Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Tranquil Swim Thinking About Becoming A No Internet Apolitical Turtle Living On A Desert Island

The patio view of my pool is looking particularly tranquil on what is already the second Wednesday of May.

Tranquil and currently heated to 73 degrees.

I had myself a real fine time taking a real long swim in that tranquil turquoise pool this morning.

I needed some tranquility due to feeling a bit disgruntled, with the disgruntlement beginning last night when I came upon a bit of information that left me more than just a bit dismayed.

Dismayed because it seemed to me I was seeing people metaphorically shooting themselves in the foot, after making such good progress towards what I thought was a common goal.

The more disgruntled I became the more I began to realize I'd made some wrong assumptions and heard  what I wanted to hear when I asked for clarification about information I assumed to be false, which apparently turned out to be true.

Hence my disgruntlement.

When I first came upon the object of my disgruntlement I made image files of that which disgruntled me, intending to blog the specifics of that which disgruntled me.

But, this morning, after much disgruntled pondering, I decided to keep my opinion to myself, not wanting to risk doing possible damage to what may be the greater good, in the end, even if right now I'm feeling like turning into an apolitical turtle living on a desert island in the South Pacific with no Internet service and my head inside my shell...

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CatsPaw said...

Things are rarely, if ever, black and white. Makes it hard to not want to be an apolitical turtle.