Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Continuing The Search For Olive The Missing Prairie Dog With The Tandy Hills Roadrunner

Everywhere I went today, after I left my abode, I saw LOST DOG posters tacked to various surfaces, alerting people to the BOLO (Be On The Lookout) for Olive the Missing Prairie Dog.

Via various media the news of the missing Mascot of the Tandy Hills continues to spread.

Due to the fact that Olive the Prairie Dog is a local celebrity dog I would think the Fort Worth Police would be in on the search, treating this case as a possible criminal dognapping.

If someone made a ransom demand, would that get the Fort Worth Police involved?

Last summer I was over at Miss Puerto Rico's, watching humanity pass below, from her balcony vantage point. Suddenly swarms of police cars were on the scene, dozens of police officers. We thought a super major crime must have taken place to warrant this level of police activity.

We saw the police chase and arrest a young man.

We went to ground level to learn that the person the police caught had stolen a pair of socks and a box of disposable baby diapers from the neighborhood Family Dollar store.

A pair of socks and a box of disposable baby diapers.

It was a Jean Valjean Les Miserables moment for me. You don't steal a pair of socks and diapers unless you are dire desperate. I thought the police response to be totally out of proportion to the crime.

And felt even more that way when a short time later my vehicle was broken into, with the steering column damaged and my bike stolen. Significantly more monetary damage than some stolen socks and a diaper. I called the Fort Worth Police. An hour later an officer showed up. He did not get out of his car. He did not make a report. He did talk to me at length about the JFK/Oswald Conspiracy and showed me some YouTube videos about that subject on his I-phone.

The Tandy Hills Roadrunner
Looking For Olive the Prairie Dog
So, are the Fort Worth Police on the case of the missing mascot of the Tandy Hills?

I saw a friend of Olive's today on the Tandy Hills who appeared to be looking for something. Maybe Olive?

It was the Tandy Hills Roadrunner.

He was out in the open, and in no hurry, at the Tandy View Street Park. He let me get close and take pictures, acting like he was posing. This went on for quite some time, to the point I was ready for the Roadrunner to do some running.

The Tandy Hills Roadrunner frequently visited Olive's yard, where Olive provided a water fountain. And might have given the Roadrunner something to eat. The Roadrunner sure did act as if he was desperately looking for something.

Where Oh Where Can Olive Be?


Blue and Max said...

Oh, geez. Olive must be so scared, without her people. Max and Me are hoping real hard for her safe and speedy return. Keep Looking!!

Durango said...

Thanks, Blue, for the positive thoughts about Olive. If you and Max want to join in the search party, start heading south. But leave a note telling your housemates where you are going so no one thinks you kids are missing.

cd0103 said...

Sending good thoughts that Olive is found! Poor puppy.