Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Aches & Pains While Hiking The Tandy Hills With Gar The Texan Needing A Walker

Tandy Hills Hikers
Today I parked on top of Mount Tandy 10 minutes before noon, to have myself some fun, without sun, getting some endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

When I did my hill hiking it was a few degrees above 70, temperature-wise. Even now, a couple hours later, the temperature is still a relatively chilly 79.

The cloud cover has the air being very humid. At least I'm assuming the cloud cover is the cause for the humidity.

Today my route over the hills took me down the north slope off Mount Tandy, then crossing the Tandy Escarpment above the now dry, Tandy Falls, then through the jungle of the Tandy Rain Forest, eventually emerging on the trail that leads to the hills from the park on View Street, to see the group of hill hikers you see in the picture.

I do not know why the woman who was bringing up the rear brought up her rear when I went to snap a picture.

During the past year I may have whined about having aches and pains. As in aching joints, knees and feet. For well over a month all that has abated. I have no idea why. A long while back I thought it was the bike riding that caused my aches. But then my bike was stolen and the aches did not go away. Then I thought it might be the excessive swimming. So, I knocked off the swimming during the cold months. With the aches and pains getting no better.

And now, for over a month I have really amped up the exercise and I have no aches and pains, thus negating excessive exercise as the cause of my aches and pains.

My pain free state came to mind yesterday when I read Gar the Texan's sad Feeling His Age tale about all his aches and pains. He returned from his latest bi-monthly senior cruise to find his aging aching hips may require surgery. And a walking cane or walker. And then he found out that due to gum disease his teeth may start falling out. Then he was advised to stop coloring his hair and just let it turn naturally gray.

I'm not sure how old Gar the Texan is. I suspect, due to all the aging symptoms and all those senior cruises he goes on, he is likely 65 or older. If you just look at his face you'd never guess he was that old. But the failing body parts tell another age story.

Maybe Gar the Texan should try excessive exercising and see if that helps all that ails him. Minimally it should help with the age-related weight gain.