Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hiking The Tandy Hills With Coyote Kill

Tandy Highway
In the picture you are looking north on the Tandy Highway, deep in the shade of the Tandy Forest, today in the noon time frame.

Rain is in the forecast for a couple days, starting tomorrow, so today may be the last time I am able to get hill hiking endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation til North Texas returns to its usual dried out state.

Swimming this morning was very pleasant, partly due to the fact that the air was colder than the water in the pool. Which made the pool feel heated.

Currently clouds are between me and the sun and me doing some poolside lounging in preparation to get sufficiently suntanned so as not to get sunburned when I go swimming with the dolphins on the South Texas Gulf Coast.

Hiking the trails of the Tandy Hills I sure see a lot of signs that there have been a lot of feet trampling on Fort Worth's best prairie. I think this is a very good thing, helping to keep the foliage at bay and not totally overtaking the trails.
Coyote Kill?

Today, the FWISD (Fort Worth Independent School District) orange flags were once again stuck in the ground all over the Tandy Hills

We learned a few days ago the orange flags are directional beacons for herds of Fort Worth school kids being bused in for some healthy prairie time.

I was a bit perplexed by one of the orange flags.

Coyote Kill.

What does that mean, I can not help but wonder? Is it the name of a plant? Or the site of a murder, from whence the corpse has been removed?

Someone, somewhere must have the answer to the Coyote Kill mystery.

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