Saturday, May 5, 2012

The First Saturday Of May Thinking About A Murdered White Buffalo Baby

I am looking out my primary viewing portal on the outer world on May Day 5 at a blue sky with nary a cloud to see.

My temperature monitoring device is telling me it is currently 70 degrees, with the temperature predictors predicting the high today will again be in the 90s.

At some point in time after the sun ceased providing its daily illumination service I saw some bright light flashes and heard some loud thunder booms.

Clouds are required for thunder and lightning to happen.

Usually, when thunder is clapping it is accompanied by rain, usually in downpour mode. But, last night, no rain hit the ground at my location.

This morning I was appalled to read in each of the various news sources I look at each morning that someone in Texas murdered a young rare non-albino white buffalo and his mother.

Only 1 in 10 million buffalo babies are white.

Many Native Americans make a big deal about white buffalo, believing them to be something sacred.

The murdered buffalo was named Lightning Medicine Cloud by his Native American worshipers. Lightning Medicine Cloud was less than a year old when he was murdered.

Lightning Medicine Cloud lived at the Lakota Buffalo Ranch near Greenville, Texas. Greenville is the county seat of Hunt County out in the Piney Woods Region of East Texas.

Lakato Buffalo Ranch owner, Arby Little Soldier, and his wife, had been out of town, shocked to return home to discover Lightning Medicine Cloud killed and skinned.

I do not know if murdering a white buffalo is a death penalty crime in Texas. If it is not, I think it should be.

I think I'll go swimming now and try not to think about murdered buffaloes.

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