Sunday, October 28, 2012

X Marks The Mysterious Spot On The Tandy Hills While I Discover Free McDonald's French Fries

An X or a Cross has appeared on the escarpment above the currently dry Tandy Falls.

Why would someone put an X or a Cross at this location?

I never get answers to the questions about the Mysteries of the Tandy Hills.

The bamboo tepee still stands. It seems like it has been years now that the bamboo tepee appeared near the center of the Tandy Hills. Who went to the bother of hauling all that bamboo such a distance? And why?

Then there is that rock crypt that appeared a couple months ago. The ice chest that was near the rock crypt soon disappeared, but the rock crypt still remains, undisturbed. What is buried under the rock crypt and how did someone manage to haul such a big chunk of rock such a distance, up and down hills?

It seems like there are other Mysteries of the Tandy Hills, but I'm not remembering them right now.

I just remembered another Mystery of the Tandy Hills.

It is a mystery to me why, on such a beautiful, perfectly temperatured day as today the Tandy Hills Natural Area is not swarming with locals having themselves a fine time hill hiking in the natural world.

Just as I was pondering that mystery today, thinking how odd it is I've seen no other humans on such a perfect day, two came into view, with the lady half of the pair greeting me with a very friendly Texas howdy. I told the pair what I'd just been thinking, with then them, a  pair of humans, suddenly appearing. The lady half of the pair verbalized agreeance regarding how odd it is that more people don't enjoy this slice of the natural world on such a beautiful day.

Speaking of mysteries of the eventually solved sort. This morning when I checked my mailbox prior to a very short dip in a very cool pool, I found a letter from Phoenix. After the very short dip in the very cool pool, upon opening the letter, I found what looked like a small version of the bag McDonald's French Fries come in. On the front of the bag it said "MONOPOLY. 1 IN 4 WINS. WAKE UP. PEEL OFF."

The upper right said "GO PEEL" with an arrow pointing me to the back side of the bag where I found a sticker waiting to be peeled. I peeled and found nothing under the peeling. I was very perplexed.

This Phoenix perplexation happened early this morning. After my salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation on the Tandy Hills I think my cerebral bloodflow had improved with increased oxygen improving my critical thinking and problem solving ability.

Because, a few minutes ago I thought to look in the bag and found a lot of little stickers with the words "Medium Fries" printed on them.

I am assuming if I hand one of these little stickers to an order taker at McDonald's I would then get a free bag of French Fries.

I have not been in a McDonald's since I was in Arizona last March. I regularly walk by McDonald's when I go to Walmart Supercenters, like this very morning, up in Hurst, when I went to Walmart across the street from ALDI, after I'd finished with ALDI.

Had I known about these little stickers that were hiding in this bag I might have had myself some French Fries this morning. Might have. But more likely not.

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