Friday, February 3, 2017

Enduring Arctic Texas Cold With Green Siracha Sauce From Vietnam

I have lost track, due to not taking notes, of the number of aggravations currently aggravating me.

So, with a cluster of aggravations aggravating me I decided to layer on the outer world to venture out into the current return of the Arctic to have myself a cold, windy walk on the Circle Trail which circles around this tiny Texas town which calls itself Wichita Falls.

I lasted in the chill long enough to take the photo you see here, looking north at Holliday Creek Gorge, with the Circle Trail on the left, barely visible.

This latest Arctic Blast is scheduled to retreat in a couple days, with the temperature then returning to a more reasonable 80 something.

Shrimp is not on the barbie for lunch, instead shrimp is scheduled to be added to a nice hot stir fry of various vegetables including broccoli, bok choy and bean sprouts, along with jasmine rice.

Yesterday I got myself a new product to add some heat to whatever I stir fry.

Green Siracha sauce. From Vietnam.

Living in Texas is such a rewarding multi-cultural experience...


TTN Egnineering said...

Green Siracha sauce....Is there a place in Texas to buy that stuff. I am not too far from Wichita Falls. Thanks.

Durango said...

TTN Engineering---- ALDI in Wichita Falls is the place I found the Green Siracha sauce. ALDI is on Lawrence Road, across the street from Walmart, due south of the Kell freeway.