spencer Jack, David, Theo, Ruby and Hank Frank's eldest aunt then texted back, thanking me for the Happy Birthday wishes, along with regrets that I might not be able to attend the Happy Birthday Party Gala.

That and the photo you see above, which Jason, Joey, Christopher, Jeremy, Spencer Jack, David, Theo, Ruby and Hank Frank's eldest aunt described as "The view from our latest Hood Canal property acquisition". That may not be the precise quote, I am typing from memory here.

That is one lush looking garden. I am not able to discern what type vegetables are growing in that lush garden.

The location of that garden, on the west side of Hood Canal, on the Olympic Peninsula, is not in what is known as the rain shadow of the Olympics. The area of the rain shadow gets a desert level of precipitation. Much of the part of the Olympic Peninsula which is not in the rain shadow gets copious amounts of rain, creating, in some places, a phenomenon known as a Rain Forest.

I do not believe this latest Hood Canal property acquisition of Jason, Joey, Christopher, Jeremy, Spencer Jack, David, Theo, Ruby and Hank Frank's eldest aunt is in the area of the peninsula which gets Rain Forest levels of rain, but, still, likely gets a lot of rain.

I wonder if there are blackberries growing wild at this location? I do miss blackberries...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Son Of A Grifter Durango Award Winner For Outrageous Corruption

Til yesterday I had no idea there was a Durango Award for anything, let alone a Durango Award for Outrageous Corruption.

And yet, there it is, on the cover of a book titled "SON OF A GRIFTER".

Subtitled "The Twisted Tale of Way Stranger and Sonny Boy, the Most Notorious Con Artists in America".

Most notorious con artists in America? Even more notorious than the notorious Trumps?

I shall see if I can copy the blurb from the jacket of this book to give us some idea of what this book is all about...

While this may read like a true tale, any resemblance to actual characters, living or dead, is simply a coincidence.

In Son of a Grifter we meet young Way Lost, a poor Texas girl, struggling to survive on her grandma's pig farm. Eventually Way meets Jimmy Ray Stranger. Soon they marry and soon after that Sonny Boy is born, named Jimmy Ray Stranger II, known as JR Stranger.

Way is not happy married to Jimmy Ray, soon finding comfort in the arms of another stranger. Soon after that Way finds she is again in the family way, with triplets, and Jimmy Ray is not the baby daddy.

Jimmy Ray leaves Way, who finds herself alone with JR and the triplets. Barely making enough money to survive at her job teaching tap dancing Way decides to start selling Pre-Paid Legal, trekking from one potential sale to another, with Sonny Boy and the triplets in tow.

Way Stranger was determined to find a better life for her and Sonny Boy, and maybe the triplets, no matter what she had to do. Eventually Way sells her soul to the devil and becomes a Texas politician, having realized this was the route to securing her family's future.

Way's plan was that she'd get Sonny Boy a good job, sell political favors, buy property, no matter what she had to do, Way would do it, and did, until all her shenanigans caught up to her and Way Stranger and Sonny Boy JR became known as the most notorious con artists in America... 


The above is as far as the book's jacket description of the tale told in this book goes. No clue what happens when the law catches up with Way Stranger and Sonny Boy's shenanigans. Or what the two did to earn that most notorious con artists in America title.

I do know I am not gonna buy this book, what with its $29.99 price tag. For all I know this book is yet one more Way Stranger Sonny Boy con job. I'll wait til the book is available to be checked out from my favorite public library...

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Republican Hopes To Boot Kay Granger In 2020 Primary

Friday morning an incoming text message from someone insisting she be Anonymous, cryptically forwarded the following question...

Can you clue in Durango that a legit Granger challenger who has been critical of her and JD's role in the TRVA Boondoggle is announcing soon?

In followup text messages I tried to understand why someone thought I needed to be clued in about this, what with there being no actual factual details helping me understand.

Via followup text messages I basically remained clueless, other than being told it is someone challenging the Granger Grifter Gang in the primary, as in a Republican challenger.

And then later in the day I was told "Apparently is it out now, so you can blog that Granger has a challenger."

I still do not quite understand what or why or who. What is out now? Why does whatever is out now mean I can now blog Granger has a challenger? And who is this challenger?

And while I think it would greatly benefit Fort Worth and the surrounding area to retire Kay Granger, and her son, I would rather see a Democrat replace her in the general election, than see her get an early boot in the primary.

How is some local Republican gonna manage to thwart Fort Worth's Good ol' Boy and Girl Network and boot one of their own?

My guess is the only real hope of getting rid of Kay Granger and her son, and putting an end to the Granger Gang's continuing damage to Fort Worth, is for the expected 2020 Blue Wave to be a historically HUGE Tsunami level Blue Wave...

Wally The Duck's Wichita Falls South Weeks Park Pond Return

A couple days ago, heading east on Southwest Parkway, en route to Walmart, I was pleased to see Wally the Giant Duck has returned to the fish pond in South Weeks Park.

Driving by it appeared Wally looked to be shining brighter than he shined previously.

Around the most recent 4th of July Wally put in a brief appearance on Lake Wichita, about a mile from where he is currently floating.

During that Lake Wichita appearance Wally was visited by the Guinness people who judge big things, to determine if Wally the Duck needed to be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as being the World's Biggest Wooden Duck.

Unfortunately it was determined Wally was not big enough, so Wichita Falls still has only one world class record, that being the town with the world's littlest skyscraper.

This Saturday morning's Wichita Falls Times News Record, in its online version, has an article about Wally the Duck's reappearance, with the article imaginatively titled Fowl-weather friend: Wally the Wood Duck returns to pond for one year.

Wally had been blown out of the water by a storm, months ago. Well, actually not blown out of the water, but blown loose from its anchorage, with the wind crashing Wally against the cement shore, doing serious damage.

Wally's creator, Ralph Stearns, took the duck home for repairs, which included refurbishing Wally's outer coating, hence his new shiny appearance.

Wally has now gained some weight, which should make him more impervious to wind, that and his anchorage has been doubled.

Wally the Duck and his creator are hoping to be reimbursed for the cost of his creation and restoration. Currently those who managed the purse of the City of Wichita Falls do not think they have sufficient funds to help pay for Wally the Duck. I believe the dollar figure mentioned is $10,000.

Stearns spent around $8,000 of his own funds for the material which made Wally, and spent four months working on the duck.

I can think of another small town in Texas which spent money on what few think is a work of art. Around a million bucks wasted on what looks like a giant aluminum trash can to some, a cheese grater to others, and a coronary artery stint to still others. And that giant aluminum million dollar trash can does not sit in a scenic pond, it sits in the middle of an unfinished, unlandscaped, littered, weed infested eyesore of a roundabout.

Methinks somehow a few thousand bucks can be found to pay for Wally the Duck. He is quite the attraction, judging by the increase in number of people I see stopping at the fish pond at South Weeks Park...

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Will Fort Worth National Recreational River Ever Gain A Real Island?

I saw that which you above this morning on Facebook, in an article titled Missouri National Recreational River Gains An Island.
The first paragraph of the article...

Not every unit of the National Park System can brag about adding an island to its landscape, but Missouri National Recreational River can. And it's no small island, either; Goat Island runs about 800 acres.

Can anyone guess what struck my imagination about this article about an actual island in an actual scenic river, with that river running about 800 acres in size?

800 acres?

That is the acre number usually cited for the size of Fort Worth's imaginary island, not called Goat Island, but named after a different four legged critter.

Panther Island, where there is no island, will never be what anyone sane would call an island, and which is currently an industrial wasteland in the process of being connected by three simple little bridges being built in ultra slow motion over dry land, to the Fort Worth mainland.

I saw this photo of Goat Island, located in a channel of the Missouri River near Vermillion, South Dakota and wondered to myself if part of the ongoing Fort Worth delusion nonsense might be explained by something as simple as the possible fact that those in Fort Worth responsible for mis-leading the town in what is known as the Fort Worth Way, actually have never seen a real island, thus not realizing a cement lined ditch does not an island make.

The same people who thought it made sense to label its downtown "Sundance Square" where, for decades, there was no "square", confusing downtown Fort Worth's few tourists looking for a non-existent square. Maybe those who thought it okay to refer to their downtown as Sundance Square had not been to towns with actual town squares, hence not realizing how stupid it was to do anything such labeling where no square existed.

Eventually some semblance of common sense came to downtown Fort Worth, and the parking lots some long thought were Sundance Square were turned in an actual small square called Sundance Square Plaza.

And then there is that other example which long had those who knew better wondering if those who touted it as doing so, as in "Trinity River Vision To Turn Fort Worth Into Vancouver Of The South" had not actually been to Vancouver, thus not realizing how ridiculously stupid it was to think anything could possibly turn anything in Fort Worth into anything resembling anything in Vancouver.

So, maybe the solution to putting an end to Fort Worth embarrassing itself, over and over again, is to put an end to the town being run by that good ol' boy and girl network which has run Fort Worth in what is known as the Fort Worth Way, for decades, cuz, it really is not working.

For instance how it that plan to supposedly lure multiple corporations to Fort Worth going? Any success yet? Anyone bite on any of the concessions and tax breaks?

I wonder if the solution might be figuring out how it is some towns lure corporations to move to their towns, without offering bribes?

Something to ponder...

Arizona Visiting Miss Daisy's Stormy New Chandler Location

Visiting my mom's new home location for the first time.

Miss Daisy has moved a few miles to the northeast of Sun Lakes, to a new location in Chandler.

Chandler is also the town where Jason, Joey, David, Theo & Ruby's Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jack live, along with their cousin, Jeremy.

Miss Daisy's youngest has twice visited mom's new location since the move a couple weeks ago.

In this photo taken last weekend I can not tell who is looking happier, mom or Miss Daisy's youngest, David, Theo and Ruby's, Mama Michele...

Near as I can currently tell, the next time I will be in Arizona will be, maybe, during the Thanksgiving time frame, two months from now.

Possibly David, Theo, Ruby, Spencer Jack and Hank Frank will be in the Valley of the Sun during the same time frame...

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Favorite David Nephew's Happy 9/11 Birthday #11

Today is my one and only Favorite David Nephew's 11th birthday.

Of course I had hoped to attend this year's  Happy Birthday David Festivities in Tacoma.

But, for multiple reasons, not the least of which is my invitation must have been lost in the mail, I do not get to do the Happy Birthday David thing in person this year.

But, there is always next year, and eternal optimist that I am, I am almost 100% next year on 9/11 I will be in Tacoma.

And if not on 9/11/20, then 9/11/21, for sure, because I would not want to miss David's Bar Mitzvah.

For Happy Birthday purposes I searched for photos of my one and only redheaded relative.

The first one you see here is from August of 2017, at Birch Bay, way up north, near the Canadian border. David is so young in this picture, only 9 years old.

The next photo is from earlier this year, a Friday in the March version of 2019.


On the above occasion David was leading his twin siblings, Theo and Ruby, on a horse expedition in the Arizona desert, whilst his grandparental and parental units, and others, such as me, watched.

A couple days after David rode off into the desert he was at Aunt Jackie's where he directed his siblings, and others, into the cool pool, at the instigation of Uncle Jake.

Eventually David convinced his Favorite Uncle to get in the pool with him to do some water gymnastics.

And then it was off to In 'n Out, or some such place, for David and his Favorite Uncle's favorite libation.

Blackberry milkshakes. 


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Anonymous Wondering About Fort Worth Boondoggle Spending Million Bucks On Trash Can Homage

Yesterday's blog post about the Star-Telegram Being So Done With Foot-Dragging Games On Panther Island generated an apropos email on the subject from someone we will call Anonymous, even though we know the email address of Anonymous, with that email address providing a good clue as to who Anonymous is.

The Anonymous email...

We all thought what you had to say about the Panther Island project having trouble getting federal funding was right on the mark. Particularly on the mark was your saying "Yes, it does not take much common sense to see that it probably does not look good to those handling the federal purse strings that at the same time a town is begging for federal funds the town is holding Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tubes Floats, and starting up a bizarre river boat cruise line to sail the polluted river. Among additional nonsense. Done any wakeboarding at Cowtown Wakepark lately?"

Sometimes it seems your blog is the only honest reporting about the Panther Island project and all its problems. In the past you've asked how much money was spent on that Wakepark failure. Spending money on that type thing can not possibly look good to those in Washington who are responsible for doling out federal funds. 

Another thing you could have mentioned which seems wasteful for a project asking for outside help is the million dollars spent on what some say looks like a giant cheese grater, and you have referred to as an homage to an aluminum trash can. Why would a million dollars be spent on such a thing for a project not adequately funded?

That is a photo of the aforementioned giant cheese grater which looks like an homage to an aluminum trash can you see above. That photo was taken earlier this year, or maybe it was last year. I can not help but wonder if the tacky roundabout surrounding the homage to an aluminum trash can is still a litter, weed covered, un-landscaped mess.

Another element we neglected to remember to mention is all the money which has been wasted due to the paying of exorbitant salaries to the likes of someone like J.D. Granger and his latest wife, over a period way longer than which they would be paid if the project were completed in a normal timely fashion, such as what would happen in modern, non-corrupt, non-nepotism allowing towns in America...

Monday, September 9, 2019

Star-Telegram So Done With Foot-Dragging Games On Panther Island

Monday of the second week of the 2019 version of September starts off with an, uh, interesting editorial in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, titled...

We’re so done with the bickering, foot-dragging and blame games on Panther Island

Okay, so after limping along for most of this century the Star-Telegram is now done with the slow motion Trinity River Vision which has become America's Dumbest Boondoggle.

Read the editorial in its entirety, via clicking the link, above, to get the entire Star-Telegram foot-dragging about foot-dragging.

We'll look at some choice bits gleaned from this editorial---

The first paragraph...

All summer, flaws in the Panther Island project have been exposed — muddled missions, a confusing structure and flawed communications.

Uh, it has been way way way longer than just this summer that flaws in America's Dumbest Boondoggle have been being exposed. Let's just take a look at this look at the flaws, posted way back in October of 2018, America's Biggest Boondoggle Unravels As Trinity River Vision Scandals Grow.

And then this from today's editorial...

But the real problem is that no one has any answers about why the project can’t win federal funding or what to do about it.

Win federal funding? As if getting money from the more prosperous parts of America is some sort of game show prize.

No one has answers as to why America's Dumbest Boondoggle does not qualify for federal funding?

Did we not learn that one of the problems is that there has never been the required by the federal government "cost-benefit analysis"? And that it was finagling by J.D Granger and his mother to attempt to get by without the needed cost-benefit analysis which resulted in its non-existence? Apparently the finagling was done because J.D.'s mother knew the ill-conceived, ineptly implemented pseudo public works project could not survive a legitimate analysis of its imaginary flood control aspect. Let alone the crony-inspired economic development aspect of the Trinity River Vision scheme.

You can read for yourself the Army Corps of Engineer's actual flood control recommendations in their un-corrupted form via the Army Corps of Engineers recommendations in Army Corps Of Engineer's Document Contradicts Controversial Riveron Review.

And then there is this gem from today's Star-Telegram editorial...

We’re 18 years into study and work on this problem, and taxpayers are no safer from a catastrophic flood. But hey, we can marvel at half-built bridges over dry land.

Taxpayers are no safer from a catastrophic flood? There has been no flooding in the zone in question for well over a half a century due to levees built way back then which have done their intended job ever since. Meanwhile, there are actual areas of Fort Worth, and Tarrant County, which do have actual, not imaginary, flood control issues, which are not being mitigated, not being fixed.

And then this follow up gem...

Jim Oliver, the water district’s general manager, insisted that these kinds of multi-year projects have ups and downs. And he noted that the board had already agreed to the tax extension.

Really? Can Jim Oliver give us some examples of other such projects which have had similar ups and downs. We'll wait, take your time.

How does this guy keep this job which pays him over $300K a year, plus perks and benefits? I've been told he has a Napoleon Complex, exhibiting classic Little Man Syndrome. I have never understood why the way he bullied TRWD board member, Mary Kelleher, was not enough to get him fired. Maybe if Fort Worth had an actual newspaper of record, reporting on the bully abuse, Oliver would have been long ago terminated, and possibly a qualified replacement found who actually knows how to get a project completed.

The final two paragraphs from today's editorial followed by one final comment...

One of them will be proved right. And the reality is, none of this would be necessary if any federal funding could be pried loose to keep the project moving.

That could be key to the funding question. The federal government is interested primarily in flood control, and the “optics issue” of the board’s involvement in planning festivals and condo construction may have given reluctant bureaucrats a reason to overlook the project.

Yes, it does not take much common sense to see that it probably does not look good to those handling the federal purse strings that at the same time a town is begging for federal funds the town is holding Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats, and starting up a bizarre river boat cruise line to sail the polluted river. Among additional nonsense. Done any wakeboarding at Cowtown Wakepark lately?

And another thing that common sense clearly indicates is the fact that if this were an actual, legitimate, dire needed flood control project, needed to protect the people from a catastrophic flood, then why does the town not pay for it itself, like town's wearing their big city pants do? Relative to what other towns spend on legit public works projects a billion bucks is not all that much, you know, particularly if spending that money is protecting your people from an imaginary catastrophic flood.

If this were a legitimate flood control project, along with a sensible economic development scheme, the project should be able to be sold to the public, who would then vote to approve a bond issue raising the funds to pay for the project. Going begging the more prosperous parts of America to pay for such is just embarrassing.

Again, if this were a legit, actually needed flood control project, a billion bucks is not that HUGE a price tag, all things considered. I know of other towns in America where the voters repeatedly approve projects costing way more than one billion bucks. I think the most recent transit bond passed in Los Angeles was for something like $94 billion. The Seattle zone's most recent transit bond was for over $50 billion. Other towns in America support similar public works projects, with the locals being the primary funding source, without relying on federal welfare.

And those more prosperous towns in America get things done. During the same time frame Fort Worth has been limping along with its blind Trinity River Vision Boondoggle, Los Angeles has built multiple miles of rail transit, built a new $4 billion football stadium, is getting ready to host another Olympics. In the current decade Seattle has also built miles of rail transit, along with a $4 billion transit tunnel under downtown, which also removed the Alaskan Way Viaduct and is rebuilding the Seattle Waterfront, and a new $4 billion floating bridge across Lake Washington.

Meanwhile, during that same time frame Fort Worth has managed to be unable to build three simple little bridges over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to a ridiculous imaginary island.

And now, after foot dragging for most of this century, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is sort of "so done" with Panther Island...