Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hometown By Handlebar Solves A Fort Worth Mystery While I Walk Around Fosdick Lake In Oakland Park

Durango Texas Fosdick Lake Photo
Last night I got an email from one of my favorite Southern Belles, Miss Connie, asking me if I'd seen what she was showing me in the email, that being the latest posting in the Hometown by Handlebar blog, with the referenced blog post titled Pocket Lakes.

Miss Connie mentioned that she did not remember how she came to find this particular blog, thinking it was either via me, or Facebook.

I told Miss Connie that I also did not remember how I came upon the Hometown by Handlebar blog.

Now here is where this turns disturbing. It was only a week ago, Friday, on May 4, that I blogged about the Hometown by Handlebar blog, after someone named Anonymous had commented on a previous blog post, with that comment containing the link to the Hometown by Handlebar blog.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Making A Prairie Note Of Tandy Hills Prickly Pear Cactus": 

Excellent Fort Worth history website: Good photography too.

How do I manage to be so senile that I did not remember something from only a week ago? Very disturbing.

When I first mentioned the Hometown by Handlebar blog I agreed with Anonymous's assessment that this blog had good photography. And writing. Much better than mine on both counts.

Hometown by Handlebar Fosdick Lake Photo
The superior photography was confirmed today when I took a photo of the same scene that was at the top of the afore-mentioned Pocket Lakes post.

The Pocket Lakes post solved a mystery that has bum puzzled me for quite some time.

From Hometown by Handlebar...

Fosdick Lake in Oakland Park was named for Edwin E. Fosdick (buried in Greenwood; see inset), who in 1909 bought the land to build a country club. But his seventy-five-member Inverness Club failed. The city took over the property in 1927. The CCC or WPA may have built the stone shelter house.

The signage at the Fosdic Lake location calls the park Oakland Lake Park. Other signage mentions Fosdic Lake. Note the quote from Hometown by Handlebar spells Fosdic with a 'k' on the end. Apparently this is the proper spelling, since that is how the namesake's name is spelled on his tombstone in Greenwood Cemetery, as seen via the above referenced inset.

Methinks Fort Worth needs to fix the park signage, by removing lake from the name. And add the 'k' to Fosdick.

From this day forth, when I go to where I walked today, I will say I walked around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Park.

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Balaam said...

Hey, Durango, thanks for the kind words about my new blog. I have bellied up to your own good work in the past while Googling something related to FW. I think you had a post about the Ozzie Rabbit Lodge months ago. That Fosdick Lake piece ran last year on Facebook before I started the blog and began migrating ten months of FB posts to the blog. You must be on the East Side, whence I sprang.