Friday, May 4, 2012

May Day 4 Is Going To Be HOT In Texas

Looking skyward through the bars of my patio prison cell, on the morning of May Day 4, the sky appears to be blue and cloud-free, for the most part.

Currently, at my location, the outer world is being heated to 40 degrees above freezing. Heading to a predicted high of 93 today.

I think if we get heated to 93 today this will be the hottest day of the year, so far.

I remember way back in early May of 1998, being in Fort Worth to see if it was plausible to move here. On day 3 we drove out to Weatherford.  where I saw a temperature sign on a bank informing me it was 92 degrees.

Every time we'd stop somewhere and exit the vehicle I'd over heat.

I soon was saying there was no way I could move here, that it was like being in Eastern Washington in August.

Too HOT.

Somehow, I over came my HEAT aversion and made the move. And somehow I then acclimated to being outdoors when the temperature goes into HOT mode.

And like it.

I must go swimming now before it gets any hotter.

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