Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year Flying To Palm Springs With Spencer Jack

Earlier this first day of the new year of 2017, if I remember right, I mentioned that I had not heard a Happy New Year from a usual Happy New Year suspect, or two.

Since then I  have heard some more Happy New Years, from the likes of those such as Steve A, and others, such as Elsie Hotpepper.

And, the latest, a Happy New Year from Spencer Jack and his dad....

FUD -- Happy New Year. 2016 was exhausting. 2017 started with snow here in the Skagit Valley. Most of Washington State is freezing. FNSJ and I are looking forward to warmer climates. Grandma Cindy has invited us down to her Palm Springs winter residence. You should join us. -FNJ

I did not know, til reading the above paragraph, that my Favorite Ex-Sister-in-Law, Spencer Jack's Grandma Cindy, now has a winter residence in Palm Springs.

I think the last I heard mention made of Palm Springs was when Spencer Jack's new aunts, Chris and Sheila, spent a week in Palm Springs, including getting terrified on the Palm Springs Tramway, due to its new glass floor, which rotates as the tram climbs up the mountain.

Spencer Jack and Jason's message about going to Palm Springs included the photo you see above of a snow covered Alaska Airways jet. Judging by this scene I am guessing Spencer Jack drove his dad to the Bellingham airport, which is a lot closer, with a lot less traffic to contend with, than driving to Sea-Tac.

Does Alaska fly direct from Bellingham to Palm Springs? I have no idea. I know the town I am currently in, with a population over 100,000, more people than which live in Bellingham, has no direct flights anywhere, as far as I know. One gets to fly from Wichita Falls back to D/FW before getting on a plane to ones destination.

I hope Spencer Jack and his dad are able to get warm. If Spencer wants to return to some snow I suspect this time of year the Palm Springs Tramway can take care of that need...

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