Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Olive The Mascot Of The Tandy Hills Is Still Missing

The news that the mascot of the Tandy Hills, Olive the Prairie Dog, has gone missing, is spreading.

Pegasus News, a website about news and entertainment in the Dallas/Fort Worth zone, is reporting the story of Olive the Missing Prairie Dog, in an article titled Canine mascot of Tandy Hills Natural Area is missing.

In the Pegasus News article, Don Young says Olive has never run off before and that, "she's extremely well cared for here, and I'm afraid that someone saw her and took her because she's so cute and so friendly. She seems, to us, like she's almost human. She has something in her eyes that you don't see in other dogs."

Olive was last seen Sunday morning, May 13 at 11:00 am, near her home on View Street across from Tandy Hills. Olive is a small, black, 20 pound mixed-terrier. She has a distinctive underbite and is very friendly, especially to children. She has a microchip ID implant but was not wearing a collar and had been recently bathed. There were many people visiting Tandy Hills on Sunday. Someone may have taken her.

If you see Olive or hear anything about her whereabouts please call Don & Debora Young at 817-731-2787.

I have not checked on FW Weekly to see if they are helping get the word out for their readers to be on the lookout for the missing Mascot of the Tandy Hills.

Olive the Prairie Dog gone missing is the local equivalent of Lassie or Rin Tin Tin or the Obama's Bo going missing.

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Blue and Max said...

We hope you find Olive real soon!