Monday, May 14, 2012

Searching The Tandy Hills For Olive The Prairie Dog With A Blimp Overhead

Tandy Hills Lost Sunglasses Ridge
A blimp was overhead when I arrived on top of Mount Tandy today. I do not know if the blimp was helping with the doghunt for the missing Olive the Prairie Dog, or not.

I do not think the Tandy Hills suffered much, if any, deluging from Friday's downpours. The trails were dry, no mud. The creeks were dry, no water. Not a drop was flowing over Tandy Falls.

Due to the hills being totally easily accessed, without gaining height elevation due to sticky mud, I was able to search all over the hills for the missing Olive.

I know that a dognapping is the prime suspect as the reason for Olive's disappearance. But that seems so unlikely to me. What sort of monster would snatch a little dog that clearly belonged to someone?

Years ago, in Mount Vernon, before she moved to Texas, my cat, Hortense, disappeared. Hortense was a very well behaved cat with very predictable habits. She had a large outdoor safe area to play in. And then she went missing.

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I put up signs around the neighborhood asking if anyone had seen Hortense. I talked to all my neighbors. Then, after 4 days of being missing, there was a familiar noise at the door. It was Hortense wanting to be let in. My next door neighbor had opened a shed and out popped Hortense. She must have been snooping and got trapped inside.

I wonder if Olive might have wandered in to some similar situation.

I'm guessing signs are being posted around the Tandy Hills neighborhood asking if anyone has seen Olive. A parent may see one of those signs and realize where that cute dog came from that the kids brought home on Sunday.

I'm optimistic Olive will be returned home.

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Don Young said...

We are missing Olive real bad. If you can find find my sunglasses in a field of grass maybe you can find our Olive.