Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Post Valentine's Day Blues With Singapore Feeling Trumpy

I think I may have I learned something new this morning.

Flora Cheng has been my favorite Singaporean since way back in the last  decade of the previous century.

This morning, on Facebook, Flora posted that which you see here.

If you are unable  to read Chinese, let me translate  for you....

Heavy rain
Outside Temperature 27
Some people will be rest to 27
I don't have language.

I am sure that even if you are not fluent in Chinese you likely do know that Singapore, and most of the rest of the world, measures temperature using this thing called the Centigrade scale.

I do not know if 27 degrees Centigrade is extra hot or extra cold for a country located near the equator.

I commented on Flora's  post, using  the English language, because my fluency in Chinese is not as evolved as I  wish it was...

Durango Jones: 93 here last Saturday. HOT. Snow yesterday on Valentine's Day. BRRRR!!!!

Flora Cheng: Your weather has gone Trumpy.

Durango Jones:  Let us just hope the entire world's weather does not go Trumpy....

Flora Cheng:  Hopefully.

I am guessing that our Dear Leader's name has become a descriptive word in Singapore.


I am also guessing as to what Trumpy means in Singapore.

Is Trumpy Singalese for Crazy? Nuts? Unpredictable? Bizarre? Weird Unbelievable?

I suppose I could end the guessing by emailing Flora and asking what Trumpy means to her and her fellow Singaporeans....

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