Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playing Soccer Baseball With Fort Worth Kids At Oakland Park With Baby Ducks

Fosduck Only Child Duck
Since rain fell once again, last night, I figured the Tandy Hills would be too muddy for enjoyable hill hiking.

So, it was back to Oakland (Lake) Park to walk around Fosdick Lake.

All the rain has greatly reduced the layer of green, slimy, algae vegetation that had been choking Fosdick Lake of late.

The Fosducks seem happier with a less green lake. I heard a lot of exuberant quacking today, from the ducks and from a big flock of kids.

The kids were playing some sort of hybrid baseball/soccer game that looked fun. The bases were orange traffic cones. The ball looked like a volley ball.

Instead of hitting the ball with a stick, the person at home base kicked the ball. After the ball was kicked much mayhem and screaming ensued. I've not seen kids having so much fun since I played Ladder Golf with Spencer Jack in my sister's backyard in Arizona, back in March.

Stormy weather, with possible thunderstorms, seems to be the weather theme for today.

The sky looked a bit menacing above the Fosdick Water Tank UFO that hovers over Oakland (Lake) Park.

I am now back in air-conditioned comfort.

The sky seems to be going from bright to dark on some sort of regular cycle. I am expecting some weather drama at some point this afternoon.

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