Monday, May 13, 2013

Taking A Walk With A Big White Fosdick Lake Swan In Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park

A Fosdick White Swan
As soon as I arrived, today, in Oakland Lake Park's east parking lot, I saw something I've never seen floating in Fosdick Lake before. That being a big white swan.

During the course of walking around Fosdick Lake the big white swan was motoring all over the lake, often coming close to shore.

Unlike the Fosdick ducks and turtles, the big white swan did not seem to care, even a little, if humans were close to it.

I suppose this fearless swan behavior may have something to do with the big white swan being bigger than a large percentage of the humans

In the valley from whence I moved to Texas, that being the Skagit Valley of Washington, large flocks of trumpeter swans visit valley farmland during their yearly migration. The flocks of trumpeter swans could be quite a spectacle, en masse on the ground, or taking flight, making a cacophony of noise with their wings flapping and trumpets playing.

Why was this Fosdick Lake swan all alone, I could not help but wonder? Where was his or her flock? Was he or she banished for some bad swan behavior?

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