Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Biking The Gateway Park FWMBA Trail Where The Trinity River Causes Me To Think About The Columbus Day Storm

Those are my handlebars you see in the picture, with the sun glistening bright off the longhorn handlebar extensions, on Gateway Park's FWMBA (Fort Worth Mountain Bike Association) mountain bike trail, today, in the noon time frame.

What you can not quite tell, via the picture, is that my handlebars are at the edge of a steep drop off that ends in that slimy green body of water known as the Trinity River.

Today, after I took the picture I looked down at the green slimy river and saw 3 big turtles luxuriating in the nutrient filled slimy green water.

Weeks ago, if I remember right, I mentioned that the river in my old home zone, that being the Skagit River, had shrunk to an extremely small version of its usually big self, due to a long drought.

Well, that drought has ended, with the Skagit River and the other rivers in Western Washington in flood mode. This morning I read 3 to 5 inches of rain had fallen in the mountains, with 1 to 2 inches falling in the lowlands. Hence the flooding.

I do not believe, in all my years of exile in Texas, I have ever read that a flood was coming due to a lot of rain falling in the mountains. I have read of a flood coming due to an incoming hurricane. I don't remember whilst living in Washington ever reading that a flood was coming due to a hurricane.

But, there have been floods in Washington, caused by a hurricane, we just don't call it a hurricane in the Pacific Northwest, I guess. Typhoon is the word that means hurricane. Or is a typhoon different than a hurricane or cyclone? I have no idea. I suspect I could Google this and end my bum puzzlement.

The hurricane, I mean typhoon, I am talking about was named Freda, but, by the time it hit Washington and Oregon it was known as the Columbus Day Storm.

This was one of the biggest storms in recorded history, sort of a Sandy of its day.

Below is the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article about the Columbus Day Storm....

The Columbus Day Storm of 1962 (also known as the Big Blow, and originally as Typhoon Freda) was an extratropical cyclone that struck the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States on October 12, 1962. The storm ranks among the most intense to strike the region since at least 1948, likely since the January 9, 1880 "Great Gale" and snowstorm. The storm is a contender for the title of most powerful extratropical cyclone recorded in the U.S. in the 20th century; with respect to wind velocity, it is unmatched by the March 1993 "Storm of the Century" and the "1991 Halloween Nor’easter" ("The Perfect Storm"). The system brought strong winds to the Pacific Northwest and southwest Canada, and was linked to 46 fatalities in the northwest and Northern California resulting from heavy rains and mudslides.

If I remember right the precise velocity of the maximum wind speed of the Columbus Day Storm is not known because over and over again the Big Blow blew out anemometers (wind speed measuring devices) at various measuring stations in its path.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Shadow Of The Tandy Thin Man Walking & Talking With My Sister From Arizona While Theo Says Hi To Grandpa

That is the Shadow of the Tandy Thin Man you are looking at in the picture.

My sister, who usually lives in Arizona, rode with me to the top of Mount Tandy today to go on an hour long hill hike.

It was another perfectly temperatured Tandy day to get some salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation, though the endorphin induction was somewhat lessened due to some of the hiking energy being transferred to talking energy.

The City of Fort Worth Water Guys were back on the Tandy Highway. I've noticed evidence of their return for a week or so, with today being the first time in this current appearance of the City of Fort Worth Water Guys, that I've actually seen one of their white trucks in action.

Currently the outer world is being heated to 74 degrees at my location. I have my computer room window open.

This morning the outer world was chilled to the reverse of the current 74 degrees, as in it was 47 degrees when I attempted to swim in the cool pool.  The outer world is currently scheduled to be heated to the mid 80s by Thursday and Friday, which should make for a less cool pool.

My sister told me that she'd been Skyping on her phone with my Tacoma sister and my nephews David and Theo and niece Ruby, with my mom and dad present for the Skyping.

My mom also mentioned this to me when I called on Sunday.

What my mom did not tell, but my sister did, is that when less than 2 years old Theo got on the phone my dad was holding the phone in Arizona, with Theo blurting out, with no prompting, "Hi Grandpa."

Apparently Theo is known for his reticence and the fact that you can not get him to talk when you want him to. So, that "Hi Grandpa" made quite an impression.

My favorite ex-sister-in-law tried to get me Skyping so I could Skype with her grandson, Spencer Jack. I remember downloading and installing Skype, but, in my ineptitude, being unable to get it to work.

I have been told previously that David, Theo and Ruby's other grandma, who lives in Colorado, also was unable to get Skype to work. I suspect the Colorado granny and I both suffer from age-related techno incompetence.

The 2012 Election Is Over For Me Because I Have Voted

I have now done my civic duty, voting wise, for the 2012 election.

Just a few minutes ago a nice polling place worker lady slapped the "I Voted" sticker on my shirt you see in the picture.

It is 4 years since I last early voted. The last time I voted was in the 2010 election and I did that voting on Election Day, thus at my neighborhood East Regional Library.

Early voting, for me, takes place at the Handley Community Center.

There was no line to wait in to vote today. I walked in and handed my Voter Registration card a nice lady working a computer. I said something like, "You've gone to using a computer now, rather than look through a big book of registered voters?"

The lady looked perplexed at me and said, "this is early voting, the big books get used on Election Day."

Then I remembered how I was perplexed when I voted in 2010 due to the method being different, as in there was not the video game like voting method I remembered using previously, in 2008.

Well, the video game method is used for the early voting, not the Election Day voting.

After the first nice lady found on the computer that I was, indeed, a registered voter I moved on to the next nice lady, she being the one who gave me my personalized 4 digit ballot code.. And slapped an "I Voted" sticker on me before I'd actually completed the task.

When I got to the voting booth it was a repeat of what happened in 2008, with me being a bit bumpuzzled at first, til I remembered how to spin the dial and enter the personalized 4 digit ballot code, 7934.

I had another slight bumpuzzling moment when I could not seem to be able to move from voting for President to the next thing that required a vote.

A lot of electioneering seems to take place at Texas polling places, as in all the signs you see in the picture. What you can't see is 4 people waving a sign supporting a candidate.

A lot of the voting options on the Texas ballot had a Republican as the only option. I found that a bit unsettling.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Snake Free Walk Through The Village Creek Wild Zone

As you can see in the picture, looking north, deep in the wild undeveloped zone of the Village Creek Natural Historical Area, there are no hurricane clouds swirling overhead in North Texas this last Monday of October of 2012.

I walked the trail through the VCNHA all the way to Pioneer Parkway. I have no idea how far that is, but it seemed like a long ways.

I don't walk in this area when it is hot, due to the fact that years ago, on my bike, I had my most unsettling snake encounter ever, whilst pedaling fast. I came close to running over a very big, very colorful snake. After that I noticed what I figured were a lot of snake holes along this trail.

A few years ago I was pedaling the River Legacy Park paved trail, when ahead of me about 100 feet I saw what I thought was a stick of re-bar sticking out of the ground. I thought that odd. And then when I got closer, like about 15 feet away, I saw it was a snake, sticking vertical out of its hole about a foot. The snake retreated into its hole before I passed it.

So, I assume any small round hole I see on a Texas trail is a snake home.

Changing the subject to something other than snakes.

My attempt to swim did not go well this morning. The pool had greatly cooled, even though the morning temperature was warmer than Sunday's. I swam to the end of the pool, then back to the other end, and then got out.

Yesterday morning I turned on my furnace for the first time this heating season. It was below 60 in my abode when I got out from under my thick cover of blankets Sunday morning.

I got gas Sunday afternoon, so I called my mom. During that call I learned it was my mom and dad who sent me the small bag full of McDonald's coupons, that I mentioned yesterday,  from which I can get an awful lot of French Fries.

My mom told me I am expected in Arizona in late November. My mom also told me they no longer have an internet connection. My mom seemed surprised that I might need an internet connection.

I don't know about the flying to Phoenix idea. I am sort of suffering a small bout of relative fatigue.

Every Only Child I have known has been messed up to varying degrees. But, sometimes I can see where being an Only Child might be a mighty fine thing. I'd miss having nephews and a niece, though.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

X Marks The Mysterious Spot On The Tandy Hills While I Discover Free McDonald's French Fries

An X or a Cross has appeared on the escarpment above the currently dry Tandy Falls.

Why would someone put an X or a Cross at this location?

I never get answers to the questions about the Mysteries of the Tandy Hills.

The bamboo tepee still stands. It seems like it has been years now that the bamboo tepee appeared near the center of the Tandy Hills. Who went to the bother of hauling all that bamboo such a distance? And why?

Then there is that rock crypt that appeared a couple months ago. The ice chest that was near the rock crypt soon disappeared, but the rock crypt still remains, undisturbed. What is buried under the rock crypt and how did someone manage to haul such a big chunk of rock such a distance, up and down hills?

It seems like there are other Mysteries of the Tandy Hills, but I'm not remembering them right now.

I just remembered another Mystery of the Tandy Hills.

It is a mystery to me why, on such a beautiful, perfectly temperatured day as today the Tandy Hills Natural Area is not swarming with locals having themselves a fine time hill hiking in the natural world.

Just as I was pondering that mystery today, thinking how odd it is I've seen no other humans on such a perfect day, two came into view, with the lady half of the pair greeting me with a very friendly Texas howdy. I told the pair what I'd just been thinking, with then them, a  pair of humans, suddenly appearing. The lady half of the pair verbalized agreeance regarding how odd it is that more people don't enjoy this slice of the natural world on such a beautiful day.

Speaking of mysteries of the eventually solved sort. This morning when I checked my mailbox prior to a very short dip in a very cool pool, I found a letter from Phoenix. After the very short dip in the very cool pool, upon opening the letter, I found what looked like a small version of the bag McDonald's French Fries come in. On the front of the bag it said "MONOPOLY. 1 IN 4 WINS. WAKE UP. PEEL OFF."

The upper right said "GO PEEL" with an arrow pointing me to the back side of the bag where I found a sticker waiting to be peeled. I peeled and found nothing under the peeling. I was very perplexed.

This Phoenix perplexation happened early this morning. After my salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation on the Tandy Hills I think my cerebral bloodflow had improved with increased oxygen improving my critical thinking and problem solving ability.

Because, a few minutes ago I thought to look in the bag and found a lot of little stickers with the words "Medium Fries" printed on them.

I am assuming if I hand one of these little stickers to an order taker at McDonald's I would then get a free bag of French Fries.

I have not been in a McDonald's since I was in Arizona last March. I regularly walk by McDonald's when I go to Walmart Supercenters, like this very morning, up in Hurst, when I went to Walmart across the street from ALDI, after I'd finished with ALDI.

Had I known about these little stickers that were hiding in this bag I might have had myself some French Fries this morning. Might have. But more likely not.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Running Gateway Park Orienteering In The Forbidden Zone With Geo-Cachers

In the picture you are looking at the Forbidden Zone in Fort Worth's Gateway Park. In the center of the picture a teenager is running west, while I head east.

I have never seen so many people in Gateway Park engaging in so many different activities as I saw today, on this last Saturday of October of 2012.

I knew something was up when I pulled into the parking lot zone and saw a lot of school buses and groups set up under canopies, with food and drink, among other things, being provided under the canopies.

Soon I started seeing dozens upon dozens of kids wearing green North Texas Orienteering t-shirts. Others were in camouflage gear.

My intention today was to get me some extra endorphin inducing aerobic activity by running, but I was feeling like a big, lumbering lug when I started to run. I think it may have been the excessive amount of clothing needed due to it being cold that may have thrown me off my running game.

As I made my way through the Forbidden Zone I came upon multiple groups of two or three doing the Orienteering thing. I came upon one kid doing the orienteering solo. He said, "Excuse me, sir," as if he wanted to ask me something. I asked if he was lost. He said he was not lost, but he never said what he was excusing me for.

I came upon an older lady bent over doing something. When she saw me she acted embarrassed and explained that she was geo-caching.

I came upon a group of guys playing a strange game that involved underhand throwing of what looked like mini-bowling balls.

In addition to these out of the ordinary activities I also ran into many examples of people doing things I usually see in Gateway Park, like mountain bikers, disc golfers, walkers, skateboarders, dog walkers, plus soccer and baseball games.

The attraction of orienteering eludes me, but those doing the orienteering sure seemed to be having themselves a real fine time.

After I was done with Gateway Park I did my regular Saturday thing and went to Town Talk. I got a lot of produce today. 3 big heads of Romaine lettuce for a buck, 2 big heads of cauliflower for a buck and a half, 4 bunches of cilantro for a buck and 8 big oranges for a buck. In the non-produce realm I got 2 cases of yogurt for 3 bucks each.

What was I thinking? Getting 3 big heads of Romaine lettuce?  That is a lot of salad.

Did Godzilla Torch Big Tex?

On Facebook this morning I saw the above new explanation as to what set Big Tex on fire at this year's State Fair of Texas.

I've not read anything about any investigation into what caused Big Tex to go up in flames, other than it was some electrical malfunction. I have not read anything about why it was that Big Tex was constructed of such flammable material.

And what about the children? It had to be traumatic for a little kid at the fair, gawking at Big Tex, listening to him talk, watching him wave his arm and then to suddenly see Big Tex start to smoke, then burst into flames.

Fairgoers can get fairly close to Big Tex. On my last visit he was surrounded by a train and landscaping and a fence. When Big Tex burned up did the crowd run? Or did the conflagration happen so suddenly that Big Tex was toast before there was a chance to run away from the flames?

Is anyone suing the State Fair of Texas for traumatizing their little kid with a flammable Big Tex? How about those people who were stuck high in the air, on a Midway carnvial ride, for hours, on the same day Big Tex died?

A Cool Saturday Morning Swim With Betty Jo Bouvier Celebrating Her Birthday In Seattle

I did not realize  the temperature was scheduled to get to one degree above freezing this last Saturday morning of October 2012.

I did realize the air had done some serious chilling when at some point during the night I found myself seeking extra warmth under blankets in my slumber chamber.

Knowing that the water in the pool would be significantly warmer than 33 degrees I went swimming this morning. The water was cooler than yesterday but not yet cool enough to trigger the shiver reaction.

Unless the temperature gets well above 50 today I will not be getting in the pool tomorrow morning. I see we are currently scheduled to reach a high of 60 today, with the low tonight being 36. Even if the temperature does reach 60 the water in the pool will be cooler tomorrow morning than it was this morning.

Today is Betty Jo Bouvier's birthday. Happy birthday Betty Jo.

I shan't say how old Betty Jo is today, as that would be impolite. Suffice to say that today is a significant anniversary of the day Betty Jo turned 39.

Betty Jo is celebrating her birthday by spending the weekend in Seattle where multiple surprises have been planned for her. I hope one of the surprises is a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel so I can get another first hand account.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Taking A Trip To Mexico Via The El Rancho Supermercado In Fort Worth

This morning when I went for a swim it was 49 degrees. The water was a lot warmer than the air.

The temperature continued to get colder after the sun began its daily rise, eventually bottoming out at 46 before beginning to get hotter, with it currently being a not too balmy 53 in the middle of the last Friday afternoon of October of 2012.

In addition to a long swim and some other things, this morning I was reading this week's FW Weekly and came upon this week's Chow Baby column.

Chow Baby is sort of a restaurant review column written in an amusing manner. This week's article was titled Tortillas Flat. About two places where tortillas could be found near the border of Haltom City and Fort Worth, near the Belknap/Beach Street  intersection.

One of the places mentioned by Chow Baby was the EL RANCHO SUPERMERCADO. Chow Baby described the Supermercado as being as if all the Mexican products had seceded from Central Market and opened their own grocery store.

I figured this Supermerado place would have a website. I figured right. It's a really noisy website, playing Mexican music. I could not find the off button.

At the El Rancho website I learned that Fort Worth is not the only place where an EL RANCHO SUPERMERCADO is located. There are 5 in Dallas, 2 in Austin, 1 in Lewisville, 1 in Cockrell Hill, 1 in Arlington and even 1 in Odessa, conveniently located for the Queen of Wink.

Re-reading Chow Baby's words of wisdom I see she says the Beach Street store is #23 in the chain. I guess that means there are more EL RANCHO SUPERMERCADOs than what I saw on their website.

So, with it being so cold that going on a walk or hike or bikeride did not seem all that enticing, and after having had myself plenty of endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation from swimming this morning, I decided to go to the EL RANCHO SUPERMERCADO on Beach Street. Turns out it is not all that distant from Town Talk, just a short distance north of the Beach Street Walmart Supercenter.

I rather liked the EL RANCHO SUPERMERCADO, though I did not find a lot to buy there. It felt like a trip to Mexico. The same type Mexican music that blares from their website also blares in the store.

The EL RANCHO SUPERMERCADO has a big bakery with Mexican baked goods. My previous experience with Mexican baked goods has been that they look way better than they taste.

There is a restaurant that looked to have the Mexican food regulars, although I'm not sure about some of it because it was all in Spanish. I think tongue may have been on the menu. The dining room is nice and rustic with picnic tables.

At the Tortilleria (tortilla making operation to you non-Spanish speakers) I got myself a big batch of freshly made, still very hot, whole wheat tortillas.

Since the EL RANCHO SUPERMERCADO is so close to places I regularly go to, I will likely be back, if only for the fresh tortillas.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Drops Of Rain Dampened Bike Riding Today Before The Northern Front Invaded North Texas

Today around noon my handlebars were on the paved trail in the Bob Findlay Linear Park, which trails past Arlington's Interlochen neighborhood.

To get to the Bob Findlay Linear Park one pedals the paved trail which runs through the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Today, a few minutes into pedaling, rain drops started falling on my head. And other places in addition to my hatless/helmetless head.

The rain was not falling in copious amounts. But with the clouds looking as if they could go into major level weep mode at any moment I cut the bike riding short today.

Currently, at some point in time between 2 and 3 in the afternoon the outer world is being heated to 77 degrees at my location. Around 3 a Northern Front is scheduled to march into the D/FW zone drastically dropping the temperature into the 40s.

I am fairly certain I will be under blankets tonight in my slumber chamber.

Looking outside it appears the Northern Front may be invading earlier than predicted, with sudden gusts of wind. So far, at least according to my computer based temperature monitoring device, the temperature has not yet begun to plummet.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spencer Jack's Jack-O-Lanterns Are Ready For Halloween

Spencer Jack Working On His Pumpkins
Earlier in the month I made mention of the tragic smashing of my great grand nephew, Spencer Jack's, Halloween pumpkin.

I have received multiple inquires regarding the current state of affairs regarding Spencer Jack's Jack-O-Lantern situation.

Well, I am pleased to report that Spencer Jack's favorite girl friend, Brittney, took him back to the pumpkin patch, where Spencer Jack found himself two new pumpkins.

One big, one little.

I do not remember painting pumpkins during my pumpkin carving, Jack-O-Lantern making, years. This must be a new thing the younger generation has added to the Halloween pumpkin carving tradition.

Below is the finished result of Spencer Jack's 2012 Halloween Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns. I am assuming that after the picture was taken Spencer Jack moved the pumpkins back inside the house so as to avoid a repeat of the previous smashed pumpkin tragedy.

Why are carved pumpkins called Jack-O-Lanterns I am sitting here wondering? Yes, I know I can end the wondering by doing some Googling. I have a tendency to wonder about something and then remember the answer is easily found.

How Does Mitt Romney Survive His Embarrassing Gaffes Without Becoming A National Laughingstock?

Years ago, back in the 1970s, I remember being appalled whilst watching a debate between the current president, Gerald Ford and a peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter, when President Ford informed America that he did not think that Eastern Europe was dominated by the Soviet Union.

Just a few years prior to Mr. Ford saying this, the Soviets had invaded Czechoslovakia in the most recent example of the Soviets keeping an iron thumb on the communist satellites the Soviets occupied after World II.

How could an American president say something this stupid I sat and wondered?

Mr. Ford lost the election.

During the 2008 election campaign, at one point during the campaigning, a tornado struck a town, where in the Midwest this occurred I no longer remember. This was a killer tornado, causing multiple deaths. Barack Obama repeated, multiple times, in multiple venues, that over 10,000 had died in this tornado. I remember being appalled and thinking how can a man, running for president, not intuitively know that over 10,000 people dying in a tornado would be the worst natural disaster in American history, and not intuitively know that the over 10,000 had to be a mistake?

This gaffe never became a big deal.

Barack Obama won the election.

Before he dropped out of the 2012 campaign for the Republican nomination, at one point Herman Cain said that we can not allow communist China to acquire nuclear weapons. How can someone running for president not know that China has had nuclear weapons since the 1960s?

Recently the 2012 Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, made clear he did not know that passenger jets had pressurized cabins, and windows rolling down is not possible.

And then you have Romney stupidly making the non-point that America has fewer ships in the Navy than it did in 1916.

And he would fix that.

That bonehead whopper should have been a sufficiently bad enough gaffe to have the man on the fast track to being laughed out of the race, in my opinion. How could a man running for president not understand that America's navy now has these things called aircraft carriers, that the era of naval powers having big flotillas of boats is long gone?

Methinks someone who thinks he is qualified to run for president should have a fairly well developed knowledge of geography. Particularly if that someone is going to participate in a debate about foreign affairs.

How could Mitt Romney be so geographically ignorant that he could assert, in a debate about foreign policy, that we can not allow an Iran dominated Syria, because that would give Iran a direct path to the sea?

How could Mitt Romney not know that Iraq is between Iran and Syria?

How could Mitt Romney not know that Iran already has a path to the sea, since Iran is situated on the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, and on Iran's northern border is the Caspian Sea, though landlocked, this is the largest landlocked body of water on the planet?

In elections in years gone by I think a candidate saying as many embarrassing things as what have come out of Mitt Romney's mouth would not have a chance of America taking a chance on such a potential buffoon.

Then again, I sort of think collectively us Americans have dumbed down and have collectively lost a lot of our critical reasoning ability. What other explanation is there for much of the Republican nonsense being taken seriously by anyone?

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are not even remotely distant memories, the bungling, the Intel failures, the misinformation, the bad strategy. And now we have this relatively minor incident in Libya, with some Republicans, led by their Top Boob, Rush Limbaugh, making claims that the Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi incident is worse than Watergate.

Worse than Watergate?

Have I mentioned I think some of these people are ignorant morons? Rush Limbaugh is very glib, and can be amusing, but his education ended at high school. Education is important. As is the result of a lack of education.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Snake Free Walk With The Indian Ghosts Who Haunt The Village Creek Natural Historical Area

Village Creek Blue Bayou
Yesterday I think I overdid it with the running around Crystal Canyon looking for shiny objects, because this morning when I got vertical in my slumber chamber, after a long slumber, I found myself to be a bit sore.

I took a dose of ibuprofen and a long swim, both of which I think may have contributed to feeling less sore.

When the time of the day came around for my regularly scheduled salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation I opted to not be very stimulated, so I drove to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the historical area.

The Village Creek Blue Bayou is slowly being choked with vegetation. Years ago when I first saw this bayou it was more like a big open pond, with little vegetation. I remember roller blading on to the now replaced wooden viewing platform and asking a couple guys what they were looking at.

Water Moccasins, I was told.

It was a group of 5 or 6 reptiles in the water making a minor snake boil. This was very early in my getting adjusted to living with a lot of snakes in the natural world, so seeing all those snakes sort of unsettled me. In the years since I've learned that it is likely these were not Water Moccasins, but instead some other group of water snakes, without a venomous bite.

Miss Puerto Rico returns from her home island today, arriving in the D/FW zone a bit after 8, after a long day of flying, going from San Juan to Washington, D.C. to D/FW.

I think I may have forgotten to check in on Miss Puerto Rico's mentally ill cat, Tasha, yesterday. I probably should go do that right about now.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Running Around Crystal Canyon Searching For Shiny Objects

In the picture you are looking at the Shadow of the Crystal Canyon Thin Man, today, around noon.

The sun was shining around some clouds whilst I was doing some salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic activity running around the Crystal Canyon Natural Area's trail a few laps.

I thought maybe with the sun shining on the canyon that the illusive crystals might be doing some glistening.

I saw no glistening. Except for the sweat beads glistening on my personal epidermal layer.

My computer based weather monitoring device just started flashing red. When I clicked on SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT I read the following...


in effect until Monday, Oct 22, 2:30pm.

Well, it is almost 2:30pm, so the above WEATHER STATEMENT is about to become ineffective. I have seen some wind gusts and a little bit of rain has fallen. But, no thunderstorm action.

Enough about the weather, now back to Crystal Canyon.

The above info is gleaned from one of the informative signs in the Crystal Canyon Natural Area. That verbiage sure makes it seem as if one should expect to see some crystals whilst one traverses this natural area's topography.

The next time I go running around the Crystal Canyon Natural Area maybe it would help if I brought my magnifying glass with me.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today The Fort Worth Space Needle Looked Like It Was Falling On Me & A Field Of Tandy Hills Broken Glass

That is the Fort Worth Space Needle high atop the summit of Mount Tandy you are looking at in the picture.

Today when I looked up at the Space Needle the clouds being blown fast past the Needle creating the illusion that the tower was falling towards me. This caused a very strong vertigo dizzy type reaction to my sense of balance.

Those of you who are familiar with Space Needles in other towns in America who are wondering if there is a revolving restaurant and observation deck at the top of the Fort Worth Space Needle.

Well, the answer to that question is no.

There no elevator to the top of the Fort Worth Space Needle. There is a ladder that reaches the top and I have seen a human climb all the way to the top of the Fort Worth Space Needle. Looking at that also made me dizzy.

According to the local air environment reports there are a lot of allergens blowing in the North Texas breeze, making for conditions where asthma sufferers may be doing some heavy duty suffering. I have not made note of any increased problem with my respiratory system. When I read that the allergen level had gone real high I was a bit concerned I was in for a repeat of my recent bout of allergic misery.

A couple weeks ago I came upon a red branched bush in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area that had me wondering why I'd not noticed it before. Today, whilst hiking one of the Tandy Hills' trails, that I've hiked too many times to count, I came upon a large field of broken glass just a few feet off the trail.

That is the field of broken glass you see above. How is it I never noticed this before? All the broken  glass did not look as if it were a recent arrival to the Tandy Hills

I am really beginning to think I am not a very observant wanderer.

Swimming was very pleasant early this morning. It was so warm last night that in the middle of the night I turned on the A/C. A warm night made for a sort of warm pool.

Midway through this next to last Sunday of October it is 85 degrees with the humidity making it really feel like 89. Methinks I shall go for a rare Sunday afternoon swim and try and work on my exercise deficit.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pedaling The Gateway Park Mountain Bike Trail Concerned About Official Square Dancing In Washington

What you are looking at in the picture is my handlebars atop a steep drop off, also known as a cliff, above a green body of very slowly moving water called the Trinity River.

I pedaled the Gateway Park FWMBA mountain bike trail for my Saturday salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation, before going to Town Talk, next door to Gateway Park.

Soon after the sun arrived, this morning, I got my first endorphin boost of the day via a long swim in very pleasantly temperatured water, water that was just slightly warmer than the air.

Last night, at some point real early this morning, my slumber chamber had chilled to the point that a blanket was required for additional slumbering. I don't think tonight there will be a similar chill level because currently the temperature is 83 midway through the afternoon.

Yesterday, in a blogging titled Running River Legacy Park Mountain Bike Trails With An Armadillo I mentioned that the Armadillo is the Official State Small Mammal of Texas. In that blogging I wondered if my old home state of Washington had any official this, that or the other thing, further wondering if the Orca was the Official Mammal of the State of Washington.

Well, one of my fellow Washingtonians in exile in Texas, Steve A, made a couple amusing comments, one of which informed me that the Orca is the Official Marine Mammal of Washington.

And that the Square Dance is Washington's Official Dance.

Square Dance? The Official Dance of Washington? That is just disturbing.

So disturbing I need to walk away from the computer and go feed a Puerto Rican's hungry fat cat.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Running River Legacy Park Mountain Bike Trails With An Armadillo

Shall I Bike? Or Shall I Hike? Neither. I'll Run.
Today my means of acquiring endorphins from aerobic stimulation was to go running on the mountain bike trails in River Legacy Park.

I am being a bit surprised at how easily and quickly I've transitioned into running after years of only running when circumstances warranted that behavior, circumstances like being chased by a dog, running for cover in a downpour, that type thing.

I have biked the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails dozens of times. I have walked the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails a couple times. Walking these trails seemed to take a long time, likely it seemed that way because my locomotive means on these trails had usually been bi-pedaling.


Today I was surprised by how quickly I was covering the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails in running mode. It was being fun, but I think I may have overdone it, a bit. So far nothing seems to be sore.

At one point one of my favorite type critters quickly crossed my path. I stopped and grabbed my camera.

The Armadillo is the Official State of Texas Small Mammal. I don't know what the Official State of Texas Large Mammal is. I know I could quickly find out. My guess is that it is the Longhorn.

Just a sec, I'll see....

Yes, the Longhorn is the Official State of Texas Large Mammal.

I don't remember if my old home state had official this that or the other things. If Washington did have an Official State of Washington Large Mammal I would guess it would be the Orca.

Big Tex Burns Up Today At The State Fair Of Texas

This morning I was driving in Hurst, listening to the radio, when I heard the shocking news that the iconic symbol of the State Fair of Texas, Big Tex, had burst into flames, with Big Tex totally destroyed in the conflagration.

I later learned Big Tex met his end due to an electrical short in his neck that sparked the fire that quickly consumed Big Tex.

Why was Big Tex made out of what must have been very flammable material I can not help but wonder?

I also heard reports that the past few days Big Tex had been talking a little funny, suggesting that this electrical problem had been festering for awhile.

Big Tex was something like 60 years old. I suspect by the time the 2013 version of the State Fair of Texas is ready to open a new Big Tex will be ready to greet fairgoers.

If you never got to meet Big Tex and hear his booming voice, in his classic Texas accent, watch the video below that I made from my most recent visit to the State Fair of Texas. In the video I visit with Big Tex before wandering through the noisy State Fair of Texas Midway...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kids On The Prairie With Science-Based Fall Field Trips At Tandy Hills Natural Area

Moments ago I got an email from Don Young marked urgent with a red exclamation point. Attached to the email was a PDF document, which is what you see on the left.

In that PDF document we learn that the "Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area (FOTHNA) are pleased to announce the first ever Fall edition of Kids on the Prairie, a program that will bring two-hundred FWISD students to one of the few remaining examples of native prairie in north Texas. Master Naturalists will lead the 4th grade classes from our Fall Scholarship Schools, Meadowbrook and Eastern Hills Elementary, in a day of field investigations in science, math, creative writing, art and ecology."

Tandy Hills Natural Area
3400 View Street
Fort Worth, TX 76103

Tuesday, October 23 @ 10 a.m.
Wednesday, October 24, @ 10 a.m.
(Eastern Hills)

For More Information

Mountain Biking Through The Dark Gateway Park Jungle With Indian Soul Food

In the picture you are looking over my handlebars deep in the dark jungle of Gateway Park on the Fort Worth Mountain Bike Association (FWMBA) mountain bike trail.

It has been awhile since I've bi-pedaled on a mountain bike trail. I think it is well over a month since I got a flat front tire on the River Legacy Park mountain bike trail.

The flat tire happened around the time my allergy respiratory woes went into high gear.

Today was the first cool day I've been biking since I got a new bike. By cool day I mean cool in the sense of the word that refers to the temperature, although it being a cool day, temperature-wise, is making this particular Thursday a cool day in the other meaning of the cool word.

Whilst biking the air was cooled to a cool 60 something. Now, an  hour later, a couple minutes past one in the afternoon, the air is still relatively chilly at 70 degrees.

Swimming was very refreshing, early this morning, at 52 degrees.

Enough with the temperature reporting. It is time for lunch. Chicken Samosas with Cilantro Chutney, plus Collard Greens and Re-Fried Beans with a lot of Cilantro added. Basically lunch today is Indian Soul Food.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Is Going On Behind The No Trespassing Signs In Fort Worth's Gateway Public Park?

In Gateway Park, on the south side of the paved trail one exits to enter the Gateway Park Mountain Bike Trail there is an old roadway that heads south towards the Trinity River.

Years ago I pedaled a short distance on this particular trail and found that a goathead had flattened my flat tire.

For months now I have been seeing big trucks hauling what looks like rocks, from behind the Gateway Park ball fields. The road these trucks are exiting from has two NO TRESPASSING CITY EMPLOYEES ONLY signs. I climbed up on the berm that surrounds the ball fields and could see heavy equipment in the distance.

The heavy equipment made me curious. Gas drilling operation? In the park? What?

Road Through The Gateway Park Backwoods
So, I jogged down the aforementioned road, past the point where I'd been flattened years before. I was surprised by the distance I was running, by how much undeveloped space I was seeing in Gateway Park that I'd not seen before.

After awhile, on my right, I saw chain link fence on top of a levee type berm.

There is a long abandoned sewage treatment plant in Gateway Park. Years ago I climbed through the cyclone fence and explored around the old cement structures.

The area previously explored was a distance to the west. When I climbed up the levee type berm to see what I could see, today, I saw a lot of abandoned cement structures and a lot of heavy equipment.

The abandoned sewage treatment plant is way bigger than I previously realized.

My best guess as to what is going on with the heavy equipment is the cement structures are being broken up and removed.

Then I remembered years ago reading of a strange proposed development that I think later became part of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle after the Boondoggle was expanded to include Gateway Park.

That strange proposed development was to turn the abandoned sewage treatment area into an outdoor amphitheater that could sit thousands.

Is that what is now underway?

The entire abandoned sewage treatment plant is surrounded by a high levee berm. I assume this was installed to keep a flooding Trinity River from flooding into the treatment plant. Or to keep an out of control sewage treatment plant from flooding sewage into the Trinity River.

Not that anyone would notice.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paperwork Drives Me To Village Creek Walking With Re-Fried Beans

I had myself a very pleasant swim this morning with the water again being a little warmer than the air, which was chilled to somewhere in the high 50s or low 60s. It's been hours since I was in the pool and my memory is failing me in the remembering this morning's temperature department.

After swimming, several hours this morning were spent filling out paperwork. Pages of paperwork. I don't like filling out paperwork. I no longer write very legibly, with printing numbers with a pen in my left hand, being particularly difficult. More than half of the paperworking involved printing numbers.

Miss Puerto Rico flew to her home island this morning. I did not drive her to the airport. I've not driven Miss Puerto Rico to the airport since the incident on Obama's Inauguration Day way back in January of 2009, which had Miss Puerto Rico locked up for hours in the airport's jail.

I guess I am blessed in that in my long life I have only known 2 criminals who have done jail time. Miss Puerto Rico's airport jail time was for the relatively innocuous crime of over medicating on alcohol to fortify her flying courage. The other criminal I have known committed the crime of stealing 100s of thousands of dollars. That is a bit more serious crime than being drunk at the airport. Miss Puerto is not a convicted felon and thus is able to vote. The other criminal is a convicted felon and thus not allowed to vote.

During her absence I have agreed to check in on Miss Puerto Rico's very ill-behaved feline named Tasha. I'll do that sometime after 6 this evening.

In the picture above you are looking at the trail that winds around Village Creek in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington. That was my go to place today for my daily dose of endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

I guess I am looking forward to tonight's debate. Til then I've got some beans that need to be re-fried. With cilantro.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Old Man & The Fosdick Sea Fishing With Turtles

The Old Man and the Fosdick Sea were back together again today. Along with a cute puppy.

I've seen the Old Man and the Fosdick Sea together many times, but I've not seen the Old Man hook a fish.

I don't know what the Old Man would do with a fish he caught in the Fosdick Sea, what with the warning signs informing potential Fosdick fish eaters that the fish is not safe to eat.

Would you not think that a city, like Fort Worth, which regularly makes the rest of the world green with envy, because of its absolute awesomeness, would be just a little embarrassed by the fact that there are bodies of water within its city limits which are so polluted they render fish a danger to eat?

Both the turtles and the ducks who live on Fosdick Lake were being really frisky today. I think they may have been being happy due to the fresh infusion of fresh water from the rain that fell over the weekend.

Today the turtle population on Fosdick Lake's biggest log was the largest number of the shelled reptiles I have ever witnessed congregating in one spot.

When I eventually got too close for comfort the mass turtle exit from the log looked like an Esther Williams synchronized swimming routine, with the turtle on the far right being the first to dive off the log, followed, one by one, til the turtle on the far left was the last to hit the water.

This mass turtle exit happened so quickly I was unable to photo document the event.

I was able to get a picture of some Fosducks acting ducky.

The two boys on the right had been feeding the Fosducks, with the ducks coming out of the water, then up the hill towards the boys, with the boys backing up from the approaching ducks.

Then the boys ran out of duck food. The quacking became very demanding. The boys quickly walked away as the Fosducks seemed to be conferring to decide what next to do, as in, continue to chase after the boys, hoping for more food, or head back to Fosdick Lake?

Eventually the near riot conditions abated, with the ducks slowly calmed down, ceasing with the loud quacking.

I tell you, walking around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park is starting to become way too stimulating for an easily excitable person like myself.

Spencer Jack's Smashing Pumpkin Tragedy

I've never seen Spencer Jack look as unhappy as he does this morning via a picture sent via email from Spencer Jack's dad.

A couple days ago I mentioned that Spencer Jack and his favorite girlfriend, Brittney, had gone pumpkin hunting.

Sunday morning it was discovered that Spencer Jack's Jack-o-Lantern had met a smashing sad end.

Below is Spencer Jack's dad's email explaining the smashed pumpkin....

Spencer Jack's morning chores are to a) make his bed, b) put away his water bottle, c) open all the shades and blinds in the house and d) bring his dad the paper. It wasn't until d) where he learned that some people in this world are just not nice. Returning from the front porch with the Sunday editions of the Seattle Times and the local Skagit Valley Herald he discovered that his recently attained pumpkin was missing. As noted on your blog...he and his girlfriend Brittney picked out this $7 monstrous pumpkin yesterday in the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. He was so proud. And eager to carve and color it. And sad that it was gone. He thought perhaps the wind blew it away. His dad quickly dressed and Spencer and him walked one block away where we found the pumpkin smashed in the middle of the street. His dad explained to him that somebody took his pumpkin and the the wind was not to blame. He's been upset all day. His girlfriend promised him that they can return to the pumpkin patch and find a replacement pumpkin. That made him happy. He is insisting that we keep the replacement pumpkin indoors.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Walking Across A Raging Village Creek With A Snake

That is the spillway of one of the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's dam bridges you are looking at in the picture.

A lot of water was shooting through the dam bridge today during my regular Sunday walk with the Indian Ghosts who forlornly haunt this location on the planet.

I was expecting rain all day on Saturday, but only saw a few drops.

On my way to the swimming pool this morning I found myself trudging through some mud sludge. This was my first indication that some rain had fallen. And then when I got a closeup look at the pool I could see that several inches had been added to the depth, thus indicating several inches of rain had fallen.

I was later to learn that at some point in time during the dark hours of Sunday morning a booming thunderstorm passed over my abode, with very strong winds and heavy rain, and possible hail.

I heard none of this because I was peacefully asleep in my soundproof slumber chamber.

By the time the sun arrived this morning to begin its daily illumination duty the solar rays hit the earth with no cloud intervention, as in the sky was totally blue, with the air chilled to a pleasant 64 degrees. Currently, in the middle of Sunday afternoon the air is slightly heated to a pleasant 76 degrees.

Today, crossing the dam bridge you see above I had a slightly unsettling experience whilst gazing at the flotsam that was jammed up against the dam bridge. That is the flotsam you see below.

As I looked at the mess of litter and wood I saw something odd, like a long, thick, black piece of rubber.

And then the rubber moved.

It was a snake. A really really big black snake. As I reached for my camera  the really really big black camera shy snake slithered down into the pile of floating wood. I hope the really really big black snake knew it was slithering on wood that was jammed up against a dam with culverts through the dam shooting out water at high speed.

I maintained a watch for several minutes, waiting for the really really big black snake to shoot out the other side of the dam.

However, no further snake sighting was made.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spencer Jack Goes Pumpkin Hunting While I Am In Texas Thinking About The Dreaded Holiday Season

A few minutes ago, after I found out, via Facebook and Google, that Mitt Romney is Completely Wrong, I came upon a picture of my great grand nephew (or is it grand great nephew? I never know) Spencer Jack.

Apparently Spencer's favorite girl friend, Brittney, took him pumpkin hunting.

October seems to be melting away very quickly, with over a third of the 10th month of 2012 already passed into history.

Soon it will be Halloween, quickly followed by November and the dreaded (by me) holiday season, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and a New Year arriving.

I am almost 100% certain that at some point in time during that dreaded (by me) holiday season I will be in Arizona.

I do not believe I will be in Arizona during the Christmas part of the dreaded (by me) holiday season. It will be earlier in the month.

I have not spent Christmas with my mom and dad since Christmas of the year 2000, also in Arizona, but further south and west, in Yuma.

That was a very pleasant Christmas. It was where I saw my first ever luminarias.

Christmas morning breakfast was at a Yuma casino, followed by a trip to the Mexican border town of Algodones where I got some cool artwork and was offered real cheap Viagra whilst walking the streets of Algodones in front of my mom and dad.

The Viagra offer was vaguely embarrassing.

I wonder what Spencer Jack's Halloween costume will be this year? Last year he was a railroad crossing. That unique Halloween costume got Spencer Jack in the Skagit Valley Herald for the first time.

I remember Spencer's Uncle Joey, he being my nephew, texted me telling me "Spencer in SVH."  I got that text whilst hiking the Tandy Hills. By the time I got back to my computer Spencer's grandma, she being my favorite ex-sister-in-law, had emailed me with the same message, albeit with a bit more text.

Google's Search Algorithms Find Mitt Romney Completely Wrong

A couple minutes ago I was on Facebook and saw that one of my longtime friends from high school, that being the mad scientist, Tom Nelson, had shared an amusing item.

In yet one more example of how incredibly accurate Google is with its search algorithms, when you go to Google Search and type "Completely Wrong" in the search window, Mitt Romney comes up, including images of Mitt Romney being completely wrong.

Riding The Rails Around Fosdick Lake In Oakland Lake Park

Til today, after dozens upon dozens upon dozens of walks around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park it never crossed my mind to wonder why railings have been installed on the edges of the trail.

As you can clearly see, there is no abyss that one might fall in to if not for a railing to keep one on the trail.

I know the City of Fort Worth is flush with funds, and can easily afford to spend money on things that don't seem to make sense, but these railings really perplexed me today.

What also perplexes me is wondering why it never crossed my mind to wonder about these railings until today.

The walk around Fosdick Lake was pleasant, a strong breeze was blowing. At that point in time it looked as if at any moment a downpour might pour down. And now, hours later, the predicted rain has still not arrived at my location on the planet.

Since it is Saturday, and I obsessively follow a precisely repetitive schedule, I went to Town Talk.

Last Saturday was the busiest I've ever seen Town Talk. Today topped last Saturday. Vehicles were parking on the grass, vehicles were clogging the parking lot, circling for an open slot.

Methinks Town Talk needs to expand its parking lot.

Currently, whilst waiting for the incoming rain, the outer world is heated to 81 degrees at my location. The return to highs in the 80s has returned the water in my swimming pool to a pleasant temperature. I had myself a really long swim early this morning. I'm hoping tomorrow morning I'll get to go swimming in the rain. I enjoy swimming in the rain.

Friday, October 12, 2012

I Can Not Stop Talking Out Of My Tailpipe Because Of Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Public Transportation Shortcomings

Today, Friday, my route to Oakland Lake Park, to walk around Fosdick Lake, took me by the closed Fort Worth East Regional Library on Bridge Street.

This route also takes me by a billboard I have been making note of for months, making note and wondering what the purpose is of this billboard.

So, today I parked underneath the aforementioned billboard and took a picture of it.

STOP TALKING OUT OF YOUR TAILPIPE, the billboard instructs me.

Seeing this billboard the past many months I assumed it had to do with vehicles with emissions problems, suggesting that someone with such a problem should stop it.

This confused me, because in the D/FW Metroplex zone you have to get your vehicle inspected annually. So, the talking out of your tailpipe problem would seem to already be legislatively addressed.

Even so, I ever so often see a vehicle spewing clouds of exhaust and wonder how this vehicle does not get stopped, ticketed and taken off the road. And how it managed to pass the emissions test.

I also wondered, even though the local municipalities are flush with cash, why money would be spent on such a thing as this billboard, with this one on Bridge Street likely not being the only example of such a billboard?

Clearly, spending money on a billboard with this important message is more important than keeping public libraries open.

Then I noticed on the lower right part of the billboard there is a website address.

I went to the Stop Talking Out Your Tailpipe website and found this...

So, this billboard is all about trying to get you out of your vehicle because "With all the incredible public transportation options available in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, the reasons for not riding are just a bunch of hot air."

Hot air. Unfortunate choice of words.

Yeah, the D/FW public transport system is incredible. Like it is incredible that you can not ride any Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex public transit, in any form, to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. Or the Ballpark in Arlington. Or Hurricane Harbor in Arlington. Or the Cowboy Stadium in Arlington.

Arlington is the biggest city in America with no public transportation, even though there are all these imaginary incredible public transportation options in the D/FW Metroplex, according to these talking out of their tailpipes people.

Every week, or so, I drive about 6 miles to the ALDI in Hurst. There is no public transportation that would take me from my location to Hurst. I am fairly certain Hurst is part of the D/FW Metroplex.

A couple weeks ago one of my nephews was in Lewisville for 5 days. I did not feel like driving up to Lewisville to see my nephew because I did not want to be talking that long out of my tailpipe. There is no public transportation from my location to Lewisville. I am fairly certain Lewisville is part of the D/FW Metroplex.

Gar the Texan lives in Flower Mound. I can think of few things I'd rather do than drive to Flower Mound to visit Gar the Texas. Flower Mound is closer to me than Lewisville, but still a distance I would not like to have my tailpipe talking. There is no public transportation that would take me from my location to Flower Mound. I am fairly certain Flower Mound is part of the D/FW Metroplex.

I'd like to go to the Glass Cactus at Gaylord Texan up in Grapevine. But, I would not want to drive home after spending a few hours in the Glass Cactus. There is no public transportation that would take me from my location to Grapevine, and back.  I am fairly certain Grapevine is part of the D/FW Metroplex.

So, who is behind wasting money on this absurdly demented propaganda about all the non-existent incredible public transportation options available in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metoplex?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Mysterious Red Bush At Village Creek Along With Other Mysterious Scenery At Walmart

I do not know how I missed noticing, previously, the red branched bush you see in the picture, on any of my many previous walks with the Indian Ghosts whose job it is to haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington.

The red branched bush appeared on the south side of the paved trail, a few hundred feet from the Dottie Lynn Parkway Indian Village Creek Natural Historical Area parking lot, on the east side of the open space caused by a power line right of way that unnaturally slices through the natural area.

Why I had not noticed this red branched bush before is unsettling. Apparently I am not very observant.

Or the Indian Ghosts are playing tricks with the Village Creek Natural Historical Area foliage.

I suspect the latter explanation.

After my rather short walk with the Indian Ghosts I went to the nearby Walmart Supercenter where I was also appalled by the scenery.

The explanation for the appalling Walmart scenery could not be blamed on Indian Ghosts.

The blame for the appalling Walmart scenery today is America's out of control obesity epidemic and the human form distortions that are the epidemic's result with too many who have way too bad a taste level about what they put on their plus-sized bodies.

Today I thought to myself if I had some sort of hidden video cam stuck somewhere on my person and walked around my local Walmart I would quickly have enough footage for a very amusing video, with both sights and the sounds. I over hear so many amusing snippets of dialogue whilst I walk around Walmart, some of which is me talking.

More than once I have been in Walmart and observed a particularly interesting example of an extra large human, slovenly attired, with multiple tattoos and piercings. I then wonder to myself if this big person actually thinks that getting some tattoos and piercings is going to be a big enhancement to their over all look?

I would think that, rather than spend money on tattoos and piercings, the money might be better spent on clothes that fit.

When I am in Walmart I also see many examples of plus-sized humans attired in clothes that fit them, with a good-looking result. So, it is not like there are no examples, in Walmart, of how to be BIG and still wear clothes that fit and look good.

I know it might sound like I am some sort of obesity bigot, but I really am not. What I'm a bigot about is unnecessary slovenliness to which innocent eyeballs, like mine, are subjected to against our will.

What set me off today was this woman, looking to be maybe 40 something. She was wearing way too short shorts that were way too small, creating an effect that looked like sausage oozing from its casing. The tight t-shirt like top did not have enough material to cover this woman's midsection, so it oozed out over the top of the way too shorts.

A tattoo surrounded the exposed giant crater where I think the belly button was located. Other tattoos were on both legs. There were arm tattoos. A pin pierced through the eyebrow above the left eye, another piercing was in the nose. There likely were other piercings and tattoos, but one must limit ones gawking time in these type circumstances.

So, that has been my day today, so far, freak show at Walmart, looking forward to another type freak show tonight with the Vice-Presidential Debate at 7/8C.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Sort Of Moronic Broadcaster Would Tell Listeners Obama's Lies Are Worse Than Watergate?

If you answered "Rush Limbaugh" you are correct.

When I was in Arizona this past March I was a little appalled to find out my mom listens to Rush Limbaugh. Then I figured out she listens to him for the same reason I do, that being that he can be amusing and ridiculously aggravating, with his insipid rantifying, at times.

My mom can take listening to Rush Limbaugh longer than I can stand it. At the longest, I can listen to a half hour, usually way less.

The ridiculous nonsense has been amped up due to the election next month, that and there having been a Democrat in the White House for almost 4 years.

Limbaugh can say the stupidest stuff, and then repeat the stupid stuff over and over again, with, I guess, no one in his audience telling him he is wrong, even though the listener may know he is wrong but does not call to wise the man up.

In the past week, in the short periods I listen to Rush, I have heard him repeat, multiple times, that no president has been re-elected with the unemployment number being 8% or above. Apparently Mr. Limbaugh has never heard of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Some of the right wing nutjobs, like Limbaugh, have been crusading conspiratorially that the unemployment figures are the result of the Obama administration somehow cooking the books, because if the unemployment number were 8%, or above, come election day, no way could Obama be re-elected, because no incumbent ever has.

Except for FDR, whom Limbaugh neglects to mention. Or does not realize was an American President.

And now we've got the cadre of so-called Conservatives, who really aren't conservatives, but are more accurately identified as being irrational reactionaries, screaming that Obama and his administration's supposed lies, regarding the deadly consulate attack in Benghazi, are worse than Watergate.

To say such a thing is just embarrassing, much more embarrassing than that whole not knowing FDR got re-elected when the unemployment rate was above 8% embarrassment.

Read part of Limbaugh's rant from today's radio show, as transcribed on Rush Limbaugh's website, in an article titled "Obama's Libya Lies: Worse Than Watergate" and you'll get a good dose of the whacked out nonsense that the rightwingers are spewing in their alternative universe.

Anybody else from the regime who went out and tried to blame what happened to our ambassador at Benghazi and in Cairo on this video was lying, big time.  Top officials at the State Department are unwilling to fall on their swords and take the blame for the lies.  The AP, Administration Press, is reporting State Department officials have briefed reporters (all except Fox, they weren't invited) about what really happened at the US consulate there, and they say that they never linked the attack to the anti-Muslim video.

"That was not our conclusion," and the question about linkage is for others to answer, which, if the State Department says we had nothing to do with it, where else did this lie originate? Where else could it have originated? The White House, which is quite telling. This is a major falling out here between the radical left State Department, the radical left White House. The State Department has thrown everybody at the regime overboard and under the bus on this. This ought to be the lead story. I mentioned yesterday or the day before in a brief monologue about how I think the current acceptance of all of this economic deterioration as the new norm is directly traceable to Bill Clinton and his moral failings and our being told that we had to accept that as the new norm.

I made the point here that this is bigger than Watergate. If Watergate were to happen today and it was a Democrat president, it would be tolerated. It would be applauded and praised as brilliant political strategerizing and foresight in thinking if the Democrats did it. But folks, an American citizen is arrested, an American ambassador is dead, three other Americans are dead.

Bigger than Watergate? What's next? Limbaugh demanding to know what Obama knew and when did he know it? Which was one of the classic Watergate questions, as in, what did Nixon know and when did he  know it?

Watergate was an epic scandal, a once in a lifetime scandal, the only presidential scandal that led to a president resigning.

And Rush Limbaugh thinks Benghazi-gate is worse than Watergate?

I tell you, Rush Limbaugh is a cautionary tale of the bad things that can happen when somehow an uneducated man, who barely made it out of high school, who did not go to college, is given a microphone where he can reach out to millions, like himself, who also lack the critical faculties needed to accurately process incoming data without blowharding their wanton Know Nothing-ness.

The Know Nothing Party arose in the 1850s. It's official name was the American Party. In the presidential election of 1856 former president, Millard Fillmore was the Know Nothing nominee. Fillmore had been a Whig, but the Whig Party was no more.

Fillmore's Know Nothing campaign slogan was "I Know Nothing but my Country, my whole Country, and Nothing but my Country."

The Know Nothings where known for being xenophobic and anti-Catholic, with other groups also targeted, like Irish and German immigrants, because the Know Nothings thought the country was being over-run by these groups. Hence the Know Nothings wanted to curb immigration and naturalization. Only male Protestants of British lineage could become a Know Nothing.

Do you see any commonalities between the Know Nothings of the 1850s and the Rush Limbaugh type self-described conservative Know Nothings of the 2010s?

Which brings to mind that saying that goes something like "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it."

Methinks the modern Republican Party may be doomed to becoming known as the Second Coming of the Know Nothing Party, and, in its place, a new party will rise. This happened many a time in the past. Not so much in the last 100 years.

But, as recently as 1912, Teddy Roosevelt ran for president on the Progressive ("Bull Moose") Party ticket and came in second to the Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, with Roosevelt's successor, William Howard Taft, the incumbent Republican, coming in 3rd with only 8 electoral votes, with Roosevelt getting 88.

So far, Taft has been the only incumbent American President to come in 3rd place in a bid for re-election. I don't know what the unemployment numbers were when Taft suffered his massive defeat.....