Monday, January 9, 2017

Balmy South Wind Blows Away Latest Wichita Falls Arctic Blast

Venturing into the outer world at my location on the planet has been a cold experience the last few days.

To do so comfortably required attiring pretty much as if one was doing some downhill skiing.

For the first couple days of this most recent Arctic Blast I did not attempt any outdoor excursion of any lengthy duration.

And then my GPS locator located my missing long underwear, with that discovery rendering the outdoor frigidity a bit more tolerable.

And now, today, the second Monday of the new year, a breeze from the south has risen the temperature well above freezing to a relatively balmy 51 degrees.

And so today I left my long underwear behind whilst I ventured outside, still well layered with the outerwear, to take a walk on the wild side of my neighborhood Circle Trail.

A strong breeze is blowing in the warmer air, but with that strong breeze making that warm air feel colder than 51 degrees, hence that which you see above, me looking like it must be really cold.

Tomorrow the weather menu has us scheduled to reach a temperature in the 70s. I do not think this will provoke a bout in the swimming pool, or a Polar Dip in Lake Wichita, but you never know until tomorrow arrives....

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