Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Windy Wichita Falls Heat Wave's Giant Seed Pods

A day or two ago sub-freezing had me searching desperately for my missing long underwear.

Now that I located the missing long underwear such is currently no longer needed.

My swimsuit would be of more use today than long underwear, what with the outer world being heated into the 80s.

I was barely two steps out into the outer world  today when HOT hurricane force-like wind sent my head covering skyward. Eventually I was able to retrieve the flying hat.

On the Circle Trail I soon found that the high wind had blown free from trees a lot of big seed pods like you see me holding above.

The seed pods had not blown free from the leaf free trees you see in the picture.

The seed pods appeared to have blown free from evergreen type trees which were standing tall behind me at the location from whence I took the above picture.

I hope this balmy summer type weather stays around for awhile. The icy temps wreak havoc with my arthritic joints.....

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