Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why Did I Get My Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Summer Update In The Middle Of Spring?

What with everyone knowing that summer is well under way, and what with an election coming up in a couple days, which may greatly impact its fate, of course, in my mailbox this morning of May 9, it makes perfectly good sense that I would find VOLUME  VII - ISSUE I - SUMMER 2013 of the TRINITY RIVER VISION UPDATE.

I can not imagine why, but this summer's TRV Boondoggle Update contains a lot of information about the Tarrant Regional Water District and all the amazing things that public agency is doing to improve water quality, mitigate flood dangers and guarantee a good supply of good water well into the next century.

I trust when you read the above two paragraphs you remembered to have your sarcasm detectors on.

The entire first page one sees when one opens this TRV Boondoggle Update is devoted to "TRWD Around Town."

We learn that the TRWD has solved that extremely serious problem of people getting lost on the Trinity Trails. I am sure, like me, you have lost track of the number of stories you've read about people getting hopelessly lost on the confusing maze of Trinity Trails.

The first paragraph about the "Signs of Improvement Along the Trinity River"...

Thanks to the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) the Trinity Trails are getting some fancy schmancy new signage! Last year signage was added  that educated users how to access the Trinity Trails. Now that you can get there, signage is being added to help you navigate the trail system.

So, if I am understanding correctly, last year the TRWD educated trail users as to how to get  on to the Trinity Trails. Education like drive your car to a Trinity Trails parking lot, park, then walk to the clearly visible trail. But don't walk on the trail til next year when signage is added to help you navigate the terribly difficult to navigate Trinity Trail system?

The second paragraph about Trinity River signs improvement is also amusing...

The 26 new trail map signs have been individually tailored to include specific details related to your current location as noted with new "You Are Here" markings. The new location specific maps will point out amenities that are closest to you such as water fountains, restrooms, fishing piers, canoe launches and more. The maps also include mile markers so you can easily identify how far you are from certain destinations.

Fishing piers? Where are the fishing piers on the Trinity River? I guess I can find out via these new signs. Restrooms? Are we talking about the outhouses by the Rockin' the River zone across from Panther Island?

Speaking of Panther Island. On page 2 of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Update there is the headline "Paving the way to Panther Island."

Under that headline there is this short paragraph...

Three signature V-pier bridges will go out for bid together this November. By packaging the three bridges together a tremendous amount of money will be saved. Construction is scheduled to begin this winter.

I think I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of propaganda.

Signature V-pier bridges? In the original version of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle there were to be 3 signature bridges, with "signature" at that time meaning bridges designed by world renowned bridge designers, such as those who designed the 3 signature bridges for the Dallas version of the Trinity River Vision, with one of the Dallas bridges already completed and looking quite impressive.

The TRV Boondoggle had to abandon its "signature" bridges when the price tag came in too high. Hence the three V-pier bridges that are being referred to as "signature" bridges.

So, the TRVB lost its original "signature" bridges to save money. And is now touting packaging these 3 V-pier bridges together as being a big money saver.

I believe these 3 non-signature bridges had to be added to the TRV Boondoggle when the un-needed flood diversion channel was added in order to help pretend the TRV Boondoggle was a flood control project, not an economic development project, and thus help with the getting of some federal money to help pay for the un-needed flood control, un-needed, due to the fact that levees built over a half a century ago, have prevented any flooding in the TRV Boondoggle zone.

Does everyone know what the word "hubris" means?

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