Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Hiking A Wind Chilled Tandy Hills With Wildflowers & Sushi

We have now gone over 90, mid-afternoon, at my location.

The air was heated to the low 80s when I did my Tandy Hill hiking in the noon time frame.

80s with a strong wind blowing, blowing with it that refreshing Wind Chill Effect, so today I did not turn into as HOT a sweaty mess as I did yesterday.

I had myself a fine time anyway, even though the sauna/steam bath was not at full steaminess.

I think someone, maybe the same guerrilla artist who installed the Tandy Bamboo Teepee, has sprinkled Miracle Gro on some locations on the Tandy Hills prairie.

Fertilizer would help explain why there are some spots on the Tandy Hills, like the spot in the above picture, where the wildflowers seem to have grown way more massive than the norm.

I rather like the out of control massive wildflowers.

After I finished my hill hiking, since it is Saturday, I did my usual Saturday thing and went to Town Talk.

I was very pleased upon arrival at Town Talk to read on the reader board, "HUGE SUSHI SALE".

Other signs throughout Town Talk reinforced the HUGE SUSHI SALE message, letting us Town Talkers know that a huge supply of fresh sushi had been acquired, to be sold at extremely discounted prices.

I walked in to the Town Talk cooler to see a HUGE amount of sushi, big platters, small platters, combo platters, platters with California rolls only. More sushi than I've ever laid my eyes on.

I would not think sushi was something most Town Talkers have much affinity for, but many were snapping up the platters.

So, I bet you can guess what I had for lunch.

Yes, you guessed correctly. Sushi.

I think I may go to River Legacy Park later to get in some Cinco de Mayo celebrating along with some bike riding.

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