Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Snowman Cometh Tomorrow Hopefully With No Iceman

Once again, back in the natural deep freeze.

Now with snow on the menu for tomorrow, that being the first Friday of the new year.

So far no threats of a possible Ice Storm. I don't mind it much when it snows in Texas, but Ice Storms, well, I never experienced such until I experienced Texas.

I was barely a week in Texas, one of the last Decembers of the previous century. when I slipped on my first Ice Storm. I left Washington in a heavy rain storm and arrived at my new Texas abode in an even heavier rainstorm, which was also my introduction to the concept of flash flooding.

A week later I found myself at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Lunch buffet at the long gone Riscky Rita's. A Mexican food buffet. Which was not a good buffet. Not a big mystery why Riscky Rita's is no more.

So, during the time whilst I tried to enjoy the Riscky Rita Mexican buffet, unbeknownst to me, the strong wind howling outside was bringing a temperature drop from the north.

A fifty degree drop by the time I exited Riscky Rita's to find myself seriously under dressed, in a t-shirt, with no coat. A fast run was made to my vehicle.

That night the temperature went well below freezing. We did not know how to turn off the water to the barn. Or what to do about the pool. By morning an Ice Storm had coated the outer world with a thick cover of treacherous slipperitude.

Within a couple days warmth had returned, with the Ice Storm a memory, a bad memory, which has now been repeated more times than I can remember, with the most recent instance striking a couple winters ago whilst I was on my way to ALDI. That ALDI visit turned into a multi-hour nightmare which had me vowing never again.

So, tomorrow if the scheduled snow decides to go into Ice Storm mode I will not be rolling mechanized wheels any where.

If I can avoid doing so.....

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Steve A said...

Ice should be limited to the Panther Island Ice Rink - should one suddenly appear.