Monday, May 6, 2013

TRWD Board Wants To Charge John Basham $2,585.00 For Disclosure Of Public Records

On the left you are looking at page 1 of 3 that Tarrant Regional Water District Board candidate, John Basham, received today from lawyers representing the TRWD Board.

A few days ago John Basham emailed me 3 documents, with those documents being exchanges John Basham had with the TRWD Board's lawyers regarding John Basham's Texas Public Information Act (Open Records) Request.

One of the communications from the TRWD Board's lawyers asked Basham to narrow the scope of his Request.

The document John Basham received today from the TRWD Board's lawyer basically tells him if he wants to see the public records, that he is requesting to see, it will cost him $2,585.00.

I guess Freedom of Information is not free in Texas.

I can't help but wonder how much of the public's money the TRWD Board is spending on its lawyers to keep from giving John Basham the records he is requesting to see?

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John Austin Basham said...

Durango, I have no idea why you are covering this story. Clearly it is NOT news when a government entity illegally withholds information about you. It's not near as important as elected officials getting in a tizzy about whether or not a helicopter is "luxury" or not. I know this to be true, because the helicopter was in the paper. Withholding information from a citizen about themselves... didn't see it. I think you need to refocus your efforts to better come in line with what is real news.