Friday, May 4, 2012

Catching A Possible Flag Thief Today On The Tandy Hills

Young Lady With Tandy Hills Flag Obsession
The temperature had not yet hit 90 when I did my hill hiking today. But it was HOT. With little wind.

I had some major pore leakage going on which provided some cooling, but my hiking shorts grew quite heavy as they sponged up the pore leakage.

HOT hiking is sort of addictive. It feels good, like how you feel after a sauna or steambath, or both.

I have been back in air-conditioned semi-comfort for a couple hours. It is now 90 in the outer world at my location.

Hiking the Tandy Hills today I was startled by a young lady talking loudly to herself. I think I startled her when suddenly there was a wet guy with few clothes on looking at her. I said to the young lady, "You're talking to yourself." She gave me a polite courtesy laugh.

This woman seemed to be way over dressed to be out doing HOT hill hiking. She was picking up all the orange flags I mentioned yesterday, flags that served as route markers for hiking Fort Worth Independent School District students.

I don't know if this woman was stealing the valuable flags. Or if she'd been tasked with removing them by the FWISD. Or if she was removing them because she thought they were litter.

There are other flags stuck in the Tandy Hills that mark areas where prairie experimenters are experimenting.  She'd better not have removed those experimental flags or she'll be hearing from the Don of the Tandy Hills.

That's why I took as good a picture of the Flag Lady as I could manage, so the flag thief could possibly be identified, should the need arise.

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Don Young said...

That young lady is Kathy Cash, the lead Science educator with FWISD, and a important supporter of Kids on the Prairie. She's doing her job.