Friday, January 6, 2017

My Birds Not Of A Feather Flock Together In The Texas Snow

What you are looking at here is that which I saw via my living room window a few minutes ago when I attempted to take a picture of the big flakes of snow which were then falling.

My pet birds show up clearly, but the snowflakes, not so much, well, not at all.

The flakes began to fall about an hour ago.

The flakes eventually morphed from being little pinspots of powder to full grown flakes. With the outer world chilled to 20 degrees nothing frozen that falls to the ground is melting.

So far not enough flakes have fallen to render the outer world to be a white winter wonderland. Instead it just looks real cold.

There are dozens upon dozens of birds of various feathers living in the trees and bushes which surround my abode. I figured they might be hungry, what with the frigidity making their regular foraging difficult. So, I opened a bird feed buffet on my patio deck. The birds seem to like everything on the buffet except for the chicken skin.

So far not enough snow has fallen to accumulate to a depth deep enough to warrant locating my cross country skis or my sled.

I imagine if sufficient snow accumulates Mount Wichita becomes a local sliding mecca.

I suspect before winter goes away for the year I will find out if Mount Wichita does become a regional sliding mecca when conditions warrant such....

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