Sunday, January 29, 2017

Washington Governor Inslee Declares Trump Enemy Of The United States

I think ones memory of living in the United States would have to go back to the 1960s to remember another time such as we are experiencing now.


Back in the 60s the protests were against things like the Vietnam War and for things like Civil Rights and protecting the environment.

Was it Friday Trump issued his Executive Order banning incoming humans from several Muslim dominated countries, except for those Muslim dominated countries with whom Trump has business ties?

I don't know how it happened, but in airports all across  America, by the time incoming humans were being denied entry, thousands of protesters arrived.

At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport most of the protesters were arriving by light rail. At one point the police halted trains from stopping at the Sea-Tac station, for about a half hour, before an intervention put an end to that.

Looking on the bright side, methinks whilst the American democracy has taken a reputation hit, world-wide, these protests, being so spontaneous, and of such magnitude, well, it is showing the world that democracy is alive and well in America.

Regarding the Sea-Tac protests, Washington Representative Pramila Jaypal tweeted "Cries of Let Them In are echoing around Sea-Tac Airport. So proud of Washington's 7th District right now. We will not be silent."

Makes me proud to be from Washington too. And also proud of Texans for showing up at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to express the same protest sentiments.

The Texans do not have as easy a time getting to the airport as Washingtonians do. That and D/FW International is so HUGE it would seem it might be a bit of task to locate the heart of the protests.

I believe it was at Sea-Tac Washington's governor, Jay Inslee, verbalized what many Americans are thinking, that being that Donald Trump has become an enemy of the United States.

I would amend that to add the word "dangerous", as in Trump is a dangerous enemy of the United States.

Only a week into the Trump Reign and we are already seeing unprecedented protests protesting a president's unprecedented un-American incompetence.

I think we all need to fasten our seatbelts, this ride is likely going to get a lot rougher. But, while you fasten your seatbelts listen to Washington's governor express his outrage....

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