Friday, October 19, 2012

Running River Legacy Park Mountain Bike Trails With An Armadillo

Shall I Bike? Or Shall I Hike? Neither. I'll Run.
Today my means of acquiring endorphins from aerobic stimulation was to go running on the mountain bike trails in River Legacy Park.

I am being a bit surprised at how easily and quickly I've transitioned into running after years of only running when circumstances warranted that behavior, circumstances like being chased by a dog, running for cover in a downpour, that type thing.

I have biked the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails dozens of times. I have walked the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails a couple times. Walking these trails seemed to take a long time, likely it seemed that way because my locomotive means on these trails had usually been bi-pedaling.


Today I was surprised by how quickly I was covering the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails in running mode. It was being fun, but I think I may have overdone it, a bit. So far nothing seems to be sore.

At one point one of my favorite type critters quickly crossed my path. I stopped and grabbed my camera.

The Armadillo is the Official State of Texas Small Mammal. I don't know what the Official State of Texas Large Mammal is. I know I could quickly find out. My guess is that it is the Longhorn.

Just a sec, I'll see....

Yes, the Longhorn is the Official State of Texas Large Mammal.

I don't remember if my old home state had official this that or the other things. If Washington did have an Official State of Washington Large Mammal I would guess it would be the Orca.


Steve A said...

Washington has no official animal. The Orca is, however, its official marine mammal. I guess they didn't see a need to have separate size categories. Lest you think their legislature has more sense than Texas, Washington DOES have an "Official Endemic Mammal," as well as an official insect. Oddly, considering Texas, the Square Dance is Washington's official dance. Speaking of oddities, petrified wood is official, but not the official fossil.

Steve A said...

Crimeny, now you got me going. Texas also has an official state flying mammal, as well as its official state mammal dog and horse. I guess we should be thankful since the time they spend considering such nonsense is time they are not coming up with new ways to spend our money or restrict our rights.