Saturday, January 7, 2017

Texas Mailbox Woes With Disappearing Smoked Skagit Salmon

A few days ago during the course of an incoming call from Washington the caller asked if I liked the Smoked Salmon.

Huh? Thought I.

I'd seen no Smoked Salmon from the person calling. However, Smoked Salmon had arrived in my mailbox a couple weeks ago from a different Washington entity.

That is that Smoked Salmon, yet unopened, you see here.

When I told the Smoked Salmon enquirer I had received no fish from him I was told a couple pounds of Smoked Skagit Salmon had been mailed to me.

I was appalled. Among my favorite things is Smoked Skagit Salmon. That and Dungeness Crab.

Then yesterday I got another call from Washington. This particular Washingtonian was calling to tell me that the Sam's Club Gift Card she'd mailed from Mount Vernon on the 18th of December had been returned on January 6, with the envelope opened, but the gift card still inside.

So, now I am wondering if others have sent me anything which I have not received.

If you have mailed anything to my location in Texas and you have not heard from me telling you a mighty fine thank you acknowledging having received such, well, this indicates the package did not make it to my mailbox.

I have rarely had any problems with any mail delivery type issue.  I am assuming these recent incidents are a rare anomaly and that I can continue to trust the Post Office will successfully deliver that which is sent to me.

But where is that Smoked Skagit Salmon?

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