Friday, May 3, 2013

The TRWD Election Propaganda Spewings Of Self-Entitled Dowager Heiress Marty Leonard

On the left you are looking at a letter I found in my mailbox this morning from Marty Leonard.

Marty Leonard is a Tarrant Regional Water District Board Member who is not up for election on May 11. The intent of Marty Leonard's letter is to ask her "Friends" to vote for 3 of her TRWD Board cohorts who are up for election.

Marty Leonard's letter contains the information that it is a "Political Advertisement Paid By Vic Henderson Campaign, Jack Stevens Campaign and Hal Sparks Campaign."

Marty Leonard's letter includes "some voter assistance cards with an endorsement from Mayor Betsy Price" so "You can take these cards with you into the polls."

On Marty Leonard's voter assistance cards it says "Politcal Advertisement Paid For By Clean Water Committee."

You can see a copy of Marty Leonard's voter assistance card below, which you can feel free to print to take with you to the polls to make sure you don't accidentally vote for any of these three whom Marty Leonard suggests you vote for.

I  found the section of Marty Leonard's propaganda letter that is highlighted in yellow, and copied below, to be particularly offensive...

Many of you have received in the mail several NEGATIVE and FALSE propaganda pieces from a group running for Tarrant Regional Water District under the banner of "B-N-K." First let me strongly recommend that you NOT vote for any of these candidates. Their gross distortion of the water board is being heavily funded (maybe as much as $200,000) by a controversial businessman from Dallas who is trying to block one of our critical water pipelines from crossing some land he owns in East Texas. His dubious slate of candidates includes a bankrupt candidate who doesn't even live in the TRWD district, another who is being sued by TRWD  for being a tax deadbeat, and another with a meager voting record.

Marty Leonard seems to fall into the Kay Granger mold of ironically spewing that which she accuses others of spewing, as in Marty Leonard's spewage of negative, false propaganda  in the above paragraph.

I believe the Dallas businessman to whom Marty Leonard refers may be Monty Bennett, he being the guy suing the TRWD Board for declaratory and injunctive relief concerning violations by the TRWD of the Texas Open Meetings Act. I blogged about this way back on March 19 in a post titled Is It Not About Time Someone Sues The Tarrant Regional Water District Over Texas Open Meetings Violations?

As for Marty Leonard characterizing the B-N-K opponents as being a dubious slate of candidates somehow working at the behest of this Dallas businessman, well, I already opined that Marty Leonard is spewing propaganda.

Reprehensible propaganda.

As for Marty Leonard's characterizations of the 3 candidates, with one being bankrupt, one being a deadbeat and one having a meager voting record.

A "meager voting record?" How scandalous.

John Basham is the candidate Marty Leonard refers to as bankrupt. From the B-N-K website regarding John Basham....

John Austin Basham is the founder, president, and senior meteorologist of Storm Spotter Live, a weather consulting and atmospheric data solutions company for the emergency management  energy, transportation, and education industries.

Shortly after September 11, 2001, Basham joined the Texas Army National Guard where he became trained as a combat medic. While on active duty, during a training mission, John received a serious and permanent injury to his spinal cord while carrying an injured soldier to safety. In spite of his injury, Basham continues to serve in the Texas Army National Guard as well as run and grow his company.

Timothy Nold is the candidate Marty Leonard refers to as a deadbeat. From the B-N-K website regarding Timothy Nold....

Timothy Nold is a professional land surveyor working primarily in land development, transportation, petroleum and infrastructure. He is the survey group manager for Shield Engineering Group in downtown Fort Worth. Nold is a volunteer and board chairman for a non-profit historic preservation organization. He is also working to restore his 1910 house in the historic Rock Island neighborhood located on the site of Gruenwald’s Pavilion, the Samuels Farm and the Terry Plantation, a debate and rally site visited by Sam Houston during his campaign for Governor in 1857.

Mary Kelleher is the candidate Marty Leonard refers to as having a meager voting record. From the B-N-K website regarding Mary Kelleher....

Mary Kelleher and her husband have farmed almost 200 acres of land on the east side of Fort Worth for 17 years; cutting and baling nearby hay fields, raising beef cattle, and raising various breeds of chickens and other fowl.  She has worked with troubled youth in Tarrant County for over two decades. 

Kelleher knows first-hand the consequences when our elected leaders abuse their power. She successfully battled the threat of eminent domain being used to confiscate her property, but unfortunately her well water is no longer drinkable and her farm has been subjected to unprecedented and devastating flooding.

I think Marty Leonard's morally bankrupt low blow directed at John Basham is a fairly good indicator of the quality of character Marty Leonard possesses. She being a self-entitled dowager heiress who has never had to worry about money due to daddy being a department store magnate.

Meanwhile, John Basham, an actual contributor to American society, was injured while serving his country, with the consequence, as happens to way too many who serve, of John Basham running into financial woes, whilst recovering from his injuries.

And Marty Leonard and her corrupt cohorts use this against this man?

This rather sickens me.

Marty Leonard should be ashamed of herself. If this woman had a fraction of an ounce of moral decency she would resign from the TRWD Board due to her wantonly displayed moral bankruptcy.

It further offends me that Marty Leonard has the raw gall to characterize these 3 good people as being unqualified to be elected to "Our Board."


It's the People's Board you pearls clutching self-entitled dowager heiress, NOT "YOUR BOARD."

Reading the short bios of Basham, Nold and Kelleher, it seems to me they are more than qualified to look after the water interests of the citizens who live in the Tarrant Regional Water District.

And what exactly are Marty Leonard's qualifications to be on this Board? Other than being a self-entitled dowager heiress?

Below is Marty Leonard's Voter Assistance Card which you can take with you to the polls to remind yourself not to vote for any of the 3 candidates this self-entitled dowager heiress is recommending...

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