Monday, May 7, 2012

Listening To The May Day 7 Bird Jazz Ensemble

Looking through the bars of  my patio prison cell at the morning of May Day 7, it appears that this first Monday of the month is starting out as yet one more nice clear blue sky day in Texas.

That may change if the weather predictor's prediction is correct. Once again thunderstorming is in the forecast, just like yesterday. But yesterday there was no thunderstorming. I suspect that will end up being the case today, as well.

Currently, since it is a relatively chilly 71 degrees in the outer world at my location, I have my windows open. Having my windows open lets me better hear the cacophonous symphony that is being performed by my bird population this morning.

I don't know why I don't find birds making their melodic racket annoying, while wind chimes make me want to blast them with a shotgun.

Why do birds chirp? I'm sitting here this morning realizing I don't know what is the purpose of birds singing their chirping songs. I don't think it is a mating call thing, because I don't see a lot of bird mating going on.

I guess this is just one more thing to be perplexed about.

I think I will go swimming now and let the birds serenade me whilst I am immersed.

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