Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tonight Facebook Informed Me I Was Not Invited To A Party But Am Party To The TRWD Resistance

I had not visited Facebook today til a couple minutes ago. My Facebook visit brought me a couple surprises.

One surprise was to learn that a party took place today at the Mary Kelleher Ranch on Randol Mill Road, a short distance from my abode.

Mary Kelleher has a very meager voting record and is running for a seat on the Tarrant Regional Water District Board. Hence this party, to which I was not invited, which was in support of the effort to get elected.

The other Facebook surprise came from someone named Bud Kennedy. Bud Kennedy made a Facebook post because he said some readers wanted to see a map, again, of "who gets to vote in the water board election. (Only taxpayers get to vote, not customers.)"

The part of the above in quotes is directly quoting what Bud Kennedy wrote on Facebook.

Only taxpayers get to vote? Not customers?

Then Bud Kennedy commented to his post saying "Always interesting clash between incumbents and Tea Partiers. Clyde Picht won almost 6 years ago, but challengers didn't do as well last time. Early voting has been very heavy, which does not bode well for incumbents."

I really don't think the Tea Party has much of anything to do with those trying to unseat the TRWD incumbents. The Tea Party is so 2010. It is now 2013.

Then this guy named Rick made a comment on Bud Kennedy's post that was just a tad scary. Rick said, "If the majority of that board turns over to people that have an axe to grind, want to protect water for dallas we will be in trouble, no one pays any attention to trwd because they do such a good job. makes you wonder what organized resistance is trying to put over on the public."

When I read what Rick wrote it brought to mind a blog post I made back on March 13 titled Combined With Dallas Fort Worth Is One Of America's Least Favorite Cities in which we learned, via extensive scientific study, that of the top 35 Metro areas in America, Dallas/Fort Worth is the Least Intelligent.

Let's just ignore Rick's capitalization and punctuation shortcomings. Organized resistance? Protect water for Dallas? No one pays attention to the TRWD because of the good job they do?

I tell you, an uninformed public, ill served by their local media, unable to figure out they are being propagandized, or confused by the propaganda, like confused Rick's obvious misunderstanding of what the Dowager Heiress, Marty Leonard, actually said regarding her allegation about a Dallas businessman being the nefarious money source for what Rick thinks is the resistance, is a sad thing to witness.

I actually sort of like the "resistance" metaphor. I do see some commonality between the current TRWD and the end days of the USSR. Gorbachev brought Glasnost to the Soviet system. The Soviet system could not withstand Glasnost, which means Openness, in English.

Methinks the current TRWD will suffer a similar fate from Glasnost. With over 300 Open Meetings violations, the TRWD doomsday clock is ticking down. When the "resistance" gets on the TRWD Board, transparency will arrive at the TRWD. All the secret backroom deals will see the light of day and all the cockroaches will scurry as quick as they can, back to the cover of darkness.

Or a jail cell.....

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Fort Worth Water Bug said...

You made bold predictions about the Santa Fe Rail Market when it was being heavily promoted by the powers that be and you were right-on there.

We will just have to wait and see whether your predictions come true when some light is show into the dark and secret corners of the TRWD.