Friday, May 11, 2012

Walking To Pre-Lunch At Sam's Club Before Getting Soaking Wet

Woman Escaping Sam's Club Under Bumbershoot
Today, during my regularly scheduled walking/hiking time, rain was raining down. I was in no mood to shield the rain with a bumbershoot, so I went to Sam's Club and let Sam's roof keep me dry.

At Sam's Club I had a tasty pre-lunch of chicken-fried steak, sausage, kolaches and blueberry muffins. The pre-lunch helped fuel my Sam's walk.

About the time I was ready to leave Sam's, a downpour started pouring down, with extreme velocity, causing an almost concussive effect. A very loud throbbing.

Shoppers trying to escape Sam's waited under cover for the rain to abate. I got tired of waiting for the abating and made a run for it. Got totally soaked, but the running got me some endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

Now, hours later, it is no longer raining, the sky has partly cleared, the temperature is only 68, I've got my windows open, birds are chirping.

And I'm dry.

Changing the subject from being dry to something else.

You know how some old people are set in their ways and get all crotchety when someone does not agree with some foolish thing the old person believes? I've had that type experience today. Only the person with the erroneous beliefs is not all that old. It occurred to me that this person spews what this person thinks in the same manner that a hyper-religious sort proselytizes their beliefs with absolutely no consideration of the possibility that what they believe may not be believed by others. Or just simply wrong.

No, this person I am referring to is not Elsie Hotpepper. She is crotchety though, currently refusing to go kayaking with me in the Trinity River.


Gar said...

I can't stand crotchety people like that. I've been dealing with one on the Internet all day today! He's infuriating.

It's like he's got reading comprehension problems and creates erroneous assumptions and spews forth spiteful venom based on what he incorrectly comprehended.

Durango said...

Garbo, I hope the one who is infuriating you is articulate and able to make sense.

The crotchety one I'm annoyed with has trouble communicating the odd concepts that rattle around in his head. By the time the rattling is turned into typed words the odd concepts border on incomprehensible gibberish.

And then this particular crotchety one falls back on the sadly lame excuse that the person reading the crotchety ones words has a reading comprehension problem, rather than the crotchety one having a problem communicating in a comprehensible manner.

It is very vexing.

Gar said...

It's like someone writes, "The sky is blue".

Then, the crotchety old man with an odd over inflated opinion of his writing ability replies back with, "You are such a stupid ass with no ability to properly form a comprehensible phrase. Everyone knows the sky is not green. Where do you get such an idea? Perhaps you should have paid more attention in science class."

Durango said...

Garbo, I agree, it would be much easier to understand you if you wrote simple short sentences like "The sky is blue."

Short sentences with no more than 5 or 6 words and those words having no more than 1 syllable.

I think this will help clear up your problem with being properly comprehended.

And I don't have an overly inflated opinion of my writing ability. I never understand what someone is talking about when they tell me I write well. I suspect you do not have that particular problem.