Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tune Into Elsie Hotpepper & I Love Betsy

Turns out Elsie Hotpepper and I were worried needlessly about not yet receiving a coveted invite to the "I Love Betsy" fundraiser starring Betsy Price, because that coveted invite has arrived.

Elsie and I have decided to donate at the Co-Host Level. We think this may allow us to bring along some other Betsy Lovers. So, let us know if you want to go with us.

The I Love Betsy Fundraiser takes place at the posh Ashton Depot on Thursday, February 9, which is only a couple weeks from today.

Elsie and I are unclear exactly as to why Betsy is having this fund raising event for all of us Betsy Loving people. Are the funds being raised for Betsy's personal use? Or for her upcoming mayoral campaign? The invite is not clear regarding what the funds are for.

But, Elsie and I Love Betsy so much that if she is in need of funds for her personal use, well, we are totally happy to help out.

If the funds are being raised for the upcoming mayoral campaign Elsie and I are wondering why such funds are needed. It's not like anyone ever runs against the Ultra Lovable Betsy. And even if someone did run against the Ultra Lovable Betsy she still automatically gets elected, due to the special Fort Worth Way of running elections.

Which has us wondering how that State of Texas investigation into the most flagrant election fraud in Texas history is going.

You know that Tarrant County election fraud investigation which generated a lot of publicity a couple months ago, with that investigation triggered by the obviously fraudulent vote totals which saw Jim Lane and Marty Leonard keeping their TRWD board positions with an astounding vote total from thousands of allegedly bogus absentee ballots.

The "I Love Betsy" Fundraiser lasts from 5 pm til 7 pm. Is Betsy going to make dinner for us? Ply us with alcohol? I guess we will find out when we get to the Ashton Depot...

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