Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Diane Tran Scandal & The Matter Of Dishonorable Judge Lanny Moriarty Before The Texas Ethics Commission

On Tuesday I blogged about the Dishonorable Texas Judge Lanny Moriarty's outrageous sentencing of a 17 year old honor student, Diane Tran, to 24 hours in Montgomery County Jail due to being absent and tardy at school.

Strip searching is standard operating procedure when processing a person about to be incarcerated into a county jail.

Was being strip searched an additional indignity this young girl was subjected to?

After I blogged about this judicial outrage which has embarrassed Texas across America and the world, there have been many blog comments, all of which, in various ways, all want to virtually lynch this guy who should not be judging anyone.

One of the comments came from one of my favorite comment makers, Stenotrophomonas....

Stenotrophomonas has left a new comment on your post "Dishonorable Texas Judge Lanny Moriarty Sentences Honor Student To Jail For No Crime":

Methinks hizzoner should be made an example of: 

So, from Stenotrophomonas we learn that the Dishonorable Judge Lanny Moriarty has been investigated for a large number of various ethics violations in relation to his campaign to get elected to the job he is clearly not qualified for.

Apparently the Dishonorable Judge Lanny Moriarty failed to report a large number of campaign contributions in the proper, ethical, legal manner.

I have no clue if the Dishonorable Judge Lanny Moriarty's ethics violations are such that criminal prosecution is the result. If so, I hope he does some hard time at the Montgomery County Jail.

You know, paraphrasing the Dishonorable Judge's rationalization for throwing a good kid into the slammer, we can't turn a blind eye to these type crimes or else all the judges will soon be running roughshod over the law. An example should be made of this judge, just like this judge thought, erroneously, that an example should be made of Diane Tran.

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