Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year Day Three Resolutions Intact With Brownies

Day three of the new year and so far I am doing all right with those all important New Year's Resolutions which one is required to make.

I have cut back, slightly on excessive exercising. And yesterday I ate a brownie in my new ongoing new year attempt to gain weight.

I did not much care for the brownie. This gaining weight thing is gonna be tough.

Maybe I'll buy a bag of potato chips tomorrow when I go to ALDI.

As you can see, via today's photo documentation of the Circle Trail, looking north, the sky is no longer blue, so the sun is no longer providing a level of warmth rendering the outer world comfortable.

The temperature at the time I was being chilled was 40, with a strong wind blowing from the north making the air feel cooler.

Well, it is time for lunch. Chicken spaghetti with butter braised cabbage. I may force myself to consume another brownie....

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