Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spencer Jack At Oso Mudslide Memorial Straining My Memory

This week Spencer Jack loaded up his new pickup and took his dad to the site of America's worst mudslide disaster, Oso, Washington.

FNJ & FNSJ emailed three Oso photos and the following explanatory text...

FUD --

The winter days are so long here. Spencer and I try each day after school to find something to do.  We have to do this immediately after school pick up time as the sun sets by 5 these days. Today we visited for the first time the nation's deadliest landslide.  The pictures don't do justice.  But if you want to do more research about this, google 'before and after pictures of the Oso mudslide.' A small community literally was covered when a logged mountain couldn't hold an abnormal amount of rain. I expected to do some hiking this afternoon, but the area is off limits to the public.  A makeshift memorial of this tragic event is located where we were able to stop and snap a few pictures. 

Tomorrow Grandma Cindy has Spencer Jack school pick up duty, but Wednesday, I'm hoping to take him bike riding around Lake Padden. Or perhaps the Interurban trail. Spencer bought a pickup truck last month so he can haul our bicycles to fun locations. He has only been able to do this once so far this very cold winter. Do you remember when you and Joey and I started at Larrabee State Park and rode our bikes to Lake Whatcom and back? That was a fun day. I remember we stopped at Haggens (when it was just local to Bellingham) for their deli Chinese lunch. Spencer and I need to do that soon. You should join us.

Hope all is well, FNJ

Regarding the other pictures referred to,  you can see them on another blog via Oso Washington Mudslide Update From The Jones Boys.

I remember biking with Spencer Jack's dad and uncle from Larrabee to the Alaskan Ferry Terminal in Bellingham's Fairhaven District, which is about 16 miles roundtrip, if I remember right. But I have no memory of pedaling all the way from Larrabee to Lake Whatcom. That would be a long bike ride. I told Jason I don't remember that bike ride, but he assured me we did do so.

I trust Jason's youthful memory more than my own.

Whilst in Washington Lake Padden was one of my regular go to places, both for mountain biking and hiking. Miles upon miles of great hilly trails. And in summer a dip in the lake was doable.

When I moved to Texas I was appalled to find there were no grocery stores of the Haggen quality level. I used to frequently frequent the Bellingham Haggens Chinese and Sushi deli. When Central Market came to the D/FW zone I was pleased to see it was sort of like Haggens, but not quite. I understand, for reasons unfathomable to me, Haggens has fallen on hard times.

Something to do with Alberstsons.

When I lived in Washington Albertsons was the worst of the grocery stores. When I moved to Texas I was appalled, appalled I tell you, when I asked what the best grocery store was, to find myself being told it was Albertsons.

The Texas Albertsons were/are just as bad as the Washington version, in my humble opinion.

I wonder where Spencer Jack is going to take his dad next? I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures of Lake Padden. It's been many years since I have seen Lake Padden.

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