Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Water Board Waves Continue To Wash Over The TRWD

This week's Fort Worth Weekly's Static column, Water Board Waves, annoyed me.

More accurately, it was not the Static column that annoyed me, it was the quotes from a TRWD Board member, Jack Stevens, quoted in the column, that annoyed me.

Just this morning I was telling one of the Water Boarders, I won't say which one, that "just judging from the words I've read them utter, 3 of your co-boarders are not the sharpest knives in the drawer."

And now, later on the same day that I opined what I opined above about 3 of the Water Boarders, one of them, the aforementioned Jack Stevens, shows up in FW Weekly saying the stupid type stuff that led me to opine that these are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Below are the parts of the Static Water Board Waves column containing Jack Stevens' words of wisdom...

Incumbent Jack Stevens said the BNK campaign spouted “misinformation and lies” that led to the unseating of longtime board vice president Hal Sparks III. “The water board has lost a very knowledgeable person that has given twentysomething years,” he said.

Stevens said he hopes Kelleher can work with the four incumbents. “She is probably a pretty good person,” he said. "However, if Kelleher believes the agenda espoused by BNK," he said, there is “probably going to be a problem.”

She has a sharp learning curve,” Stevens said. “She’ll be welcome when she contributes productively.”

If she comes with the BNK mindset, she’s probably going to have a rude awakening,” he said. “She’s going to find out everything she’s been told is misinformation and not the truth.”

She's probably a pretty good person? Which would seem to mean there is some chance she is not a good person?

If Mary Kelleher has an agenda that is counter to the Stevens/Water Board agenda there is going to be a problem? Is this some sort of ham-handed threat?

Mary Kelleher will be welcome when she contributes productively? So, until Mary Kelleher contributes to the TRWD Board in a way that is determined to be productive, she will not be welcome on the TRWD Board? Did the voters not just elect Mary Kelleher in a record breaking landslide? Is it not the voters who have welcomed Mary Kelleher to the TRWD Board?

Mary Kelleher is going to find out all that she believes is misinformation and not the truth? And what would those bits of misinformation be that are not the truth? Little things like the TRWD Board has operated like its own little private fiefdom. Rescuing friends from bankruptcy with TRWD public funds? Being part of building the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century, which everyone knows is important for flood control and maintaining a supply of quality water?

Two paragraphs in the Static column are a better retort to this Stevens guy's buffoonery than anything I might say....

The two camps probably have different ideas about what “productive” means at this point. Kelleher wants to make the water district and the board as transparent as possible. She’s new to politics, but she’s an old hand at fighting for her rights. She battled gas drillers and city officials over flooding at her ranch. She’ll bring that same mentality to the water board, she said.

“It was a great day for citizens,” she said. “For so many years people felt like they didn’t have a voice in the Tarrant Regional Water District. Now they do. They have me.”

Methinks it is not Mary Kelleher who is in for a rude awakening......

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