Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Caribbean Walking Safely Not Tumbling Into Holliday Creek Gorge

With the temperature nearing 70, with a strong wind providing some cooling, I opted to venture out into the current heat wave to go on a long walk in my Caribbean neighborhood.

I headed north on the Circle Trail til I got to Grenada. Left Grenada for Barbados and then used Haiti to get back to the Circle Trail.

I was slightly overdressed in t-shirt and cargo shorts.

With these wildly fluctuating temperatures it is difficult at times to know what level of outer wear is needed for comfort's sake.

In the photo view we are on the Circle Trail looking south. At this location apparently a rail fence is needed to prevent people from tumbling into the Holliday Creek gorge. I know this rail fence made me feel safe from tumbling.

Tomorrow I will likely be at various locations in the Dallas zone, far from any danger of tumbling into the Holliday Creek gorge.

The temperature is currently scheduled to drop into the freezing zone again, tomorrow. I hope I get my level of outer wear correct....

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