Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The TRWD Incumbent Cockroaches Throw Some Mud While Hiding From The Light

Last  night I was pre-warned I would find a bizarre  mailer in my mailbox this morning from the apparently increasingly desperate TRWD Incumbents.

Even though I was pre-warned, seeing the oversized, would not fit in my scanner, mailer, and its outrageous Orwellian propaganda, left me with the feeling of not knowing where to start with verbalizing my disgust for these miscreants who clearly need to be removed from any position involving public trust.

"A controversial Dallas millionaire is using a child actor to spread lies and throw mud at our hardworking local water board."


Steal our water?

Can these idiots get any more irresponsible with the unsubstantiated nonsense they are spewing? The TRWD Board  must have a really low opinion of the intelligence of those who vote, thinking that throwing the "Big Bad  Dallas" card was a great bit of propaganda.

"Don't be misled by the DISHONEST DALLAS HOGWASH from his (the rich Dallas millionaire's) handpicked SLATE of Water Board candidates: John Austin Basham, Timothy Nold and Mary Kelleher --- one has recently been bankrupt and doesn't live in the district and another is being sued for being a tax deadbeat."

No Dallas millionaire hand-picked Basham, Nold & Kelleher to clean up the clearly corrupt TRWD Board.

In the blog post titled The TRWD Election Propaganda Spewings Of Self-Entitled Dowager Heiress Marty Leonard I already explained the reality behind John Basham's bankruptcy and the moral bankruptcy apparent in the fact that Marty Leonard and her co-conspirators in character assassination would sink this low. What I did not mention in that blog post, because at that point in time I did not know the details, was that Timothy Nold was late paying his taxes because the inept TRWD was sending his tax bill to a vacant lot.

Which had the morally bankrupt Marty Leonard characterizing Nold as a tax deadbeat being sued by the TRWD.

Why did this latest mailer fail to also mention the shocking claim that one of the candidates, Mary Kelleher, has a meager voting record? That claim had the TRWD member, dowager heiress, Marty Leonard, in full clutch her pearls mode.

"These dirty candidates should move to Dallas and leave our local WATER ALONE!"

I am actually more than a little embarrassed for the TRWD Board. How humiliatingly insipid to spew this type stuff, which clearly indicates they can not make any sort of case for re-election based on their sorry record.

We are in Malice in Wonderland territory here, folks. We are Through the Looking Glass, where yes is no, truth is lie, clean is dirty, hard working is do nothing, stupid is smart, good is bad. Well, you get the picture.

"Throwing mud at our hard working Tarrant Regional Water Board?"

Throwing mud? What mud? Claiming the TRWD Board bought a luxury helicopter with leather seats? And that the Board uses this aircraft to fly to some sort of private hunting preserve?  I notice that the TRWD propagandizers are not denying the existence of the private hunting preserve, or using the helicopter to fly there. Now, if I were to fly in a helicopter to a private hunting preserve, I would consider this a luxury. Yeah, that is really dirty mud to point out the TRWD flies their luxury helicopter to their private hunting preserve.

Claiming to be hard working is like claiming to be deep thinking. We need some proof.

Are there examples of this corrupt TRWD Board working hard to mitigate the flash flood dangers in Haltom City that have been a deadly menace for decades?

The answer to the above question is NO.

How come the TRWD Board Incumbents make no mention of the hard work they've done on the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle?

Is there no mention made because after well over a decade all we can see of the Vision is a pathetic, soon likely to go out of business Cowtown Wakepark and the first drive-in movie theater to open in America in decades?

How come the TRWD Incumbents make no mention of their hard work that brought the Woodshed Smokehouse to the banks of the Trinity River.

The Woodshed Smokehouse, for you who don't know, is a restaurant, brought about by behind closed doors, secret shenanigans of the TRWD Board, in cahoots with their lapdog, J.D. Granger.

Apparently, in the TRWD Board's hard working world, building a restaurant on the banks of a river is part of their flood control, water quality mandate.

While little girls drown in flash floods in the area of the TRWD's responsibility.

A few days ago a source I consider reliable emailed me some documents with the text of the email saying, among many other things....

"A little bird tells me that someone very high up at the TRWD is talking to the reporter and is looking to "get ahead" of what the "new board" will find once they start digging. Turns out the internal finger pointing about illegalities is now beginning. I can't wait to read what all he has found."

I never saw a cockroach til I moved to Texas. Let alone see a herd of cockroaches run for cover when the lights come on.

Methinks soon after May 11 we are going to be seeing some metaphoric TRWD cockroaches running from the light....


Unknown said...

You are quite eloquent in your bashing of the TRWD, Durango, and, it seems to me, they deserve every lash.
There has been a dearth of transparency from this board and disregard for the public interest.
They really have a sense of entitlement that, I hope, is snapped in the coming election results. It will be nice to see the beginning of the end for their lack of regard for Texas citizens.
It is telling that they fall back on such blatant fear mongering to try and save their bacon. The fat pig wallowing in the lap of pig luxury is much more fitting for this board.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the blog for a while, and as I'm not a local I love that you present the incumbent's smear fliers. It gives me an opportunity to pick their arguments apart.

Argument one in the hogwash flier: A wealthy landowner hunts feral hogs that are destroying his property. Why is this wrong?

Argument two: Same landowner files lawsuit to keep the TRWD from destroying his property. (Hmm, same basis as the first one.. Time to cull the TWRD herd?)

Argument 3: A true American soldier had to file for bankruptcy because he has health issues related to his service of our country, and his running mate had some issues with a boat being taxed when it was no longer even registered where it was being taxed (and said "tax-deadbeat" has since resolved all of the problems)

Final Judgement: They've only got a few straws left, and they are grasping furiously at what they can.

By the way: Did you notice that the comments on the Star Telegram smear article were deleted?

Durango said...

Dear Mr. or Ms. Anonymous----
I noticed one comment had been deleted from the Star-Telegram. The comment mentioned details of the nefarious TRWD deal where some friend of Jim Lane's was bankrupt, so, to make the guy solvent the TRWD bought some land from him, land due south of La Grave Field in the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle zone. That land is where America's first new drive-in movie theater opened for business last night. Why would this comment get deleted, I can't help but wonder?

Anonymous said...

Short of tech failure on my end (working on outdated hardware) it seems that all the comments on the article (there were 8 when I read it this morning) have been deleted completely. I don't know about you, but the Star Telegram should be lambasted for its lack of journalistic integrity. Every single piece of writing I've seen on this race has been heavily skewed in favor of the rather dirty incumbents.

I look forward to the increasingly infantile crap that the board will undoubtedly be flinging in the next few days. They don't have a good argument for their own case or they would be in the communities affected arguing it themselves instead of trying to pile dirt on the potential new guys.

Anonymous said...

Dallas Observer and Unfair Park reporter Eric Nicholson calls you a rollerblading blogger in his article about the Water Board race.