Saturday, February 11, 2017

That Was Not Elsie Hotpepper At The Wichita Falls Public Library Today

This second Saturday of February I opted to risk exposure to the extreme HEAT wave which has descended upon North Texas to venture to downtown Wichita Falls to my favorite local source of reading material.

The Wichita Falls Public Library.

A couple Fridays ago I finally got around to getting myself a library card so as to enable checking out books from Wichita Falls one and only public library.

Regarding that lady walking into the library ahead of me, who you are looking at in the picture, I suspect some might guess this is Elsie Hotpepper, due to the striking resemblance.

Well, this is not Elsie Hotpepper, obviously, because this is clearly not a redhead, but, other than that, the doppelganger level resemblance to Elsie Hotpepper is remarkable.

That is the entry to the Wichita Falls Public Library you are looking at above. The Wichita Falls Public Library is among the best I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

Til checking out a book in Wichita Falls I had not experienced a library using a self checkout method. The self checkout works slick. You scan your library card and then one by one place books above the checkout ray. Instantly the book is identified. When done checking out all your books you select 'done' and then choose to have a receipt printed.

Returning books is also a slick operation. At the entry to the library there is a robotic device where you set a book on a moving belt which sucks the book into the robot whilst identifying the book. When done you can opt to print a receipt.

When I was done with the library I opted to return to nearby Riverside Cemetery to do some walking through history. That is a story for another blogging.

The walk among tombstones was HOT. In the 80s, heading to some place in the 90s. I currently have a ceiling fan spinning overheard and am considering turning on the air conditioner.

These extreme temperature fluctuations are aggravating. Tomorrow a cold front is scheduled to blow in, with snow on the menu for Monday.


Very perplexing...

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