Friday, September 30, 2022

Shadow Of Wichita Bluffs One-Armed Thin Man With Wild Horses

It was back to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area on this last day of the 2022 version of September, with the Shadow of the Thin Man chilled by a temperature in the 70-degree zone, with a strong wind blowing. 

Today was the busiest I have seen the west Wichita Bluff Nature Area parking lot. A lot of people were enjoying the break from the HEAT.

As for the wild horses.

No, those are not wild horses frolicking on the Wichita Bluffs. This herd of wild horses is frolicking somewhere between Sun Lake/Chander and Maricopa.

My Arizona sister sent this picture to my phone yesterday. She had previously told me the wild horse herd has grown way bigger than the couple times I saw the wild horses on our drive to the Penny McDonalds in Maricopa.

Thinking about the Penny McDonalds in Maricopa had me realizing it has been over three years since I have been to Arizona. The last time was in July of 2019. In the two years prior to that last trip to Arizona I had driven there twice and flown there five or six times. 

A lot has happened in the past three years. COVID comes to mind. And other things...

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Back To Lucy Park With A Big Tree & No Jungle Grass

It was back to Lucy Park I ventured on this final Thursday of the 2022 version of September. The temperature was barely into the 80s, with a strong wind gusting. Making for an extremely pleasant communing with nature.

I do not know why I never noticed the big tree you see above, before. It is a HUGE gnarly thing with whacky looking limbs looking menacing.

This tree is located near where I park. I think I am usually fiddling with my music device when I walk by it, which may be why I never noticed it before.

Continuing on past the big tree I was soon in the Lucy Park backwoods jungle where I immediately thought something seemed off. Dense boy that I be, it took me a minute to figure out what was wrong.

Since I last walked the path through the Lucy Park jungle, the tall grass, taller than me, has disappeared. Mowed down and removed. I suspect there was some worry that, with the grass turning brown, it could easily turn into a big wildfire.

With the tall grass gone the jungle look is also gone. Also gone was any worry that I might come upon a large slithering reptile.

As you can see, once again, the sky at my location on the planet is void of any clouds. Clear blue no matter what direction you look..

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Another Day Another Wichita Bluff Nature Area Hike

With the outer world temperature in the relatively chilly low 80s, and with a strong wind chilling, it was back to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area I ventured today for some high-speed communing with nature.

In the above photo documentation, we are on the Circle Trail, at the highest area of the Wichita Bluffs, looking northeast at the picnic pavilion which sits at the Wichita Bluffs summit, with a commanding view of the vast miles upon miles of nothingness, all the way to the horizon.

The trail through the Wichita Bluff Nature Area has multiple side trails, with each having at least one rocking bench. In the instance you see above you can rock on that bench whilst looking north towards Oklahoma.

As you can see, it is another cloud-free day happening at this location on the planet. A little of what is saturating Florida right now would be welcome here, and other drought-stricken areas of America...

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Relatively Chilly Walk Around Sikes Lake With A Blue Heron

With the temperature in the relatively chilly 80-degree zone it was to Sikes Lake I ventured today for a high-speed commune with nature.

As you can see, we are free of clouds currently, so there is no sun blockage coming from the sky. The only sun blockage at Sikes Lake is via the few bushes and trees.

And the gazebos. There are four or five gazebos one can sit under to escape the glare of the sun. 

Crossing the bridge at the west end of Sikes Lake, I saw a big blue heron in the Green Bayou of Sikes Lake.

Well, I think this is a blue heron. What I know for sure is the bird is blue.

The natural cooling is being a real good thing. Last night the temperature got down into the 50s. Still felt no need to pull a blanket over me.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Cool Monday With Complex Wichita Bluff Nature Area Hoodoo Cairn

Yesterday, the day known as Sunday, I drove to Lake Wichita Park to do some high speed walking.

Upon arrival, in the shadow of Mount Wichita, I was surprised at how much the lake has shrunk, exposing a wide beach.

When I started seeing photo worthy scenes I reached into my pocket to pull out my phone. And it was not there. I forgot the phone at home. So, no photos.

But, today, the day after Sunday, known as Monday, I did remember my phone when I drove to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area to do some high speed hilly hiking.

And so, with that phone in hand, I was able to photo document the Hoodoo Cairn you see above. This may be the most complex feat of Hoodoo engineering I have come across in all the years I have been photo documenting Hoodoos.

Make note of the balance beam in the middle, teetering above a flat rock base. And above that two small rocks acting as bracing.

In all my years of seeing these type constructions I have never seen one in the process of being constructed.

The outer world temperature got down to 58 last night. It was 80 and windy by the time I got to the bluffs at around 45 minutes before noon.

The air-conditioner has not cycled on yet today. This is the first time in a long time that that has happened.

A harbinger of cooler days to come.

It is going to be so nice to be back in long pants again...

Saturday, September 24, 2022

In Wichita Falls Fall Is Like Summer But With Pumpkins

Saw that which you see here, last night, on Facebook, and thought it to be amusing, because it is so true.

From the City of Wichita Falls, Texas Government...

It's Fall y'all! You know what that means?

Nothing. Zero. Zip. Because it's still 97 degrees outside today. It's like Summer, but with pumpkins...

Friday, September 23, 2022

Jason & Spencer Jack Take Us On Whidbey Island Tour

Incoming email from my Favorite Nephew Jason, last night, photo documenting a day trip Spencer Jack took his dad on, exploring Whidbey Island.

First the email, then the other instances of photo documentation in addition to the one above...

FUD --

Thought you'd enjoy these PNW photos from the last full day of Summer.

Spencer and I drove me the entire length of Whidbey Island starting at the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry until we reached the tropical-like sandy beaches of Mutiny Bay.  I hadn't known of Mutiny Bay until unfortunate events of late, in which a float plane apparently nose-dived into Puget Sound presumably killing all 10 on board.   Looked for plane parts, but only found seashells and lots of driftwood.  Weather was in the upper 70s, so wading in the water felt refreshing.

Stopped by the Lagoon Point community--a first for me.  Spencer and I considered buying a summer beach home in this small community--similar in size to Birch Bay, but later after finding out that a tiny cabin waterfront lot sells for over a million dollars, we have since decided to save our money for other adventures.  Like getting gas for our truck.  Gas here is currently still $4.50.

We moved north to the Coupeville ferry dock.  On public boat launch dock, we met a couple locals, who appeared to be enjoying too much of our local legal weed.  After helping them secure their boat to the dock, they invited Spencer, who can easily pass for 21, and myself to the local bar for happy hour. 

We kindly declined and moved uphill to the newly refurbished Fort Casey.  Many of the closed off areas are back open, clean, and well-lit with historical placards and directional signs.   The last time I explored many of these parts was with a favorite Uncle as a kid in the 1980s or early 1990s before much of these areas we closed off.    I wish I would have taken pictures of the reopened bunkers, but I didn't think to do such.   I will be sure to put this on my 'to-do' list for you.

Hope all is well in TX and I hope someday soon you can return to the PNW and explore one of the longest islands in the United States.

I am guessing the above is the ferry about to dock at Clinton, on Whidbey Island.

Above that looks to be Spencer Jack on, maybe, what Jason describes as the tropical-like beaches of Mutiny Bay.

 And FNJ on that same beach, I think. 

Above I am fairly certain that is Spencer Jack, at Fort Casey, on an overlook looking over the upper part of Puget Sound.

Fort Casey is the remains of an actual fort, built during the era of the Spanish-American War. It is a large complex of bunkers, tunnels, big guns, catwalks, observation towers and more. More than once I took Jason and his little brother out to Fort Casey to have fun getting scared in the dark tunnels.

If I remember correctly, and sometimes I do, the last time I was at Fort Casey was with Jason's little brother, my Favorite Nephew Joey, currently the proud papa of Hank Frank.

Joey and I took our bikes on the ferry to Port Townsend, on the Olympic Peninsula, wheeled around town, barely made the last ferry back to Whidbey.

The ferry back was a rough rock and rolling float due to a strong tide. It was well past dark when we got back to my vehicle. The ranger had put a note on my windshield saying he suspected we were returning from the ferry, past the time the gates to the park were locked. Instructed us to the ranger station from whence the ranger nicely opened the gate for us.

Gas in Washington is more than a dollar more than when I last filled my tank in Texas

Seeing these photos sure does make me a bit homesick. You really appreciate a scenic wonderland when you have not seen on in way too long....

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Autumnal Equinox Cool Lucy Park Walk

This morning I was in need of books to read, so it was to downtown Wichita Falls I ventured, to that socialist enterprise known as a public library.

Since I was in the neighborhood, and with the temperature being in the relatively cool 80s, after the library, it was to Lucy Park I drove, for a fast walk with Mother Nature.

As you can see, there is not a cloud in the sky, and not just in that little slice of sky you see in the photo documentation. No clouds to be seen, no matter which direction you looked.

I erroneously thought Fall began yesterday on the 21st. But, today, September 22, is the day of the Autumnal Equinox.

All those green leaves you see in the photo documentation should soon be turning into more appropriate Autumn colors, and then disappearing totally, rendering Lucy Park a shade-free zone til the Vernal Equinox, also known as Spring.

I hope we make it through to Spring without Winter delivering a slippery cold white mess, of the disturbing sort we endured the past two Winters...

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Potato Harvesting With A Cascade Mountain View

I saw that which you see here, this morning, on Facebook, via Miss Carol B.D.

Miss Carol indicated this was her dinner time view, last night, watching potatoes being harvested.

When I saw this photo I instantly recognized where it was taken from, even before reading Miss Carol's description.

On the Skagit Flats, looking east at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

In Western Washington, no matter which direction you look, the horizon is altered by hills and mountains.

Looking west it is the Olympic Mountains that pierce the horizon. 

Being surrounded by hills and mountains sort of makes the sky look smaller.

Now, at my current location, no matter which direction I look, nothing in the form of a hill or mountain pierces the horizon.

Looking out the window in the room I am currently in, all I see is a big blue sky, hovering above utter flatness, with a few big puffy cotton ball clouds breaking some of the monotony.

Some day soon I need to see a mountain. Or an ocean. My sanity is at stake...

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Final Day Of 2022 Summer Shady At Lucy Park

On this final day of the 2022 version of Summer, it was to Lucy Park I drove to do some HOT fast walking.

Lucy Park is my only local destination with a lot of trees providing a lot of shade.

And a lot of shade was needed on this last day of Summer due to the temperature being in the 90s by the time I was out in the outer world, about an hour before noon.

The temperature in the 90s. With only a slight breeze blowing. So, little Wind Chill.

Much of the shady walking in Lucy Park takes place off the paved trail, with such necessitated by the fact that long sections of the paved trails are not under tree cover.

And now, continuing on with the last day of Summer, it is time for Taco Salad...

Sunday, September 18, 2022

HOT Sunday Walk Around Sikes Lake

The heat has returned HOT on this third Sunday of the 2022 version of September. When I went to Sikes Lake for a walk around, around an hour before noon, the outer world was already heated past 90.

I thought this HOT nonsense was over for the year. But, this coming week, as we end summer and begin fall, the forecasters are forecasting a return to over 100 degrees.

You can not see the whitecaps of the waves on Sikes Lake, but they are there, small, but still there. Strong gusts of wind made the heat a little less HOT.

Today there were a lot of other walkers, joggers, baby carriage pushers, and a rarity, a roller blader.

I do not see many roller bladers in this town. Did that fad never take hold here? Or has the roller blading fad faded everywhere?

A couple months ago I almost bought roller blades, on Amazon. I used to enjoy roller blading. Til I didn't.

And then when first in this town I thought the Circle Trail would be fun to roller blade on. But, when I went to do so I found my roller blades were no longer usable.

That roller blader today has me back thinking I might try that, again...

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Fort Worth's Tenuous Connection To Tombstone's O.K. Corral Gunfight

I saw that which you see here in today's, Saturday September 17, 2022 online edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I saw this and thought to myself is this another iteration of the Star-Telegram's habit of touting something about Fort Worth as being something special, when, well, in reality, not so special.

 Long ago, back when I subscribed to the hard copy version of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I made note of the frequency of what I called the Star-Telegram's green with envy syndrome, where an article in the Star-Telegram would claim that some ordinary thing in Fort Worth was somehow causing towns, far and wide, to be green with envy.

Eventually I made a webpage documenting multiple examples of what I called Green With Envy Syndrome.

So, what is Fort Worth's connection to Tombstone, Arizona's famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral? You can read it yourself by clicking the The famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral: Did you know there was a Fort Worth connection? link and hope you are not blocked by a paywall.

I can tell you the condensed version of the Fort Worth connection to that famous gunfight.

Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp, along with Doc Holliday had that O.K. Corral fight against Ike and Billy Clanton, Billy Claiborne, plus Tom and Frank McLaury. Both McLaury brothers and Billy Clanton were killed in the gunfight.

The McLaury brothers had a third brother, William R. McLaury, who was a Fort Worth lawyer.

And now you know the Fort Worth connection to the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral...

Friday, September 16, 2022

Birch Bay Postcard Bandit Strikes Again

The Birch Bay Postcard Bandit strikes again.

All summer long I have been getting Birch Bay postcards reminding me that I was supposed to be heading northwest, to Washington, this summer, with the highlight being a multi-day stay at Birch Bay, with all but one of my siblings and most of my nephews, and all of my nieces.

But, that did not happen.

I did some amateur handwriting analysis, again, to see if I could find a clearly obvious match to other incoming mail, so as to identify the Birch Bay Postcard Bandit.

I came to no for certain conclusion.

But, I have suspicions. 

What confuses me, this time, regarding coming up with suspects, is the fact that this Birch Bay postcard was addressed to "Mailing Dr. Durango".

I do not know of any of my relatives, particularly any of the siblings, who knew I came to be known as Dr. Durango, back in the 1990s.

My first website was called "Dialing Dr. Durango".

That is real close to "Mailing Dr. Durango".

Trouble is, I do not believe my number one suspect has any knowledge of me being Doctor Durango.

It's all so mysterious.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Week Til Fall Wilting Lucy Park Jungle Visit

With the outer world temperature nearing 90, well before noon, on this third Thursday of the 2022 version of September, I ventured back to Lucy Park for some shady fast walking in the Lucy Park backwoods jungle.

On recent walks through the Lucy Park backwoods jungle I have made note of the fact that the Lucy Park tall grass had sprouted taller and greener than I remember seeing it previously.

With fall falling a week from now, I guess it makes sense that the Lucy Park tall grass is now shrinking, wilting and turning brown, as photo documented above.

Or it may be the lack of much rain of late which may be causing the jungle to whither and the green to fade. 

With only one week remaining of summer, unless I come across something slithering soon, this will be the first summer since I have been in Texas that I have not had a single snake encounter.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Escaping Musty McNutty Gaslighting Via Wichita Bluff Nature Area

What you are looking at here is the picnic pavilion at the highest point in the Wichita Bluff Nature Area, looking east, where you can almost see the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Wichita Falls.

This morning Musty McNutty gaslighted me about needing liposuction to deal with excess adipose tissue.

I feel so sad when someone fat shames me.

So, to deal with my sadness, I drove to the west entry to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area to do some fast walking, hoping to burn off some of that fat Musty McNutty is shaming me about.

The temperature was in the 80s. The wind was supposed to be gusting to nearly 30 miles per hour. I did not experience any gusting that seemed to reach that speed. 

I think tomorrow, if conditions remain the same as today, I may opt for the shade of Lucy Park to get in my regularly scheduled fat burning.

In the meantime I brace myself for more Musty McNutty gaslighting...

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

A Visit With Wichita Falls City Hall War Memorials

This morning a Lake Wichita Revitalization meeting had me in downtown Wichita Falls, at City Hall.

I have driven by Wichita Falls City Hall many times, always noting the statues in front of the building, and always thinking one day I must stop and get a closer look. 

And, so, today, I got a closer look.

That first monument you see is not some sort of homage to the Washington Monument. This obelisk is an homage in "MEMORY OF THE SONS OF OUR SOUTHLAND 1861-1865".

In other words, a Civil War Monument, which was erected in 1934 by Wichita Falls Chapter of United Daughters of Confederacy.

I learned that via the text at the base of the obelisk..

Moving ahead a few years from the Civil War.

A memorial monument to the Spanish American War. The engraving below the soldier says CUBA, PHILLIPINE ISLANDS, PUERTO RICO AND U.S.A.

Cuba, the Philippines and Puerto Rico were the locations where the U.S.A. fought the Spaniards. 

This monument has the dates of the Spanish American War as being 1898-1902, when the actual war began on April 21, 1898 and ended on December 10, 1898. 

By the time 1902 arrived Teddy Roosevelt had been president of the U.S.A. since September 14, 1901, a couple years after he became a Spanish American war hero leading his Roughriders to victory in the Battle of San Juan Hill.

A statue of a Doughboy represents World War I. Not much text accompanied the Doughboy.

There is no World War II monument, that I saw. Or a Korean War monument. Or a Vietnam War monument. Or a Mexican American War monument. Or a War of 1812 monument. Or a Revolutionary War monument. Or any monument to any of the many wars that the U.S.A. has found itself in since the Vietnam War.

That would take a lot of monuments to cover all of America's wars.

At Lake Wichita, near Mount Wichita, in Lake Wichita Park, there is a well-done Vietnam War monument. This is part of what will become a Veterans Plaza, which is part of the Lake Wichita Revitalization Project, and was part of what was discussed at today's meeting at Wichita Falls City Hall.

Well, that has been my fun day, so far, and your history lesson for the day...

Monday, September 12, 2022

Semi-Chilly Wichita Bluff Nature Area Walk

Yesterday, on the 9/11 Sunday, the outer world temperature dropped way below the temperature I keep my air-conditioned inner space. Chilled to the 60s. And so I returned to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area for the first time in months. 

The Wichita Bluff Nature Area has little shade, and thus is not pleasant to experience under a blazing HOT sun.

It was so pleasant on the Wichita Bluffs, yesterday, that I returned today, even though the temperature was no longer in the 60s, but had warmed into the 70s, about the temperature I keep my air-conditioned inner space.

Yesterday I hiked into the Bluffs from the west entry. Today I hiked into the Bluffs from the east entry, which is what you see above.

The view here is from a short side trail, off the main trail. You can see the murky, muddy, reddish-brown Wichita River flowing through the jungle-like foliage.

An overlook off the main trail, at the highest point on the Wichita Bluffs. There are two swinging benches at this location. The second one is to the right, and out of camera range. This overlook also looks over the Wichita River, far below, well, really, not all that far. 

The forecast is forecasting a return to temperatures in the 90s. My interior space chilled to 76 last night. I almost had to find a blanket to get under.

Fall will be falling on us soon. Today I saw a pumpkin patch getting set up...

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Madame McNutty Wants Me To Drive Somewhere Scenic

What you see here is a screen cap from the online front page of the Sunday 9/11 Seattle Times. 

This definitely fits into the category of things I see in the Seattle Times about something in Washington, that I could never see in the Texas online newspapers I read, showing a similar scene in Texas.

Well, that is not totally accurate. There are frequent wildfires in Texas, but not in scenery of the sort you see above.

I had a dialog on Facebook yesterday regarding Washington scenery. The dialog was between myself and the entity known as Madame McNutty, or MM.

Following are three lines from that dialog...

MM---What are you up to today?  You should get out of town, go for a drive or something.

Me---Go for a drive? You really have zero clue what it is like here. NO matter what direction you go it is all the same, flat nothing, for miles and miles. 

MM---It is hard for me to understand how you could've gone from beautiful Washington to flat nothing! When I think about Washington and all the beautiful places we could drive to in a half hour or less, it makes me so homesick!!!

Madame McNutty was in Washington a couple weeks ago, for a couple weeks. She returned to Virginia, sick with COVID.

What MM says is so true. Where we lived, in the Skagit Valley, you could drive a few miles to the west and be at a saltwater beach, or drive a few miles to the east and be up in the mountains. Drive 60 miles south and you're in Seattle, 45 miles north and you are in another country, called Canada. A few miles more and you are in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

You could drive west a few miles, to Anacortes, and get onboard a ferry to go to the San Juan Islands, or Victoria on Vancouver Island. These are real islands, surrounded by real water, not imaginary islands, such as those no one has yet seen in the Texas town of Fort Worth.

North of my current location, across the Red River, to Oklahoma, one can find some scenic scenery in the Wichita Mountains. The Wichita Mountains are about 70 miles from where I am sitting at the present time.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Dam Visit To Lake Wichita On The Boardwalk With Dead Fish

With a wind blowing with temperatures in the 80s it seemed like a good day to visit Lake Wichita and do some dam walking.

As you can see, nothing is spilling over the Lake Wichita dam spillway, not for a long long time.

 Now we are on the other side of the dam, walking to the end of the Lake Wichita Boardwalk.

And then looking at how far the lake is from having water spilling over the spillway. This is the lowest I have seen Lake Wichita since I have been living in the neighborhood.

Still on the Boardwalk, looking across Lake Wichita to the Mount Wichita mini-volcano at the west end of the lake. The mini-volcano is that little bump on the horizon.

Still on the Boardwalk, looking north at the lake side of the dam, and the Lake Wichita floating fishing dock. We will go there next.

It looks as if the Lake Wichita floating fishing dock might not be currently in float mode.

Now on the currently possibly not floating Lake Wichita floating fish dock, looking south at the Boardwalk. All that wood sticking out of the water is the remains of the Lake Wichita Pavilion, which was a big tourist attraction a century ago, and which burned down in the 1950s.

Still on the Lake Wichita floating fish dock, looking west, with that Mount Wichita mini-volcano looking slightly taller.

Currently Lake Wichita is having an excess algae problem due to the drought and the day after day after day of HOT temperatures. This has resulted in killing fish in the lake.

I saw two turtles in the lake today, so the algae isn't killing them, yet...

Friday, September 9, 2022

Goofy Google Memories From September 9

Another Google look back at my memories from this September 9 day, which I do not much remember.

Upper left, that would be me, in the Fort Worth Stockyards, in front of a Durango banner. 

Took a second to figure out the upper right is my bike handlebars pointing at Lake Wichita, with Mount Wichita in the distance.

Under Mount Wichita in the distance is a sign indicating the Texas town of Sanderson. I have never been to Sanderson. That town is in West Texas, I think. I will see if I made a webpage about Sanderson. Seems like I did after someone from Sanderson asked me to. 

Yes, found it. Sanderson. In what is known as Big Bend Country.

Under the Sanderson sign that looks to be the Wyler Aerial Tramway. I have never had the pleasure of riding in this tramway, hence it is not a memory of mine.

The Wyler Aerial Tramway takes you from El Paso up to the top of Ranger Peak, in the Franklin Mountains.

So, this time only two of the five memories are things I actually remember.

I am guessing that is El Paso in the photo to the left of the Wyler Aerial Tramway. 

I wish I had more exciting memories than what Google indicates I have...

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Walking Around Sikes Lake With Geese Thinking About Elsie Hotpepper

It was back to Sikes Lake I went today on the second Thursday of the 2022 version of September.

As you can see, geese have taken over the Sikes Lake gazebo you see here.

That gazebo was the location of the last time I saw the elusive Elsie Hotpepper, in person. Walking by this gazebo today I strained my memory to try and remember when that was that I last saw Elsie Hotpepper.

I know it was pre-COVID. I think it may have been at some point in time during the year of 2018. That would make it around four years since the last, in person, Elsie Hotpepper sighting.

I can not remember when my last drive to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex took place. That also was pre-COVID. For years I made a once a month trek to DFW.

COVID put an end to a lot of repetitive habits. And spawned many new repetitive habits...

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Fort Worth Style Outdoor Plumbing Arrives Overnight At Wichita Falls Lucy Park

This morning I drove a senior citizen to two pharmacies, the library, and Lucy Park. 

Upon arrival at the Lucy Park log cabin/swimming pool parking lot I was surprised to see something I've not seen in any of the Wichita Falls city parks, which were a common feature I was frequently appalled by in the city parks of Fort Worth.

Outhouses, in Fort Worth city parks with zero modern facilities.

Fort Worth, a town where modern plumbing is such a novelty that multiple saloon and restaurant venues in Fort Worth's only tourist attraction, the Fort Worth Stockyards, have signage letting customers know they have indoor plumbing.

Here is an example of such, at a music venue called Big Balls of Cowtown.

Live Music, Modern Swing, Indoor Plumbing, Air Conditioning and more...

Long ago I made a webpage titled Indoor Plumbing in the Stockyards. Click the link to see more goofy examples of businesses touting to their potential customers that they have indoor plumbing.

Every once in a while, there will be an article in a Fort Worth publication bemoaning the trouble Fort Worth has attracting corporations to locate in Fort Worth. I think I have pointed out a time or two that it might not make a good impression on corporation re-locaters to see city parks with outhouses, and no running water. And so many streets without sidewalks. And a primitive public transportation system.

Anyway, back to those outhouses showing up in Lucy Park. Since yesterday a temporary tent structure has showed up, along with a roped off area, and signs with numbers on them, such as 1K, 2K, indicating some sort of running event is about to take place in Lucy Park.

Apparently, with so many running that the two Lucy Park modern restroom facilities needed outhouses added to handle the expected crowd...

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Post Labor Day Lucy Park Lizard Walk

It was back to Lucy Park I went today, the day after Labor Day, to commune with nature via a few miles of high-speed walking.

In the photo we are heading towards the Lucy Park backwoods jungle, under the sun blocking protection provided by the shade of the forest of trees.

As you can see, as summer nears its merciful end, the outer world has turned green at my North Texas location. The rain of the past couple weeks took the grass out of its brown state and back to a more aesthetically pleasing green.

I came upon no snakes or alligators today. I did have multiple encounters with small reptiles, as in lizards. Lizards are cute. Little lizards do not trigger, in me, the repulsed reaction triggered by snakes and alligators.

The temperature was in the 80s whilst walking today. Each day, of late, is seeming more pleasant than the day before...

Monday, September 5, 2022

Google Looks Back At My Labor Day Memories

 Of late the daily Google look back at my memories from this day have been a bit nutty, as in I have no memory of what Google is suggesting is something I would remember.

But, on this Labor Day of 2022, I do remember most of the memories Google is suggesting I remember, though none of what I remember happened on Labor Day.

The upper left was an elk herd we came across on the way to Ocean Shores, on the Washington Pacific coast, in August of 2001. Dad was driving, mom riding shotgun, me in the back seat. 

To the right of the elk herd I am assuming that is me laying on the dock, but where or when, I do not remember.

Below that is a group photo of a herd of my relatives, at a family reunion on July 27, 2002, in Lynden, at the fairgrounds.

Below that reunion photo, on the left, that is a cropped off picture of dad and mom, at the aforementioned Ocean Shores, on that same day we saw the large elk herd.

Next to mom and dad I assume we are looking at a Texas county courthouse, but which county, or when, I do not remember.

There must be some way to stop these daily memories from Google...

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Sunny Sunday Sunflower In Lucy Park With No Snakes Or Alligators

It was back to Lucy Park I ventured on this first Sunday of the 2022 version of September. I soon came upon a patch of sunflowers which matched my sunny disposition on this day before Labor Day and the unofficial end of Summer.

The sunflower posed motionless for me, due to the dead calm at the moment I took the picture. There was an occasional wind blowing, and some sun blocking by passing clouds, which made the temperature somewhere in the 80s feel quite pleasant. 

It was the Lucy Park backwoods jungle I walked today. The recent rain has caused the jungle grass to grow taller than me.

My last visit to Lucy Park I crossed the Wichita River, via the suspension bridge, and had an alligator encounter in Alligator Alley on the Wee-Chi-Tah mountain bike trail. 

Alligators are not allowed in Lucy Park.

But snakes are allowed. As are small lizards.

It was in the backwoods jungle area of Lucy Park where I had an encounter with the biggest snake I have seen in Texas. At least six feet long, and thick. No clue what type snake this was.

That encounter was several years ago. I do not think I have seen a snake since seeing that big one.

I do not like snakes. Or alligators...

Friday, September 2, 2022

Leaving Lucy Park Via Suspension Bridge To Alligator Alley Alligators

 It was to Lucy Park I ventured on this second day of the 2022 version of September, for my daily commune with nature, via endorphin acquisition from high-speed aerobic walking.

Today I exited Lucy Park, via the suspension bridge over the Wichita River, then headed to the Alligator Alley section of the Wee-Chi-Tah mountain bike trail.

I assumed, with the temperature barely in the 80s, that the alligators, reptilian creatures that they be, would be a bit sluggish, with the cooler temperature slowing them down.

I was walking along fairly fast when I came to a quick stop when I saw what you see in the photo documentation.

The gator looked to be sleeping. I lingered only long enough to take a picture, and then skedaddled back across the suspension bridge to the relative safety of Lucy Park.

Where do alligators go when an Arctic blast knocks the temperature down below zero, I cannot help but wonder...

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Nephew Jason Taking Me Back In Time To Burlington's Berry Dairy Days

The above photo was included in an email arriving last night, sent by my Favorite Nephew Jason, also known as FNJ. The following is the explanatory text in the email...

 FUD --

At first I thought this may be your big sister with some of her clam digging friends trying to re-live her childhood....but, upon closer inspection I see the photo was dated July 4, 1939, stamped in Sedro-Woolley.

This is the only berry float that I have ever seen that was better than those constructed at 1027 Washington Avenue. Did your dad just make floats for the June Burlington Berry Dairy Days?  Or did he drag them over to Sedro-Woolley for the 4th of July parade?  

Anyway, thought you'd get a kick out of seeing this. Very few berries grown in Skagit County these days. Mostly potatoes. And a lot of the people I saw at the Walmart this morning looked like they only eat potatoes.

Hope you are staying cool.  And slim and trim. 

We are having a hot day here in the PNW.


The 1027 Washington Avenue, to which FNJ refers, is the address at which I grew up, in Burlington.

During the time frame of growing up in Burlington the town had an annual event called Berry Dairy Days.

This included a parade, with a large children's parade.

The parade gave prizes to the floats determined to be the best. 

I could only find two Berry Dairy Days float photos.

In both photos that is sister Nancy on the left, me in the middle, and little brother, Jake on the right.

The answer to FNJ's question about dragging a float to the Sedro Woolley Loggerodeo 4th of July parade, is yes, we did.

One time only.

I think it was the year our float won the Berry Dairy Days grand prize, which was tickets to the Seattle World's Fair, that that float was in the Sedro Woolley parade. My memory is blank regarding details, such as actually being in that parade, or how we got the float from Burlington to Sedro Woolley.

The last float my dad made was a giant strawberry. On wheels. With little sister, Jackie, riding on top of the strawberry. Dad was inside the strawberry, pushing it the entire length of the parade. I remember the giant strawberry getting stuck crossing railroad tracks, with people helping to get the strawberry moving again.

My favorite of all the parade floats my dad made had zero Berry Dairy theming. My siblings and I were big fans of The Flintstones. Dad somehow made a replica of Fred Flintstone's car. My brother and I did not ride in the Flintstone car, we pulled it.

With Jake attired as Wilma Flintstone, complete with lipstick and a wig. And me being Fred Flintstone. 

I know I must have a photo of the Flintstone float somewhere, but, currently, I can not find it.

Regarding Jason saying they were having a hot day in the Pacific Northwest, I Googled to see what the temperature was in Mount Vernon at that point in time.

88 degrees.

About the same temperature, maybe even a couple degrees hotter, than was the temperature at my Texas location, far from the PNW, at that point in time...