Friday, May 10, 2013

Walking With Bobcats While Thinking About Swimming With Fort Worth Rats In A Town With No Real Newspaper

Sometime around noon I needed a break from way too much of Captain Clean and that little boy's various exploits.

So, I took myself to Arlington, to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area, which happens to be my favorite place in Texas to walk with Indian Ghosts.

In the photo you are looking at the formerly blue bayou, which has become a very green jungle bayou.

Continuing with the jungle theme, for the first time in several years I had an encounter with a jungle cat.

A bobcat to be specific.

I was walking along on the paved trail, peacefully lost in my peaceful thoughts, when suddenly a large bobcat sprinted across the  path ahead of me. The bobcat stopped at the edge of the trail to take a look at me, then took off running into the jungle, as I reached, too late, for my camera.

My closest encounters with bobcats have been at River Legacy Park, also in Arlington. I have managed to take photos of those encounters on more than one occasion.

I just remembered another wildlife encounter encountered today. Whilst having myself a really fine time in the pool this morning I was surprised to see what I first thought was a rat, making its way along the landscaping that surrounds the pool, its nose to the ground, finding morsels of the insect sort for breakfast.

After watching the large rat for a few minutes I realized I was not looking at a rat. It was a possum. A small possum, not a big rat.

This has been an interesting day, what with thinking I'm swimming with rats, in various ways.

After well over a decade of being perplexed wondering why it seemed no one, but me, shared my opinion that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is not a real newspaper of the sort that serves the public in the civilized parts of America, and the rest of the world, where the concept of free speech is a reality, suddenly there are voices, outside and inside the Fort Worth zone, who are realizing Fort Worth has a real problem due to not having what is known as a journalistically responsible newspaper of record.

Methinks the times they may be a-changing in Fort Worth. It really is about time....

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