Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hiking The Tandy Hills Seeing Volcano Visions While Thinking About Trinity River Inner Tubing With Elsie Hotpepper & GG

I decided to make a rare visit to the Tandy Hills Natural Sanatorium Area today, around noon, for my daily salubrious aerobic activity.

It was HOT on the hills. HOTTER than yesterday. I was soon a HOT sweaty mess.

And loving it.

Like I was in an Indian Sweat Lodge without walls.

Soon I was having "visions" just like my Native American forebears used to have.

Climbing up the trail that leads to Lost Sunglasses Ridge I had a vision of a snow covered mountain peaking over the crest of the ridge. I felt like I was back in the Pacific Northwest, hiking a trail on the western slopes of the Cascades, seeing a volcano in the distance.

But, when I reached the top of Lost Sunglasses Ridge the vision of a volcano in Texas turned into yet one more cloud.

Elsie Hotpepper has been sending me mixed messages today. By this afternoon I am not sure if she really wants to go inner tubing in the Trinity River on the 4th of July. Regarding that issue, I did get a message from Miss GG in which she clearly indicated, in her words, she won't be "swimming with big rats" on the 4th of July.

I do not understand why so many Texans are so hypersensitive about the water they are willing to get wet in.

Very perplexing.

Fort Worth's 4th Of July With Trinity River Floating While North Richland Hills Has No River Floating Or Alcohol

I just got an email from Elsie Hotpepper asking me if I wanted to go floating in the Trinity River with her on Monday at Fort Worth's 4th of July celebration behind La Grave Field in what some now call Trinity Uptown.

The ad for Fort Worth's 4th says, "Float the Fourth Water Activities. Be cool and have a fun, splashing good time in the river."

If this floating is taking place by La Grave Field will this be a case of floating where no man has dared float before? Is the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle supplying Inner Tubes for this float like they do for the Inner Tube Happy Hour Floats that occur on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the summer months?

Chesapeake Energy is presenting Fort Worth's 4th of July, according to the ad. What would Fort Worth do without Chesapeake Energy?

I mistakenly did not include the NRH 4th of July among my list of D/FW 4th of July celebrations.

Chesapeake Energy, among other Barnett Shale Natural Gas Drillers is helping sponsor North Richland Hills 4th of July celebration, as you can see in the ad below.

North Richland Hills' "The Family 4th Fireworks Show" is not the type event of which the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's J.D. Granger would approve, because, according to the ad, "This is a litter-free, alcohol-free family celebration."

In addition to the NRH 4th of July ban on litter and booze, no personal fireworks or outdoor grilling will be allowed. But, there will be patriotic music playing, in sync, with the fireworks.

It seems odd to me, since the 4th of July is basically a celebration of freedom, that some of the celebrations tell you you are not free to grill a hot dog. Or drink a bottle of beer. Or set off a firecracker.

Of these two 4th of July celebrations, J.D. Granger's party on the Trinity River would appear to appeal to me more than the NRH celebration. 

But, I don't think I could possibly drink enough beer to cause my common sense to go haywire enough that I'd end up on the 4th floating in the Trinity River. No matter how strong a case Elsie Hotpepper makes to do so.

Ex Congressman Weiner Approves Message About When Your Weiner Needs To Be Tweeted

After Osama bin Laden was killed I was a bit appalled to see an ad in the Fort Worth Weekly in which the ad depicted the corpse of bin Laden being buried at sea, with an aircraft carrier in the background.

This in an ad to sell condoms.

Somehow this seemed a bit tasteless to me.

And now, this morning, again in Fort Worth Weekly, I saw another condom ad, this one using scandalized former Congressman Anthony Weiner as ad fodder, with the clever ad line of "When your WEINER needs to be TWEETED...YOU BETTER SHOP CONDOM SENSE."

The ad also says, "I'm Ex Congressman Weiner, and I Approve this Message."

Does Condom Sense and FW Weekly run their ads by a lawyer to make sure they aren't setting themselves up for some legal woes? I somehow think no lawyer is consulted before the ad is run.

The Morning Of The Last Day Of June In Texas Is Chilled To 76 Degrees

You can not tell it by looking through the bars of my patio prison cell, at the blue oasis below, that the last day of June has dawned chillier than yesterday's dawn, with this morning chilled to a pleasant 76 degrees.

So, I temporarily have my windows open, with slightly cool, highly humid air circulating into my interior space.

June zipped by, seemingly even faster than the regular monthly slipping. The month started with me wondering if I would be heading north for a reunion. The month ended with me glad I did not do that.

This morning I am once more realizing I would not long survive being a customer service type person. It is so frustrating trying to nicely help someone when the someone does not have the slightest clue and continually wastes time with nonsensical stuff and does not do what you've clearly explained.

Okay, the above paragraph was totally cryptic. If it weren't cryptic it would expose the culprit.

Back to the less controversial weather/temperature topic. No thunderstorm materialized yesterday, despite the prediction of the possibility. Today we are scheduled to get to a real temperature of 102 with the humidity making it feel like it is 108. No thunderstorm in the forecast. So, we will likely get one.

Before it gets any hotter I think I'll go swimming in that blue oasis you see above.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tripping Over Mount Tandy Seismic Testing Cable Whle Finding Fireworks On The Tandy Highway & Scoping Out A Location To Watch The Fort Worth Fireworks

Swimming this morning was the best in a long time. The air temperature and water temperature seemed a perfect match.

When the time came for my noontime salubrious aerobic stimulation I decided to do something different and drive to the top of Mount Tandy to do me some hiking in the Tandy Hills Natural Area Sanatorium.

The hills were exceptionally natural today.

Earlier today I blogged about the 4th of July and the various venues where one can view fireworks and get some 4th of July action in the D/FW Metroplex zone.

Stenotrophomonas then made an informative comment to that particular blogging, commenting...

"A popular place to watch the downtown fireworks is the slope of Mt Tandy, near the lower traffic barrier. I wonder if Dawson will clean up their trash this week If not, will it be trampled by the crowds, or trip them up in the dark. Or maybe someone will steal the cables and equipment, just like the person last year in need of golf balls."

The cables to which Mr. Stenotrophomonas refers are the seismic testing cables strewn along the trail that leads from the top of Mount Tandy. If you look close you can see the yellow cable posing the tripping threat in the picture above.

Anyone injured by tripping over a seismic testing cable left carelessly on the ground, please remember that that Barnett Shale Natural Gas Drillers have deep pockets. Lawyers love targets with deep pockets.

Below is the Fort Worth Fireworks viewing zone to which Stenotrophomonas refers. You can see the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth in the distance.

I can see why viewing the Fort Worth Fireworks from this location might be fun. I may do just that in a few days.

Speaking of fireworks, check out the photo below.

In the aforementioned blogging about the 4th of July I opined about the dearth of local availability of personal fireworks of the firecracker/rocket sort, due to the lack of Indian Reservations anywhere nearby.

Today, I found the above "firework" laying on the ground on the Tandy Highway between the two creek crossings that the Fort Worth Water Boys messed up. This particular piece of ordnance had yet to be exploded, the fuse was waiting to be lit.

A couple years ago exploding fireworks set a section of the Tandy Hills on fire, doing what Mother Nature used to do via lightning strikes, clearing the prairie of intruders and pests. When the burned section on the Tandy Hills grew back, it did not seem like much of an improvement to me.

I wonder who is hiking to the core of the Tandy Hills armed with fireworks? And then littering the ground with them? I am almost absolutely 100% certain it is not Stenotrophomonas. And I know with 100% certain it is not me. I guess that leave Don Young as the chief suspect, til other possible culprits are identified.

The 4th Of July In The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

The 4th of July is in 5 days. In the picture you are looking at a Fort Worth Fireworks explosion from a past 4th of July. You can tell it is Fort Worth by the cowboy on a horse and the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth in the distance.

When the case was being made, to me, of all that I would find wonderful about moving from Washington to the hamlet of Haslet on the northern border of Fort Worth, the chief propagandist included, among the many attributes, the fact that, supposedly, one could see 8 or 9 different fireworks displays whilst sitting outside at the location she'd found in Haslet.

The propagandist failed to mention the main reason one could see so many different fireworks shows, at once, was that the topography was nearly flat, allowing one to see, I don't know for sure, maybe 20 miles in the distance.

Regardless, not being a huge fan of fireworks, the possibility of seeing multiple fireworks shows, at once, really was not a huge selling point for me.

But, when my first 4th of July in Texas came to be, I eagerly sat outside awaiting all the fireworks.

I expected a lot of booming to being going on, all over the place, with the official fireworks just being part of the mayhem. I was used to my neighborhood of Mount Vernon being a virtual war zone on the 4th of July, with the arms supplied by the area Indian Reservations.

There are no area Indian Reservations in my zone of Texas. Or, pretty much any zone of Texas.

4th of July being hugely more sedate in Texas than it was where I lived in Washington was one of my Texas surprises, what with this being where the west began, I expected a lot of wild west 4th of July spirit of the individuals setting off rockets and firecrackers sort.

But, with no Indian suppliers it must be difficult to come into possession of explosive holiday toys in Texas.

Ironically, the best fireworks display I've seen in Texas did not take place on the 4th of July. It took place at the turn of the century, millennium celebration in downtown Fort Worth. That was one amazing show.

Unlike when I lived in Haslet, at my current location I do not have a view of the horizon and fireworks shows in the distance. Unless I go over to Miss Puerto Rico's and watch from her panoramic view.

Or I could drive to one of the D/FW Metroplex 4th of July events listed below, some of which have fireworks shows, which I could have watched from Haslet. Way in the distance.....

Fort Worth’s Fourth
When: July 4 at 4:30 p.m. Fireworks begin at 9:30 p.m.
Where: Trinity River behind LaGrave Field in Fort Worth
What: Free live music and family fun including pony rides, a cardboard slide derby, and water wars. Food will be available for purchase.

Fireworks at Arlington Highlands
When: July 4 at 7 p.m. Fireworks begin at 9:30 p.m.
Where: Arlington Highlands, 4000 Retail Connection Way, Arlington, TX
What: Free live entertainment by A Hard Night’s Day and free face painting and sno-cones from 7 to 9 p.m. (First 2,000 sno-cones are free. They are $1 afterwards).

Denton Kiwanis Club Fireworks Show
When: July 4 at 5:30 p.m. Music begins at 6:30 p.m.
Where: UNT Fouts Field
What: The Denton Kiwani’s Club hosts a night of live music by City Folk followed by an array of fireworks. The event is free but donations will be accepted before, during, and after the show.

Fair Park Fourth
When: July 4 at 4:30 p.m. Fireworks begin at 9:30 p.m.
Where: Fair Park
What: This event, presented by Friends of Fair Park, is the city of Dallas’ official Independence Day celebration. The evening will include free and reduced admission to Fair Park’s eight museums, Bellagio-style Esplanade Fountain shows, and live performances. Food will be available for purchase.

Addison Kaboom Town
When: July 3 at 5 p.m. Fireworks begin at 9:35 p.m.
Where: Addison Circle Park
What: Rated as one of the top places to watch fireworks in the country by USA Today, Kaboom Town is a 30-minute fireworks show in the metroplex like no other. Live entertainment and an air show will precede the fireworks.

Electric Theater
When: July 2-4 at 1 p.m.
Where: Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas
What: Want to beat the heat this July 4th weekend? The Museum of Nature & Science has indoor fireworks. The Electric Theater is an interactive lesson on electro-magnetism that concludes with a light show. The Independence Day presentations are free to members and general admission for non-members.

Lone Stars & Stripes Fireworks
When: July 3 and 4 following the last races which begin at 5 p.m.
Where: Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie
What: Two-days of thoroughbred racing and family fun such as a petting zoo, pony rides and bounce houses. Following the races, there will be a 20-minute fireworks display and live entertainment.

BigTop 4thFest
When: July 4 at 12 p.m.
Where: Bedford Boys Ranch Park
What: BigTop Celebration is an old-fashioned Independence Day Celebration with a circus themed twist. 4thFest includes a free concert, bounce houses, a variety of free family activates, festival-style food and, of course, a fireworks extravaganza when the sun goes down. 4thFest visitors can also take a dip in Bedford’s Splash Aquatic Center for an additional fee.

Frisco Freedom Fest
When: July 2 at 4 p.m.
Where: Pizza Hut Park and Simpson Plaza, located in front of Frisco City Hall
What: Frisco Freedom Fest is a party in the heart of Frisco. The Taste of Frisco also returns this weekend with Frisco restaurants serving some of their most popular menu items. Freedom Fest will conclude with a 20-minute fireworks spectacle.

Fireworks over Lake Grapevine
When: July 4 at 9:30 p.m.
Where: Lake Grapevine and surrounding parks
What: The City of Grapevine will be shutting down Fairway Drive for their annual fireworks extravaganza. Admission is free at most viewing locations, although some parks along Lake Grapevine may charge a minimal admission fee.

Willie Nelson's Annual Picnic & Throwdown
When: July 4 at 11:30 a.m., first artist take the stage at 12 p.m.
Where: Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth
What: Willie Nelson's picnic is a Texas tradition that features a day full of country music performances. The picnic was recently revealed as a top destination for the 4th by Yahoo Travel. Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the gate, and are available through Ticketmaster or Billy Bob's box office.

Cowboys Stadium 4th of July Rally
When: July 4 at 12 p.m.
Where: Cowboys Stadium
What: Never been to the Cowboys Stadium? This year's 4th would be a perfect time to go. Cowboys Stadium is hosting a Texas-sized Fourth of July Rally for the whole family. The event will include alumni player autograph signing, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders appearances and photo opportunities. Everyone wearing patriotic clothing will receive $5 off the price of a stadium tour. Parking will be free with the purchase of a tour ticket.

Picnic in the Park
When: July 2 at 12 p.m.
Where: Firewheel Town Center in Garland
What: Shopping more your style than fireworks? Firewheel Town Center will be hosting a picnic offering area families an opportunity to play as well as enjoy live music , all located near the open-air regional shopping mall.

Commemorative Air Force Squadron
When: July 2, 3, and 4 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Meacham Field in Fort Worth
What: The Commemorative Air Force B-29/B-24 Squadron will be conducting flight experiences for $595 to $1495, depending on seat location. For those not interested in flight experiecne, warbirds and vintage aircraft will be on display. There will be a $5 fee to enter the display area.

The Last Wednesday Of June Dawns Blue In Texas With A Thunderstorm On The Menu

As you can see, gazing skyward above the bars of my patio prison cell, the last Wednesday of June is yet one more blue sky morning in Texas.

The forecast for today has been greatly altered from what it was yesterday, with a predicted real temperature of 103, really feeling like 111.

The new forecast for today is for it to only get to 99 degrees with it really feeling like 105.

With a Thunderstorm now added to the prediction.

I must remember to email CatsPaw today regarding a visit to the Paradise Center.

But, before I remember to do that, I must remember to go swimming. As in right now.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

95 Degrees Walking With My Sister Along Village Creek Looking At A Blue Heron

The last time I went walking at Village Creek Natural Historic Area my mom went walking with me.

Today I took my sister, known as Cbonesmom, who lives in Chandler, walking with me. Chandler is a Phoenix suburb in Arizona.

My sister and I walked quite a long distance. And then the battery on my phone ran out just as my sister was telling me something very interesting.

I called my sister after I took the picture, you see above, of a Blue Heron looking for fish in Village Creek.

The Blue Heron must not have gotten the memo about the safety of eating the fish you catch in Village Creek.

Actually, now that you are making me think about it, fish caught in Village Creek must be okay to eat, because one often sees people fishing in Village Creek and there are no signs warning about the consumption of any fish you might catch.

I did not ask my sister how HOT it was in the Arizona desert today. Likely it is hotter than the relatively chilly 98 degrees I am currently being cooled to.

The forecast for today was 103, if I remember right, with a Heat Index of 110 or 111. I don't know why it is so much colder than the forecast, currently with a Heat Index of only 106.

I blogged on my Durango Roadtripping blog for the 2nd time this year, this morning, in a blogging titled, "Opinions About the Top Ten Best National Park Hikes in America."

My swimming pool has been successfully shocked, so tomorrow morning I can be back in my regular swimming rut. What a relief.

80 Degrees This Last Tuesday Of June In Texas While Up North It Has Been 296 Days Since Seattle Hit 80 Degrees

I was up late last night, thus up slightly late this last Tuesday of June of 2011. As you can sort of see, looking out one of my viewing portals on the world, it is yet one more rainless day in Texas.

And HOT. Heading to a predicted Heat Index today of 110.

When I woke up the computer this morning my computer temperature monitoring device indicated it was 80 degrees in the outer world.

There was an amusing story in the Seattle P-I this morning with the headline, "When Will We Reach 80 Degrees."

Apparently it has been 296 days since the last time Seattle hit 80 degrees, on September 3, 2010, when Seattle was heated to a torrid 84.

I remember being up in the Seattle zone in August of 2004. The temperatures were in the high 70s, low 80s, with the Seattle P-I having an article about the locals sweltering in the "Heat Wave." I recollect taking that article back with me to Texas for the amusement of the HOT Texas locals.

I will not be cooling off in the swimming pool this morning. It got its weekly shock treatment late yesterday.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hiking the HOT Tandy Hills While Trying To Identify People In Washington

In the picture you are looking north on Lost Sunglasses Ridge in the Tandy Hills Natural Sanatorium Area today around noon.

I came upon a couple other hikers on the hills today. This was unusual. Not many people have discovered the salubrious effects of subjecting oneself to a natural sauna/steam at 94 degrees with the humidity making it feel like 108.

Us who were not there have been busily conducting a forensic examination of the photo evidence to try and figure out who was at the Neff Ranch in the Skagit Valley this past Saturday.

The majority of the photos were somewhat easy to identify.

But, near as we can tell, several people have had serious work done to their faces, which has greatly altered their appearance from what we remember from decades ago.

Just minutes ago I got email from Betty Jo Bouvier asking if I was able to identify photos #4, 11, 24 and 27.

Typing this out I just realized the photos Betty Jo is talking about. I thought she was referencing a group photo.

I must go answer Betty Jo's question correctly and then have lunch. Sirloin steak that I got from Town Talk today.

I Am Up Early In Texas Thinking Old People Should Moisturize & Stay Out Of The Heat

As you can see looking through the bars of my patio prison cell at the swimming pool below I am up before the sun on this last Monday of June of 2011.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange pain across my chest zone. I lay there wondering if this is what a heart attack feels like. And then the pain went away and remains away.

Speaking of being old enough to have a heart attack, I just looked at 37 photos of old people. As I was looking at the photos I thought to myself that some people really need to learn to use a moisturizing lotion.

Speaking of moisturizing, I think I'll go get wet in the pool now, but before I do that I must mention that tomorrow we are currently scheduled to have a HEAT INDEX of 111. That is HOT.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Using Face Recognition Software With Honey Lulu To Identify Strangers In Washington

I was looking at the picture you are looking at, which was taken some time yesterday, at a ranch in the Skagit Valley of Washington, when I flipped open my phone for the first time today and saw several missed calls.

One of the calls was from Honey Lulu, last night at 8:35.

I was staring at the picture trying to figure out who these strangers were, thinking I'd call Honey Lulu back as soon as I blogged about Fort Worth's swimming pool woes, when the phone lit up with an incoming call from Honey Lulu.

Both Honey Lulu and I had the aforementioned picture on our screen. We then tried to figure out who these people were. We think we correctly identified all but one or two or three.

In another 20 years correctly identifying all but one or two or three will likely be more difficult than it was today.

Hiking The HOT Tandy Hills Thinking About Using Eminent Domain To Get The Fort Worth Public A Place To Swim

The Tandy Hills were heated to the low 90s when I hit the hills around noon. It is 97 right now. We are back with 100 degrees, or more, in the forecast, starting tomorrow.

Every time we go to flash flood mode more of the Fort Worth Water Works "bridge" across Tandy Creek washes away. Soon the blue pipe will be completely exposed.

Would you not think the FWWW would come clean up this mess?

Speaking of Fort Worth water, Fort Worth has no plans to open any of its closed swimming pools. Supposedly it would take $6.1 million in repairs to make the pools swimmable.

The population of Fort Worth is over 700,000. I wonder if the All-American City of Fort Worth is the biggest city in America with no public pools?

I wonder if Fort Worth is the biggest city in America with no public beaches? Like those one might find on a lake in other municipalities.

The only other big city with which I am familiar in detail is Seattle. Seattle has several lakes one can swim in. Like Green Lake. Or Lake Washington. There are also several Puget Sound beaches, in Seattle, where one can swim. Like Alki Beach.

I know a creek must flow in to and out of Green Lake, but I don't think I've ever seen it. How is it that Seattle keeps Green Lake clean enough to swim in? While one can not eat the fish one catches in Fort Worth's Fosdic Lake, or swim.

Recently a new "lake" opened in Fort Worth. The Cowtown Wakeboard Park Lake. If part of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle was to build a large, swimmable lake with a beach, it would seem slightly less boondoggly to me.

Has the Cowtown Wakeboard Park gone out of business yet?

Fort Worth has another lake where one can pay for the privilege of getting in cool water. It is called Burger's Lake. The lake is a one-acre spring-fed pool in a 30 acre park. Entry to Burger's Lake costs $12 per person age 7 and up. Only $5 if a kid is 1-6 years old.

Fort Worth and Tarrant County is the Eminent Domain Abuse Capital of America. Methinks it would be a legit use of eminent domain for the pool-less city of Fort Worth to take Burger's Lake by eminent domain, for the public good, then open the park to the public at a greatly reduced entry fee.

I'm sure Betsy Price will get right on that as soon as she's sworn in as Fort Worth's new mayor.

I Am Back Being HOT In Texas & Not Shivering In Washington

As you can see, looking through the bars of my patio prison cell, I am safely back in Texas, after Saturday's Reunion Ordeal in Washington.

It is currently 77 at my present location. It is currently 46 at the reunion location in chilly Washington.

I am still shivering.

This is already the last Sunday of June. It seems like only yesterday it was the first Sunday of June.

Blink an eye and it will be the 4th of July.

I think I'll go swimming now.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thinking About Hiking In A Washington Rain Forest While In The Tandy Hills Jungle

No, in the picture I am not in a Washington Rain Forest, walking somewhere in Olympic National Park.

I wish that was where I was, but I'm not.

The greenery in the picture is in the Rain Forest of the Tandy Hills Jungle. In Texas. Around noon today.

Right about now a throng of humanity is descending upon a locale in Washington known as the Neff Ranch.

I had expected to be among that throng, but multiple issues caused that not to happen.

One issue, for me, was the surprisingly early date of this event. I assumed these particular festivities would take place later in summer, after Mother Nature had a chance to warm up the Puget Sound zone.

Right now, at the Neff Ranch, it is 63 degrees. At my current location, right now, it is 96 degrees. I shivered for almost an entire month the last time I was in Washington, from July 20 to August 20, 2008.

Yes, I know I could have come prepared with long johns and gloves. Acclimating to cold is much more difficult than acclimating to heat, in my experience.

And then there is the fact that I don't really need a reunion to see the people I want to see when I am back in Washington. These days with email and Facebook and free long distance calling, it is easy to keep in touch with people you want to keep touching.

A few weeks ago when I'd reached the point in time where I had to make up my mind to book a flight north, or not, I found out that several people who were people who I would have liked to see, would not be seeable, today, due to a variety of reasons.

I still could have made a last minute dash north, as late as Friday. But on Thursday I talked to Carlotta Camano and after that conversation I decided I would not be flying north this week.

I may make a trek north in August.

It Is 52 Degrees This Morning In Washington With Free Food For Me At The Fidalgo Drive-In

As you can see, via one of my viewing portals on the world, the last Saturday of June of 2011 has dawned with a few clouds.

This afternoon, up in Washington, there is a reunion I am expected to attend. The logistics of making that happen become more daunting with each passing hour.

This morning when I flipped open my phone there were two text messages from my nephew Joey asking how things were in Texas and that he'd heard it is hot here.

I figured Joey had been tasked with the job of finding out where I was.

Then this morning there was an email from my sister in Phoenix that confirmed Joey had been tasked with finding out where I was. Below is that email....

Whoever you are playing with in Washington has now confused one of your nephews. CJ received a text tonight asking him to call/text you and ask when you will be getting there. Whoever it is did not say who they were so CJ was confused/worried and called me to ask what he should do. I told him to ignore it becuz of what I've read on your blog. I figured it must have been Jason or Joe cuz I don't know who else would have his phone number!

Then there was a comment to a blogging yesterday regarding Joey's brother's restaurant in Anacortes...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Creating The Illusion Of Hiking The Tandy Hills In...": Fidalgo Drive In weekend special: 'Free food for all out of state visiting relatives.'

Right now in Texas it is 77 degrees, heading to a high of 95.

Right now in Washington it is 52, heading to a high of 63.

Right now, if I am in Washington, I hope I remembered to bring long pants and a sweater, or two.

Right now, I am going swimming. I don't think it is in a motel pool.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Creating The Illusion Of Hiking The Tandy Hills In Texas While Possibly Being In Washington

90 degrees with 30% humidity when I hit the Tandy Hills today around noon.

I saw something today on Martel Avenue, on the way to the top of Mount Tandy, that I had not seen before.

Martel Avenue runs north and south on the east side of the Tandy Hills.

Today the Barnett Shale seismic testers were out in force on Martel Avenue. Complete with police protection.

And a lot of high tech equipment. Several trucks had generators running, at least that is what I assume was making the noise. Under the trucks were metal disks about 4 feet in diameter.

My co-hiker know-it-all informed me that those disks sent out a high frequency vibration into the underground formations, then other devices collected the info that bounced back.

There were more high tech seismic testing trucks on the road that leads to the top of Mount Tandy. Way too much activity going on in my usually peaceful sanatorium.

It has been days since we got as hot as 100 in my location. Currently it is only 93. Meanwhile, right now, up in my old location in Washington it is 61 degrees.

Speaking of Washington. I have gotten feedback from a few people who for some reason are assuming I am up in Washington right now.

It occurs to me that it would be easy to be up in Washington, right now, while creating the blogging illusion that I am still in Texas hiking the Tandy Hills.

If I were up in Washington, surreptitiously, right now, it would not be the first time. In August of 2001 I drove, solo, to Washington for my mom and dad's 50th Anniversary party. Mom and dad's anniversary is August 6, Hiroshima Day, the party was August 11, my birthday.

Only my two oldest nephews knew I was going to make it to mom and dad's 50th. If I remember right I took off for Washington on August 1, making it to Seattle on August 3.

I remember there had been a high school reunion a week prior to my departure. I've no memory of why I did not drive up a week earlier to attend that reunion.

My nephews kept the secret of me being in Washington. I arrived at the location of the anniversary party, my sister's house in Kent, a couple hours late. When I arrived at my sister's I called to make a happy anniversary call as I walked to my sister's front door. As I was talking to my mom, my dad suspected I was there and and opened the front door just as I rang the doorbell.

It was a special moment.

So, yeah, I guess I have a history of going north to Washington whilst creating the illusion I am in Texas.

The 4th Day Of Summer Dawns Blue In Texas In More Ways Than One

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell we can see that the morning of the 4th day of summer has dawned with a clear blue sky.

My peaceful slumber was disturbed last night, thus causing me to not be awake when the sun arrived this morning.

I do not like it when my peaceful slumber is disturbed.

Due to my regular schedule being drastically disturbed I will not be going swimming this morning.

I suspect there will be ramifications throughout the day from me having my peaceful slumber disturbed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Early To The Doctor Makes Me Late To The Tandy Hills Calling Carlotta Camano To Go To Sea-Tac While Elsie Hotpepper Needs To Get Dressed

I think this afternoon was the first time I've gazed upon the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth since it was announced that Fort Worth was named one of 10 towns being 2011's All-America Cities.

A doctor appointment in Hurst, this morning, that lasted past noon, had me later than usual doing my usual daily endorphin inducing aerobic activity.

Today's late aerobic activity took place on the dried out Tandy Hills.

We did not get to 100, again, here in my zone of North Texas. But, it was not being breezy, so the hills seemed HOT.

After my hill hiking I went to Town Talk.

When I left Town Talk I called Carlotta Camano.

Earlier today Carlotta Camano emailed me to tell me she was going to a Seattle Sounders game tonight to celebrate the last day of school. With a Dick's Deluxe Burger on the way to the game.

In Carlotta's email she told me she could pick me up at Sea-Tac, if needed, after the game.

So, when I left Town Talk I called Carlotta to tell her I was waiting to board at Love Field and that I needed her to pick me up at 9:15 at the Southwest Airlines gate zone.

Some hilarity ensued.

Whenever I talk to Carlotta Camano it makes me think I would have enjoyed being a school teacher.

I got to my destination and continued to talk to Carlotta til overheating set in due to there being too much hot air.

When I eventually got back to my current location I was a bit surprised to see an urgent message from Elsie Hotpepper telling me she desperately needed help getting dressed.

I tell you. It is always something. And usually it is something caused by someone of the sex opposite mine.

A Sunny Morning On The Second Day Of Summer Thinking Of The Skagit Valley On Saturday

As you can clearly seeing, looking out one of my viewing portals on the world, the 2nd day of summer has seen the return of blue sky in my zone of North Texas. Along with the blue sky, cool temperatures have also returned.

It is only 71 degrees at 7 this morning.

I must take off from here in an hour or two if I am to make it to the Skagit Valley in Washington by Saturday afternoon, via motor transport.

Events are taking place in the Skagit Valley on Saturday which I am expected to attend.

I have a tendency not to do what is expected.

Like right now, I think I'll go swimming. That is rather unexpected.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walking With My Mom Along Village Creek While Gar The Texan Suggests The Queen Of Wink & I Are Ignorant

Before noon I took off for Pantego. My route there takes me by one of my favorite parks.

In the picture you are looking at the dam/bridge across Village Creek in the Village Creek Natural Historic Area in Arlington.

On both sides of the dam/bridge are Wildflower Areas which no longer have wildflowers blooming.

I thought due to last night's rain that Village Creek might be in flood mode with the park closed. I thought wrong. Village Creek was not running at all high.

As you can see we are being a bit overcast today in North Texas. And relatively cold. It is only 87 degrees right now at 3:14.

I called my mom and dad whilst walking today. Mom answered. Usually I call my mom when I get gas. I got gas yesterday and did not call. I felt sort of guilty about that, hence the non-gas related call today. My mom was in a chatty mood today, walking with me almost the entire Village Creek walk.

I am not sure, mostly due to the difficult to understand verbiage, rendered so, I think, by the fractured logic that is being attempted to be verbalized, or blogalized, but I think that Gar the Texan suggested, on his blog, that the Queen of Wink and I are ignorant.

I was appalled.

This may have been yet one more of the boy's alcohol fueled rantings. I could not tell for sure.

The Queen of Wink and I had consulted previously on how to handle it when Gar the Texan has an episode, with the decision being to simply ignore it. In this case, to ignore Gar the Texan suggesting the Queen of Wink and I are ignorant.

Gar the Texan does not read my blog, so this still counts as ignoring his remarks about our ignorance. If Gar the Texan did read what I have to say about his suggesting that the Queen of Wink and I are ignorant, he would likely fall back on his standard defense.

That being that we are not only ignorant, we also have reading comprehension problems.

The Second Day Of Summer Dawns Muddy, Humid & Only 70 Degrees In My Zone Of Texas

It is the morning of the second day of summer.

You are not looking at this morning's view through the bars of my patio prison cell.

What you are looking at is a view through the bars of my patio prison cell from last Thursday that is similar to this morning's view.

Google's Blogger has a problem this morning that is making it impossible to insert a picture in to a blogging.

I highly doubt the Google Bloggers's problem is related to last night's electrical activity.

Sometime after the sun left on the first day of summer a lightning storm blew in which was a bit unusual. Usually thunderstorms advance from one particular direction. Last night's storm was all around me. Lightning lighting up the sky in every direction.

The light show lasted for quite a while with no rain. And then the rain came.

I heard this morning from someone calling him or herself Anonymous that by yesterday afternoon the Tandy Hills had dried out enough for hiking, but Anonymous speculated that the rains of last night may have rendered the hills once more in drying out mode.

I'd not planned on going to the Tandy Hills today, anyway. I am going to Arlington and Pantego.

But, before I do that, I am going swimming.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Walking Around Fosdic Lake Today Fishing & Looking At Litter

A lot of rain drenched my zone of North Texas in the middle of the night. This made for a muddy walk to the pool this morning.

I figured enough water fell that the Tandy Hills was likely going to need a day or two of drying out.

I figured enough water fell that Village Creek was in high water mode with the park closed.

So, by default, today going to Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdic Lake was the location of my daily salubrious aerobicizing.

I don't know why, but whenever a lot of rain falls several fishermen and fisherwomen show up to fish in Fosdic Lake, where you are advised to to eat the fish you catch. Today one of the fishermen was fly fishing. I don't know if I've seen that in person before.

When a lot of rain falls Fosdic Lake quickly gets deeper, and starts falling over Fosdic Falls into Fosdic Creek on its way to the Trinity River, about a mile to the north.

In the picture at the top you are looking at the litter that did not make it over Fosdic Falls by the time the falls quit falling.

More rain is predicted for later today. Should enough rain fall the litter currently trapped in Fosdic Lake should be able to make it the rest of the way to the Trinity River.

I wonder if some means could be devised to trap the Fosdic Lake litter before it leaves the lake? I wonder how many other similar lakes contribute a similar volume of litter to the Trinity River?

It's very perplexing.

The First Day Of Summer In Texas Dawns Hot & Humid

You are looking out my bedroom window at the morning of the first day of summer.

The first day of summer has dawned cloudy.

Last night a thunderstorm rumbled overhead with a heavy downpour with some hail mixed in.

Very noisy.

More thunder is on the menu for today. Along with colder temperatures. Right now it is only 71 degrees.

The rain brought the humidity back up to being sticky again. Currently we are at 91% humidity. That is very sticky. Steambath sticky.

Why do birds tweet? I'm hearing some busy tweeters right now. Are the birds communicating with the tweeting?

Speaking of tweeting. I've given up on Twitter.

But, I've not given up on swimming. I think I'll go do that right now.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Discovering Humans On The HOT Tandy Hills Along With A New Art Installation & Elsie Hotpepper

I discovered what appears to possibly be a new Tandy Hills Art Installation today.

I did not walk by the location of the most recently removed Tandy Hills Art Installation, that being the Orange Flags Stuck in Feces one.

I think we'll call today's art discovery "Rocks on the Tandy Escarpment."

So named because this latest Art Installation is located on the Tandy Escarpment above the now dry Tandy Falls and the equally dry Tandy River.

There is a possibility our current bout of dryness may be slightly alleviated today and in the coming days.

I do not think we are going to heat up HOT enough to make this the 8th 100 degree or more day in a row, here in the D/FW Metroplex. Currently, coming up on 3, it is only 95 degrees. Some thunderstorming is on the menu for tomorrow.

Changing the subject back to the Tandy Hills from the all important HOT temperatures. Usually when I am on the Tandy Hills, in the noon time frame, when the temperature is between 90 and 110, I never see any other humans.

Apparently most humans have some sort of aversion to the noonday sun when that sun is heating the air so hotly.

I just realized I managed to change the subject back to the temperature again.

Anyway, I entered the Tandy Hills today via View Street. As I walked into the hill zone I was surprised to see another human ahead of me.

A shirtless guy in long pants, ambling along with a very odd gait.

Why would anyone go hiking in long pants when it is so HOT?

By the time I caught up with the guy, and passed him, he was fiddling with a cell phone and did not seem to notice me walking by him.

I wonder if this guy is the Tandy Hills Guerrilla Artist?

Speaking of Guerrilla Artists. I heard from Elsie Hotpepper this morning and again this afternoon. Elsie had been missing since Friday. The most recent email from Elsie asked me not to kill her. What an odd request, I thought to myself. I can't remember the last time I killed anyone.

The Day Before The Start Of Summer Will Be The 8th Day In A Row Over 100 In North Texas

I went to bed early Sunday, which has me up early the day before the start of summer.

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell at my destination in a few minutes hence, you can see Monday has dawned with yet one more blue sky morning in Texas.

Today is scheduled to be the 8th in a row where the temperature at the official measuring station at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will go over 100 degrees.

Yesterday got to 102. Today is supposed to get to 103. Tomorrow the Heat Index will likely get in the 108 to 109 range.

Thousands in Fort Worth had their power knocked out yesterday. High winds knocked out some power lines.

I do not remember losing power during the air conditioning time of the year. That would be quite miserable. I need to knock on some wood.

And then go swimming.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Needed Help To Kill A Computer Monster Today

This morning for the 2nd or 3rd time I managed to pick up an annoying piece of malware.

A rogue, fake security program that tries to make you think that suddenly your computer is under all sorts of attacks.

Offers to help keep popping up til you kill the monster.

The version that hit me today was called XP Security 2012. Other variations all start with XP and end with 2012, with words like 'Antispyware,' 'Antivirus,' 'Home Security' and 'Internet Security' in between XP and 2012.

The malware stops you from being able to open anything that might stop it. Like Malwarebytes. You can't open the registry, msconfig, notepad, pretty much any program you might use to kill this monster.

But, it does not stop you from Googling.

I remembered the last time I got this fixed by downloading Malwarebytes, again, and doing a fresh install. This time that did not work. The monster would not allow the install to run.

So, after a little Googling I found a blogspot blog called "Malware Removal Instructions" which had a page devoted to removing today's monster called, "Remove XP Antispyware 2012, XP Security 2012 (Uninstall Guide)."

The instructions had two methods to stop the monster from blocking program access. The first method worked for some. But not for me.

The second method, simply putting some code in notepad, naming it 'fix.reg,' saving it to the desktop, then clicking 'fix.reg' had me now able to run Malwarebytes, which found 11 infections by the time I got back from Village Creek Natural Historic Area.

The removal of those 11 infections fixed the problem.

Why is law enforcement not after the evil doers doing this? I am sure quite a few people fall for this scam and quickly fork over the $59.99 to make it stop.

And what is the point of the constant Microsoft security updates, one of which occurred a few days ago, plus running Microsoft Security Essentials, if something like XP Security 2012 is not stopped?

Apparently the criminals behind this have been running this scam for quite a long time. And are better programmers than those at Microsoft.

The solution from Malware Removal Instructions that did not work involved using a registration key to unlock the fake anti-malware program. Once it is unlocked, the fake program tells you all is hunkydory with your computer. You can then run an anti Malware program and kill the monster.

I suspect the evil doers figured out a registration key was being used over and over again. It did not take long after I had the registration key for the monster to pop up with its latest attack warning with the click here to activate XP Security 2012. I was then told "reg key invalid."

To get to the place where you enter the 'reg key' you have to go to the heart of this particular darkness. I was appalled at how legit the website looked. They wanted all sorts of info, including your credit card. You could take the $59.99 one year offer, or pay for multiple years at increasing discounts.

Could this possibly be a Norton Anti-Virus Rogue Operation?

A Windy Sunday Walk Among The Village Creek Ghosts Dodging Falling Limbs & Deciphering Cryptic Messages About Green Eggs Smoking

I had myself some computer woes this morning. More on that later. I did not get my computer woes under control til after noon.

I thought a sedate walk through the Village Creek Natural Historic Area would put me in a better frame of mind.

It did. Until I started being a bit concerned over the heavy wind blowing limbs off of trees. I do not like getting hit by a falling limb.

The Village Creek Natural Historic Area's Wildflower Area had lost all its color since I was in that location a few days ago. Drought related wildflower browning?

We have gone over 100 again. 101 to be precise. At the same time it is 101 in my zone of North Texas, in my old location in Mount Vernon, Washington it is currently 55.

Speaking of Mount Vernon, just minutes ago I got email from Mount Vernon with a very cryptic message I can't quite decipher about a Green Egg Smoking.

Below is the cryptic message.....

The Green Egg is smoking (ceramic smoker), cocktails at 3:30, dinner at 5-5:30, if there is anyone in town that is hungry for ribs and brisket, NW style.  Just a few of the ex-nice relatives will be there.  18066 State Route 9, Mount Vernon. That is, if you are in town.  Bring a rain coat.

I don't own a rain coat, so how can I bring one anywhere? I know where State Route 9 is. I'd turn off 9 onto Waugh Road, then a left on Apache, then a right on Pawnee to turn left into my driveway. The streets all have Indian tribe names because the neighborhood is called Thunderbird. I think.

Whilst doing my wind walking I called my dad to do the obligatory Happy Father's Day greeting. I got the answering machine. So, I left a Happy Father's Day message.

The Day After Betsy Price Is Elected Fort Worth's Mayor It Is Father's Day

Looking skyward above the bars of my patio prison cell it appears Father's Day has dawned with a brilliantly blue sky in North Texas.

A HOT brilliantly blue sky currently heated to 83, heading to a predicted high of 102 this 3rd Sunday of June.

We had a mayoral election in Fort Worth yesterday.

I forgot to vote.

Had I remembered to vote my vote would have made no difference in the outcome. Betsy Price beat Jim Lane by way more than one vote.

I think I will go swimming now and do some thinking about my civic irresponsibility.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

104 At My Texas Location With 3 Days Til The Start Of Summer

My computer temperature monitoring device is indicating we have hit a new high for the year.


(UPDATE: 2 hours later we hit 105)

We are 3 days from the start of summer and the longest day of the year.

I fear this is going to be one long hot summer in Texas.

Meanwhile in the town I lived in before moving to Texas, Mount Vernon, Washington, it is currently a chilly 57 degrees and cloudy with rain in the forecast.

Next Saturday, at about the time shown on the Mount Vernon temperature graphic, I am supposed to be about 10 miles north of Mount Vernon at a ranch in an unheated, I assume, barn.

I am having a little trouble convincing myself this is something I want to do.

Note the humidity in Mount Vernon is 93%. Currently in Fort Worth the humidity is 22%.

The Tandy Hills Guerrilla Art Installation Has Been Removed As Seismic Testing Spreads All Over East Fort Worth

Does my one longtime blog reader notice what is missing in the picture?

Yes, you are correct, the Tandy Hills Guerrilla Art Installation, called Orange Flags in Feces, has been completely removed, including the orange ribbon that was tied to the adjacent bush.

Was the removal of this Art Installation an act of counter eco-terrorism?

I do not know if the orange flags are associated with the Barnett Shale Natural Gas Seismic Testing that seems to be spreading all over East Fort Worth.

It is very odd. Every day I seem to see cable in new locations. But I have yet to see anyone laying the cable. One would think I would, since it is quite an effort the cable layers go through.

Duct tape secures the cable across driveways, more elaborate cable covers are used where the cable crosses a street. And then there are the prong things that get stuck in the ground and the above ground testing devices.

I know the gas drillers own the mineral rights below the ground, but how is permission granted for this above ground activity? It seems like the property owners should be able to charge the gas drillers a fee for using their ground.

It's very perplexing.

Fort Worth Wins The 2011 All-America City Award

A couple minutes ago I saw an incoming email come in from Anonymous.

I finished what I was doing and then clicked on the Anonymous email....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Saturday Morning Of June 18 Dawns Windy & Warm...":

You are now a resident of a 2011 All-America City. Congrats Fort Worthians! Seattle will be green with envy when they hear the news!

Can this possibly be true, I wondered? I think the All-America City Award is a legit, respected type award, unlike the Most Livable City Award Fort Worth got a few years ago from a D.C. lobbying group.

That bogus Most Livable City Award set off city-wide celebrations and much boasting about Fort Worth causing cities and towns far and wide to be Green with Envy.

I Googled "2011 All-America City" to quickly learn that Fort Worth was one of the 2011 winners. By what criteria I can not imagine. The city-wide celebration is likely to be HUGE.

From the All-America City website.....

The National Civic League announced the ten winners of the All-America City Award tonight in Kansas City, Mo. They are (in alphabetical order by state):

Kenai, Alaska
Dublin, California
Lakewood, Colorado
Belleville, Illinois
South Bend, Indiana
Scott City, Kansas
Tupelo, Mississippi
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Eden, North Carolina
Fort Worth, Texas

These communities give us hope and new ideas about what can be accomplished when ordinary people work together to address the difficult challenges that lay ahead,” said National Civic League President Gloria Rubio-Cort├ęs. “Year after year, I never fail to be inspired by their outstanding stories of positive civic change.”

Fort Worth gives us hope and new ideas? About what can be accomplished when ordinary people address difficult challenges?

What new ideas? Inner tubing in the polluted Trinity River? Taking down perfectly performing flood preventing levees? Closing community swimming pools? Cutting back public library hours?

Is it the Fort Worth Independent School District that helped make Fort Worth an All-America City?

Is one of the new ideas being the first big city to allow natural gas drillers to poke holes and lay pipe all over town, except in wealthy neighborhoods?

Is an example of an ordinary person addressing a difficult challenge something like Fort Worth's Steve Doeung fighting Chesapeake Energy and Fort Worth to stop a non-odorized natural gas pipeline from being run under his property?

Is an example of Fort Worth giving the rest of the country hope the way the community rallied to the defense of Paradise Center when it was attacked by a Tarrant County agency, MHMR-TC?

Yes, now that I have put some thought into it I can clearly see why Fort Worth would be chosen as an All-America City.....

The Saturday Morning Of June 18 Dawns Windy & Warm In Texas

You are looking at what I look at when I look up when I step outside to retrieve my swimming suit.

You can't quite tell it from the picture but it is very windy this morning of the 18th of June.

Very windy and a chilly 79 degrees, heading to a predicted Saturday high of 102.

Up north, at my old home location, it is currently only 22 degrees above freezing, heading to a balmy high of 62. With rain.

No rain is on the menu in my current location. I believe we are currently in drought mode.

I am fairly certain the drought has not drained my swimming pool. I think I will go check on that right now.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Questions About Bobby & Marie's Ordeal With MHMR-TC's Institutional Incompetence

On Wednesday Paradise Center sent me a video of an incident that happened the day before, on Tuesday, June 14.

I then blogged the Tale of Bobby & Marie's Ordeal With MHMR-TC on the Paradise Center Scandal Blog.

The aforementioned video is getting a lot of attention. With a lot of people asking a lot of questions.

Like this question....

Who is/are the elected officials who are responsible for this type of reprehensible behavior on their watch? I would certainly like to know who to help ease out of office during the next election cycle.

The above question was asked by Big Ed. Then County Veteran answered Big Ed's question in detail. You can read that answer and the other comments about the Tale of Bobby & Marie's Ordeal With MHMR-TC on the Paradise Center Scandal Blog.

You can view the video that has amped up the Paradise Center Scandal below...

Hitting The Texas Streets Paved With Bricks At 103 Degrees

We've hit a new high for the year at my location in the Texas oven, as measured by my computer temperature monitoring device.


Meanwhile, up in Washington, in the town I grew up in, Burlington, it is 63 degrees.

Changing the subject from the all important temperature to streets paved with brick.

I get a lot of email feedback from my Eyes on Texas website. There are 100s of pages on that website, some made as long as 10 years ago.

So, sometimes I'll get an email from Eyes on Texas and have no clue why someone is saying what they are saying.

Like this morning. Donald W. Williams sent two emails saying the same thing...

Viewing your page a few minutes ago, I read your note about streets paved with brick. Such streets are the pride and joy of residents of Merkel, Texas (between Abilene & Sweetwater).

I think I was in the pool when the light bulb came on. Fort Worth has a road called Camp Bowie Boulevard. Camp Bowie Boulevard, for the most part, is paved in bricks.

When I first drove on Camp Bowie Boulevard it was in really bad shape, a really rough ride. I could not imagine why a big city would have such a road.

I think Mr. Williams must have been on my webpage about the Ennis National Polka Festival.

Apparently I saw a street paved in brick, in Ennis, and wrote the following...

Above note the brick paved street the boy and his dog are walking on. In Fort Worth there is a brick paved street called Camp Bowie Boulevard. It is rather rough in places, although it is gradually being renovated, block by block. In articles in Fort Worth's Star-Telegram about the ailing Camp Bowie bricks reporters have actually written that it is so hard to fix because brick paved streets just don't exist anymore and so the skills to repair them are hard to come by. When asked why such a rundown street is allowed to exist, the ears of Eyes on Texas have actually heard native Fort Worthers say that Camp Bowie Boulevard is unique and such things don't exist elsewhere. A stunned look occurs when the native is told by the non-native Texan that many small towns in Texas have brick paved squares and streets. Pike Place and Pioneer Square in Seattle have brick paved streets, albeit always in good condition, so in that way they are different than Fort Worth's Camp Bowie Boulevard. Maybe all the skilled paved brick workers moved to the west coast. Or to Ennis.

I've told people, who have commented on my alleged snarkiness on my blog, that it used to be worse and that I've toned it way down. The above paragraph is sort of proof of that. And the fact that I've learned to make use of commas. And much shorter sentences.

There Is A Hot Wind Blowing Purple Wildflowers On The Tandy Hills Today With Eco-Terrorism

A couple minutes ago I got back from the HOT Tandy Hills. 94 degrees right now, with the humidity making it feel like 97. A steady wind of about 20 mph is blowing, without which I suspect the Heat Index would be higher.

Blowing in the wind today was the field of purple wildflowers you see in the picture.

During this Super Heated time of the year when I stop moving to take a picture I'm instantly drenched, like in a steambath.

The Tandy Hills latest Guerrilla Art Installation called Two Orange Flags in Feces had not grown anymore flags since yesterday.

CatsPaw has speculated that the Two Flags in Feces Art Installation may be some sort of low level eco-terrorism.

I am not totally certain, but I believe eco-terrorism is not allowed in Texas.

The HOT Morning Of The 17th Day Of June In Texas

I am looking skyward through the bars of my patio prison cell at yet one more blue morning in Texas on the 17th of June.

We have phased into day after day over 100 degrees. With high humidity making the HOT air feel HOTTER.

I wish I had a good reason to escape this steambath sauna and go seek weather relief in the Pacific Northwest zone.

But, I don't.

I think I'll go swimming now and possibly cool off.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tandy Hills Monkey Wrenching With Spencer Jack's Dad's Fidalgo Drive-In

I did not go to the Tandy Hills yesterday, due to needing to avoid anything that might further wrench my aching back, which is now totally ache-free.

Today I found that the latest Tandy Hills Guerrilla Art Installation has had another orange flag added to it.

I am beginning to wonder if this is not the work of the Tandy Hills Guerrilla Artist, but, instead, is the work of the Tandy Hills Monkey Wrencher who is taking orange flags that are stuck on top of Mount Tandy, aka Broadcast Hill, then re-sticking the flags in the ground deep in the heart of the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

If the Barnett Shale Seismic Testing that currently is taking place on Broadcast Hill and the surrounding neighborhood results in a Chesapeake Gas Drilling Rig showing up, well, I wonder what the Tandy Hills Monkey Wrencher will do then?

Changing the Monkey Wrencher subject to that cute little monkey known as Spencer Jack.

This morning Spencer's aunt, my sister, emailed me some pictures of Spencer's uncles, my nephews, clam digging on Samish Island and BBQing at Bay View State Park.

Spencer's dad had a shirt on that had the name of his restaurant. I have not been to this restaurant, even though it did exist the last time I was in Washington, in 2008. I was in error as to what the name was. I thought it was Spencer's Dad's Grub. Instead it is Fidalgo Drive-In. Fidalgo is the name of the island on which the town of Anacortes is located in the far west end of the Skagit Valley.

I soon found that the Fidalgo Drive-In has a very nice website. Looking at the website I soon came upon a picture of Spencer Jack eyeing a root beer float.

I have not seen Spencer Jack's dad since April of 2006 when I went to his wedding to Spencer's mom. Soon after I was back in Texas, Spencer's dad called me to ask if I'd make a website for his restaurant in Mount Vernon called Eaglemont Pavilion.

I think Spencer Jack's dad opened the Fidalgo Drive-In and was running both restaurants for awhile and then sold Eaglemont Pavilion. I only learned of that when the new owners contacted me wanting to make changes to the website. They didn't seem to realize they'd need to pay me to do that. I never heard from them again.

Clearly I am not nearly as in touch with my nephews as I used to be.

Changing the subject again.

My back back being good has had me being Mr. Perky ever since the pain went away. I used to regularly have real bad back woes where my lower back would go out and sometimes take months to get better. This has only happened once in Texas. I was mowing the lawn at my previous residence. It was a riding lawnmower. I reached forward to pull a lever and my back went out. That time took months to recover.

So, yesterday when I woke up to find my lower back extremely stressed I was worried it was going to go totally out, which has been the pattern in the past. When it goes totally out I can not stand up straight, the pelvis bone is tilted. It's awful.

When the pain lifted soon after I got to Village Creek Natural Historic Area I was very relieved.

This morning I was back in the pool again, swimming like a maniac.

I forgot to mention, after I saw Spencer Jack on the Fidalgo Drive-In website I blogged about the Fidalgo Drive-In on my Washington blog.

Up Early Thursday Morning After Rioting Last Night In Vancouver & A Victory Parade Today In Dallas

Looking closely through the bars of my patio prison cell on the morning of the 16th day of June the pool is looking very inviting.

It is not yet 7 and I'm already ready to turn on the A/C.

The predicted high today is currently 103.

103 degrees should make it very comfortable for the quarter million Dallas Mavericks fans on the streets of Dallas today to watch a Victory Parade.

I hope the heat does not drive the Dallas fans to riot.

Last night, up north in Canada, in Vancouver to be more precise, the Canucks lost the 7th game of the Stanley Cup Hockey Tournament. This caused a lot of ill-tempered Canadians to go into street riot mode. Setting cars on fire, breaking in to stores and looting.

In the Seattle P-I this morning I saw an odd headline.

Hey Houston! It's only a naked bike ride if you're naked.

The short article went on to say...

"Naked bikers in Houston could learn something from Seattle. First of all, it’s not a naked ride if you’re wearing underwear. Or shorts. Or a sundress."

And then had about 30 pictures of Houstonites in their underwear thinking they were naked.

I really don't understand why anyone would want to ride a bike whilst wearing no clothes. Hiking with no clothes, that I get.

Or swimming with no clothes, that seems totally natural. I think I'll go do that right now. And then later maybe some clothesless hiking on the Tandy Hills Natural Area.