Monday, February 6, 2017

Snow School For Spencer Jack Today

Reading the Seattle Times this morning I learned Western Washington has had itself a snow storm, with accumulations sufficient  in some locations to cause school closings and other inconveniences.

I did not know, via reading the Seattle Times, if my old home zone, known as the Banana Belt of the Skagit Valley, also got hit with a blanket of snow.

The Skagit Valley is known  as the Banana Belt due to the fact that it is located between two of these things known as convergence zones. This somehow causes the blizzards which can rage between the Skagit Valley and a short  distance north to the Canadian border, to not reach the Valley of the Skagit.

Well, such is not the case with the current snow, which I learned minutes ago from Spencer Jack's dad who phoned me the above photo of Spencer Jack's Mount Vernon domicile, along with a text message which said, "Spencer Jack will not be schooled today."

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