Tuesday, January 31, 2017

HUGE Pro-Trump Dallas Demonstration Draws Eight Women

The anti-Trump protests all over America, and the World, have been HUGE.

And then I saw this this morning on Facebook, via one of my favorite Texans, which I found amusing and a bit embarrassing.

Embarrassing that even this many Texas women could be found who are so deluded they call themselves "Women for Trump" and applaud Trump's busy first week.

A HUGE demonstration of eight women expressing their opinion that they "...just wish they would give him a chance. Because he's only been in office for one week."

Yeah, that makes sense.

It  took only a week for our most  idiotic president since Millard Fillmore to lead America into Constitutional Crisis territory, so let's give him a chance to do even more idiotic things before we decide that maybe it is time to stand up and say "NO YOU IGNORANT INTERNATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT' we won't give you a chance to turn America the Great into America the No Longer Great.

Last night, also on Facebook, I saw and shared the meme you see below...

I like to think if I was a German in 1932 I would have verbalized what I thought about Hitler's shenanigans, and publicly verbalized that I thought him to be an  IGNORANT INTERNATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT, among other things I found disturbing about Hitler.

Those hapless Germans did not have anything like the Internet, or Facebook, to share how they felt about the Hitlerian Nazi madness. The World, and America, are not so unfortunate. In 2017 it is relatively easy to organize  a resistance to a dangerous despot, thus a lot more difficult for a Hitler type madman to wreak havoc.

At least I hope that is the case and that I am not being overly optimistic....

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