Monday, January 2, 2017

Watching The Pansy Bowl On New Year Day Two

Yesterday, on New Years Day, I was all excited that I'd scored a rare invite to watch a football game at the Knappson Football Game viewing center.

The Knappson invite was for the Rose Bowl.

About an hour, maybe two, before I was thinking I was going to be watching the Rose Bowl, I was informed that the Knappson football game schedulers had messed up, that the Rose Bowl was taking place today, the day after New Years Day.

And my coveted invite was no longer valid.

I was so disappointed regarding the aborted Rose Bowl invite that I am of no mood to watch it today.

I do not even know who is playing in the Rose Bowl.

Way back in the previous century, before the world got all messed up, it was easy to know who would be playing in the Rose Bowl. This year it would have been the University of Washington Huskies, due to having the best record in the Pac-10, or whatever number the Pac has in it at this point in time. The Huskies would be playing whoever won some other league, I think the name was Big 10, or something like that. Wherever Michigan plays, I think.

Anyway, with New Years Day football totally ruined I opted to go outside, away from any TV screens, and sit on a bench on the Circle Trail, looking at my neighborhood Pansy Bowl, which is what you see in the photo above.

The aforementioned Huskies played in a bowl game a couple days ago. Something called the Peach Bowl. There are so many of these bowl games with so many names.

It used to be simple.

Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and maybe a couple other fruits and flowers attached to bowls which I am not remembering.

The Huskies lost the Peach Bowl. The game had something to do with picking the national champion, like that is a really important thing.

Did the Tournament of Roses Parade take place out of sync, today, too? That parade used to be a New Years Day staple, til, like I already said, the world got all messed up....

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