Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Years Resolutions Off To Bad Start

New Years Day morning, via Facebook, Little Miss Mary Brown asked me the probing question "What are your New Year Resolutions?"

I proceeded to tell Little Miss Mary that....

My 2017 New Year Resolutions are to gain some weight, to cut back on my excessive exercising, like taking too many long walks, to try and make myself eat junk food at least once a week, just for the variety and maybe see if I can develop a taste for wine and beer.....

A few minutes after informing Little Miss Mary of my 2017 New Year Resolutions I proceeded to break the one about cutting back on the excessive exercising, like taking long walks, by taking a long walk on the Circle Trail.

A pleasant, warm, quiet, breeze-free long walk on the Circle Trail.

As you can  see via the long walk on the Circle Trail photo documentation, the formerly green grass has turned a lovely shade of brown at my location on the planet.

That is the Weeks Golf Course with no green greens you see on the right, on the east side of Holliday Creek.

Seeing all this browned grass had me trying to remember if Washington grass turns brown in winter. It seems to me, well to my memory, that grass in the Evergreen state remains green all winter long, as least on the west side of the mountains, as in Cascade mountain range.

This morning I got Happy New Year text messages on my phone from most of the usual suspects, starting with my little brother. So far, among the usual suspects, I have yet to see a Happy New Year from Spencer Jack, Elsie Hotpepper, Delilah Diddleworthy, Wally Wiggler, Linda Arbrrr, Maxine and likely some others I am not remembering right now.....

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Steve A said...

Happy New Year, even if the Huskies lost to close out 2016. I believe they will have a better team in 2017!